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Use Your Zodiac Sign to Pick Your Perfect Bathing Suit!

Use Your Zodiac Sign to Pick Your Perfect Bathing Suit!

By Ruby Warrington

On July 5, 2017

In Fashion, Style, Summer

Use Your Zodiac Sign to Pick Your Perfect Bathing Suit!

Are you feeling the heat? Whether I have actual beach time on my calendar or not, something about the month of July always gets me fantasizing about days spent drinking watermelon juice, reading a good novel with my toes in the ocean. Which mainly manifests as me trawling the Internet for a new bathing suit. Once upon a time, the mere prospect of swimsuit shopping—online or off—gave me a headache.

But as I’ve grown to understand the power of my sign to guide my big and little life choices, I’ve come to discover that the zodiac holds the key to helping me choose the beach look I love—one that makes me feel amazing in my body. You could also say choosing a bathing suit you feel good in is a form of self love and self care.  After all, I think it serves us well to get comfortable with the body we’re in, and choosing a bathing suit we love is just one way to do that.

Read on to discover the perfect swimwear style for your sign. 

And remember, it’s always worth reading for your rising sign too—since this rules how we present ourselves to the world! 

Minimalist “no-fills” looks suit your slightly tomboyish style, and you’ll dig a sporty-yet-glam look like this one from Melissa Odabash. “Baywatch red” is always a good color for Aries babes. 

Sizzle on the sand this summer in a sporty, curve hugging number. Bari Racerback in Red, Melissa Odabash, $252

Your sensual sign loves to flaunt what your mama gave you. Think Marilyn Monroe in full 1950s bombshell mode, and check out vintage styles this season. A high-waisted bottom and cleavage-enhancing top will put you directly in touch with your inner siren.

Flirty and feminine, Bulls will love the retro vibe of AShopZ’s retro bikini set, $19 on Amazon.

You’re all about having some fun in the sun, and the current slogan swimsuit trend was made for you, Gemini! Say, “Yes way, rosé,” or whatever your mantra of the month may be! I love the winky ones from Crowned Queen.

Make a statement without saying a word in a Crowned Queen “Aloha Beaches” suit, $49.

Summer days wafting about in caftans are perfect for comfort-loving Cancer. Is there an easier way to get dressed and still feel like a total Goddess? I love the floaty ones from Calypso St. Barth.

A look that effortlessly goes from beach to after hours. Soleil Lili Tunic, Calypso St. Barth, $50.

Every day requires wardrobe, right Leo? You’re all about an outfit that projects an Image to the world, whether you’re in full professional mode or out on the sand. The new collection from designer Lisa Marie Fernandez is one I love, and puts the swimming into costume.

These dots will look especially darling in Instas. Lisa Marie Fernandez Sabine Polka Dot Maillot, $450.

Similar: Eternatastic Women’s Retro Polka Dot Tankini, $20 on Amazon.

Form and function are of equal importance to you, Virgo, and the less fuss and frill, the better! The chic simplicity of preppy label Solid & Striped will appeal to your less-is-more mindset. Think stripes, solids, and a clean, crisp look that fits in on any beach or pool deck.

Stripes are always in style. Elle Bikini, Solid & Striped, from $61 on Amazon.

Your life is your art, Libra, and your beach retreat is no exception! As the curator of the zodiac, you’ll adore the collectable prints and chic shapes of Mara Hoffman’s Summer 2017 swim collection. Choose a suit that makes a style statement and hugs your curves.

Who said one pieces were basic? Mara Hoffman knot front scoop neck one piece, from $98 on Amazon.

Sexy and sophisticated, check and check! You want your beach look to be as elegant and mysterious as you, Scorpio. I love the looks, including off-the-shoulder ruffles, at Midsommer Swim; mixing and matching tops and bottoms can create a signature look that will serve you all season long.

Off the shoulder gets seriously sexy. Tops and bottoms from $85. 

Similar: JIANLANPTT off-the-shoulder swimsuit,  from $14 on Amazon.

A woman of the world, your beach look is Boho gypsy meets Amazonian adventurer. You’ll dig the colorful, hand-crafted styles from Turkish-born “world citizen” Ipek Irgit and her label Kiini. Prints and patterns are awesome, and don’t be afraid to mix and match to suit (pun intended) your mood!  

Play with patterns and structure! Tasmin Mono Maillot, $305.

Similar: EA Selection Backless Bandage Bikini, from from $20 on Amazon.

Cap has a rep for being the most “sensible” sign of the zodiac—but this doesn’t have to mean stuffy. Structural styles can form the foundations of a super sexy beach look, like any from the designer Lonely, who I love.

Black and white is anything but simple and everything about style. Dita Swim Suit in Black and White ZigZag, Lonely, $193. 

Similar: Cocoship High-Waisted Bikini, from $27 on Amazon.

“Just individual enough” sums up your approach to beach style—you love to stand out, but also to feel like one of the gang. The simple style and pretty quirks at Cami And Jax fit you to a T.

A one-piece that can be a statement piece all summer long. Frieda Tattoo, $250. 

Similar: Ekouer Women’s Vintage Monokini, from $18 on Amazon.

Hello, Mermaid! Beach life is your absolute fave, and of course you wanna dress the part. Get swept away with the modern romance of Irish print designer Carla Johnson’s line, Mona Swims. Cut-outs, swirls, asymmetric patterns—go big and go bold at the beach. 

Pisces adore the water—and love a look that’s memorable on and off the beach. Phoenix Marilyn Swimsuit, $175, Mona Swims.

Similar: Hibelle Women’s Sheer Beach Coverup, from $20 on Amazon. 

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