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These 5 Home Hacks Will Rock Your Life

These 5 Home Hacks Will Rock Your Life

By Gala Darling

On May 1, 2017

In Feng-shui, Spirit, Wellness

These 5 Home Hacks Will Rock Your Life

I’m a magical person. I’m also a card-carrying Virgo. What does this mean? I’m drawn to rituals—and go crazy when I can’t find evidence of why and how they work. But one magical pursuit that creates instant results? Feng shui. Oh man, it works. I see almost instantaneous results whenever I employ a tactic. Here, some of my favorites.

1. Freshen up your front door. Your front door symbolizes opportunity, which is why it’s essential to make sure it opens to the opportunities you’re craving. First, make sure your name and house number are marked clearly—opportunity needs an address just as much as Amazon. Second, wipe your door down with an essential oil, like sweet orange, to help attract good things. And ensure your doorknob is securely attached. Can you paint your door? Do so! My friend Veronica Varlow painted hers with pink chalkboard paint, and then drew sigils—magical symbols—to help call in exactly what she wants in her life. Genius! I can’t paint my door, so instead, I hang bells, wreaths, and evil eye talismans and tape up quotes and pictures.

 A beautiful and clearly marked front door invites opportunity.


2. Dump the things that are dragging you down. Close your eyes and imagine your home’s floor plan, picturing the front door at the bottom-center of the plan, suggests Amanda Gibby Peters of Simple Shui. She taught me this genius technique and trust me when I say it fixes things, fast. Now, picture the top left and right corners of the space around the door. The top left signifies money, and the top right is your relationship area. Now, the million-dollar question: What clutter are you hoarding in those two areas? I gasped when Amanda asked me this. My top right corner was totally cluttered with “relationship problem-solving” books. I came home, cleaned up that area, and literally two weeks later, my relationship was completely transformed. True story!

An uncluttered entryway opens up your life, too.

3. Fill your home with flowers. Specifically, an orchid. Here’s why: Feng shui aims to balance the elements—water, metal, fire, wood, and earth—in your home, and the orchid represents all five! (Of course, you can also dig into the elements and balance them yourself; here’s an amazingly easy cheat sheet on this) But an orchid is a great shortcut. I picked up a beautiful purple-striped phalaenopsis, put it on my coffee table, and watched with wonder as the interactions in my living room began to take on the chill vibe I had been craving.

Orchids foster balance.


4. Make your mirror work for you. Mirrors reflect—and amplify—whatever they’re facing. If one is opposite a pile of clutter, you’re doubling the consequences of the clutter. Yowzers! You have two choices: Either move the mirror, or keep that area clutter-free. Trust me.

 A mirror reflecting a colorful wall lifts the spirit.

5. Let it flow! If you’ve read a bit about feng shui, you might start to freak out about where your bed is positioned or what to put next to the window. But Amanda told me to relax and not worry so much about the details. After all, feng shui is all about living in a home you love. If you love it, you really can’t go wrong. If that advice isn’t modern house-witchery, I don’t know what is.
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