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Your (Sizzling!) July Love Horoscope

Your (Sizzling!) July Love Horoscope


On July 4, 2017

In Love, Seduction, Spirit

Your (Sizzling!) July Love Horoscope

A Mars/Pluto opposition on July 2 starts the month off with fireworks. This may be a good thing—stormy Mars can lead to passionate pairings for singles, and a fight may be exactly what couples need to clear the air and get to the next level in love. Whether you’re single or attached, this month is all about intensity. Why have one date in an evening if you can have two? Why send one steamy Snapchat if you can keep up a back and forth flirtation all day long? Whatever your passion is, allow it to amplify, and have fun!
Aries June Love Horoscope
Venus enters communicative Gemini on July 4, and conversation, texting, and phone calls are paramount. Flirt away! A Venus/Neptune square on July 17 brings confusion. An IRL conversation can help determine clarity, so don’t keep a disagreement going over text. As Mars shifts to fiery Leo on July 20, you’re absorbed in your own projects. If you’re single, make time for love. Even 10 minutes on Tinder (or wherever you swipe) will help keep you in the game and feeling more grounded, too.

Taurus June Love Horoscope
A complicated Mars/Pluto opposition on July 2 brings up your past. If you’re attached, time to talk through some issues that may have come up in your last relationship. On July 17, a Mars/Uranus square can make you feel self-conscious. The best antidote? Pull out your favorite lingerie and remind yourself exactly what you love about your body. As Mercury drifts into Virgo on July 25, you’re thinking long term: Don’t keep these plans to yourself, it’s valuable to see if even a newish date is on the same page as you.
Gemini June Love Horoscope
Venus resides in your sign for the next six weeks, beginning on July 4. What it means: You’re freaking irresistible. Work it if you’re single; your flirting game can’t go wrong. As the Capricorn full moon makes an appearance on July 9, serious conversations come to the forefront—don’t shy away from saying what you want and need. Single? As the Sun and Mars meet in Leo on July 26, you’re feeling the urge to lock things down. Hold back and let things unfold. If it’s right, it’s right.
Cancer June Love Horoscope
The Sun/Jupiter square on July 5 is causing serious frustrations and miscommunications with your partner or date. Before you lash out, look inward. Chances are the frustration may stem in unrealistic expectations on your end. By July 19, a Mercury/Saturn trine will put things in perspective and help you suss out next steps. On July 31, Venus enters your emotional house. If you’re single, the fact that your vulnerability is right below the surface is an asset. You can be cagey; for the next few weeks, be honest and you’ll be surprised as who you attract.
Leo June Love Horoscope
Stop trusting your phone. A Mercury/Uranus square on July 4 indicates communication issues—if your date says that they texted you and you didn’t get it, believe them. IRL communication counts the most around now, for ultimate impact, have serious conversations over dinner, or at least over the phone. As Venus trines with Jupiter, you may have trouble setting boundaries around July 18. Single? Only say yes to a first date if it truly excites you. Attached? Setting up a hangout with friends as opposed to your partner will give you both the space you need.

Virgo June Love Horoscope
Always logical, the Sun/Neptune trine on July 5 is giving you a creative lens in which to view your relationship. Write that love poem or tell your crush exactly how you feel—tapping into that creative, emotional side will unleash your passion. On July 22, the Sun entering Leo makes you crave the spotlight. Own it. Taking the lead in a relationship or on a date will inject confidence and energy into your usual MO. On July 25, as Mercury enters Virgo, go big: An expansive gesture of love or serious like will go far, playing coy and hard to get only creates problems this month.

Libra June Love Horoscope
It’s all about PDA at the beginning of the month, as Venus enters Gemini on July 4. You’ll find breaking boundaries to be incredibly hot. Not into making out? Whisper a steamy fantasy in your date’s ear for the same reaction. A Mars/Uranus square brings up conflict on July 17. Don’t ignore it and use that trademark Libra tact to get what you want. Single? Your confidence feels shaky in a Venus/Saturn opposition on July 24, shore it up by going out with friends instead of focusing on landing a date.

Scorpio June Love Horoscope
On July 4, a Mercury/Uranus square leaves you hypersensitive to criticism. Before you attack, ask what did you mean by that. Chances are, the comment was much more innocuous than you thought. A Mercury/Saturn trine puts your relationship sector in the spotlight. Single? Now’s the time to ask friends to set you up—since you’re on their mind, you’re likely to get the very best matches of their social circle, and the person you eventually meet will find you irresistible. Attached? The stars suggest shaking things up in the bedroom on July 26. Trying something you’ve never done before can make your love feel even more intense in G-rated moments.
Sagittarius June Love Horoscope
The Sun/Jupiter square on July 5 may make you promise more than you can deliver. Don’t tell your partner you can attend their work party when you know it’s the same day as a can’t miss deadline at your office. Before you promise, ask yourself whether you can realistically make it work, otherwise, it’ll lead to big problems down the road. As the sun and Mars meet in Leo near the end of the month, you’re feeling super sexy and irresistible. Make the first move if you’re single. That killer confidence will start the connection off on the right note, and it’ll only get hotter from here.
Capricorn June Love Horoscope
As the full moon enters your sign on July 9, you’re thinking hard about the future of your relationship—or the relationship you want. This soul searching can be hard to do when you’re with a partner 24/7, so take some solo time to gain perspective. On July 20, as Mars enters self-centered Leo, it’s time to make sure your partner’s needs are met, too; have a heart-to-heart conversation to make sure that’s happening. If you’re single, put yourself out there near the end of the month. A lot of people like you, it’s up to you to decide who you want to spend time with.

Aquarius June Love Horoscope 
A Sun/Neptune trine at the beginning of the month puts your sexuality in the spotlight. Sensuous evenings under the covers are in store. As the Sun enters fiery Leo on July 22, you’re still feeling hot as hell. Choose outfits that play up your look—when you love the way you look, you’ll be irresistible to others. You’re extra-assertive on July 26—you won’t hold back when it comes to saying what you need in your relationship. Single? Stop nodding if you don’t agree with your date.
Pisces  June Love Horoscope
Mercury is in Cancer as the month begins, meaning things feel ultra-emotional. You never shy away from sharing your feelings, but it may be smart to divide your concerns between your partner, your friends, and family. A Venus/Jupiter trine on July 18 can further blur boundaries. Are you bitching about work on a first date? That may be better done with a coworker. Thinking before you speak can help smooth out relationship glitches and leave room to communicate about the stuff that’s central to your bond. As Venus enters emotional Cancer on July 31, brace yourself—it’s going to be a bumpy road. Make sure you make time with friends to boost your spirits.

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