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Bundle Up for the Winter Solstice

Bundle Up for the Winter Solstice


On December 20, 2021

In Spirit

Bundle Up for the Winter Solstice

As we prepare for yuletide festivities and cooler temperatures, take a moment on December 21 to celebrate the winter solstice. Yet another season has arrived, offering us time to reflect on growth as we approach the end of the calendar year. Days are now shorter, and the air is chillier. Do not let external melancholia interfere with your personal transformation. Instead of hibernating, appreciate the wintery weather this season. Take a step back, reflect, and plan your activities as you head into a new year.  

The solstice also marks the beginning of Capricorn season, which means that we are looking back at the past in an effort to change as we move forward in our lives. Honoring and remembering yesteryear is a wonderful way to find the path that aligns with one’s goals and desires. Now is also the time to manifest your visions during the upcoming days to ensure that you’re moving into the new season on a high. Refresh. Restart. Reboot. This will bring personal happiness and fulfillment in the months ahead. 

As we toast auld lang syne and bid farewell to 2021, try to reflect, remember, and move towards the future with high hopes. 2022 promises to be a better year than the past two. So, let’s all welcome winter with warm hearts, merriment, and cheer.

Winter Solstice Activities

The solstice is a wonderful time to connect with family and friends. Invite the people you care about over for a feast with all of the season’s delectable foods (stews, hearty soups, root vegetables, and puddings for dessert). Also, wine, beer, tea, and cider are essential drinks to toast the new season. You may even want to have a potluck dinner and let your guests plan the menu.

Being that the solstice is the shortest day of the year, we honor the sun by wishing and wanting its return to us.  A great way to pay reference to the sun during the solstice is to light white candles around the home to purify the energy and cleanse the home for the upcoming season. The sun‘s light gives everyone and everything life on earth, which is what we will celebrate and pay tribute to on the solstice. 

Additionally, altar work is essential on the solstice. Cleansing and clearing the altar for the upcoming season will allow you to set new intentions and manifest your hopes in the upcoming months. Switch up the energy of your altar by adding seasonal staples, such as pine cones, bells, red wine for the spirits, and winter colors to help your manifestations along. 

Lighting a yule log and placing it in the fireplace is a protective activity for the solstice. It’s said that the yule log serves as a great way to ward off evil entities or spirits that come our way during the winter solstice. In fact, due to the lack of sunshine in the day, many people believe that this gives way for mischievous energies, entities, or sprites to create havoc in our homes and lives. Luckily, the lighting of the yule log will protect us all from negative vibes. 

Exchanging gifts with loved ones is also an important solstice tradition. Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, it’s nice to give those you care about a token of your appreciation. After all, the new year is coming soon, and it’s a generous gesture to let people know that they are in your thoughts. The presents you give don’t have to be large. They could simply be something that you made yourself. If you are feeling the seasonal joy, you may opt to give a charitable donation in the names of those to whom you are giving presents. Or, you can start a toy drive in which you give gifts to those in need.

Although the temperature is getting cooler outside, it’s a wonderful time of the year to take a walk and connect with nature. Breathe in the fresh and crisp wintery air as you walk through your town. Embracing nature is a way to show Mother Earth how much we honor and appreciate the abundance that is given to us. Seeing nature in all its glory is also a wakeup call from the universe to be grateful.

Written by Lisa Stardust.

Photos Courtesy of Ylanite Koppens and Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.

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5 Ordinary Objects for Practical Everyday Magic

5 Ordinary Objects for Practical Everyday Magic

By Gala Darling

On May 28, 2021

In Fashion, Shopping, Spirit

5 Ordinary Objects for Practical Everyday Magic

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the witchy stuff out there. Between all the crystals, Tarot decks, moon journals (plus having an astrologer on speed-dial), there are so many sexy spiritual accessories that sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. What do you really need—and which items are more of an unnecessary luxury?

While a fully decked-out altar looks lovely on Instagram, it won’t necessarily make you happy. And she who dies with the most crystals still, well, dies. So, as much as I love “stuff,” I’m happiest spending my money on experiences, or things that connect me to something greater. Scroll below to see the ordinary objects that I find the most magical, but also most practical.

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Fresh Flowers

A bunch of roses or tulips is not a luxury! They cost about the same as an oversized drink from your favorite caffeine corporation, and they will give you much more joy. I always have pink roses on my altar, a purple orchid on my coffee table, and—often—a bunch of tulips in my living room. They remind me of the beauty that is all around us (if we will just open our eyes and look), connect me to the earth, and bring a beautiful spark to my home. They are worth every penny and more.

An Aura Photo

If you don’t know what your aura looks like, how can you live with yourself?  Get thee to an aura photographer stat! If you’re in New York City, get down to Chinatown and visit Magic Jewelry for a quick photo and a reading that will blow your mind.

The shot, which shows your aura—a rainbow of colors that can help decode what you’re projecting in your everyday interactions—is a great visual example of how there’s so much more to you than meets the eye. Not in NYC? One of my dear friends Christina runs a traveling aura photography studio called Radiant Human, and her photos are to die for. Beloved by the fashion set, her aura portraits are so beautiful they’re worth framing.

A Magical Manicure

Our hands are the very tips of our body: They are what we use to create, to touch, and to receive information. They are the primary way we send energy from our body into the universe. We communicate with our hands all day—typing messages on our phones and computers, gesticulating, and adding flourishes to our body language.

So here’s the deal: A sparkly, gem-encrusted, or otherwise fabulous manicure actually emphasizes the energy you’re putting out. When you honor your hands, you are honoring yourself and your expression. A magical manicure makes you more mindful of what you’re about to make manifest. And I am convinced that I am a better writer when my manicure is on point!

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A Bright Wallet

comme des garçons wallet

Courtesy of Amazon

Comme Des Garçons Women’s Leather Pink Wallet, $137

Your wallet is your ultimate symbol of abundance. So what is it saying? If your wallet is old, ripped, overstuffed, or (even worse) nonexistent, how does that vibe translate to your life? And in what way is that manifesting in your finances? Yeah, I see you there, gulping nervously as you think about the stained wallet you’ve been using for the last five years! It’s time to clear it out and get a swift upgrade. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost your weekly paycheck, like the gorgeous GG Blooms number below. I have an iridescent pink faux-reptile skin wallet from Georgia Mae that I adore. In addition to bringing me untold amounts of happiness, it also send out great money vibes!

A Self-Love Routine That Works

I left the most important one for last. It’s essential to figure out what you need to make you happy. If I skip my meditation practice, don’t work out (or at least stretch), ignore calls from my friends, and refuse to do something creative, I’ll sink into a deep slump. We need to top up our emotional tank every single day: The effect is cumulative.

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Lead photo courtesy of via @themoon_journal

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8 Mind-Clearing and Productive Crystals to Keep at Your Work Desk

8 Mind-Clearing and Productive Crystals to Keep at Your Work Desk

By Amanda Lauren

On January 25, 2021

In Crystals, Spirit, Success

8 Mind-Clearing and Productive Crystals to Keep at Your Work Desk

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting up your dream business or have been continually successful, keeping crystals at your desk can make sure both your mind and to-do lists are clear.

Many of us are aware that crystals can help with productivity and cleansing one’s thoughts. But crystals are masters at a variety of work challenges from self-doubt, feelings of failure, lack of inspiration—even the foibles of unpleasant coworkers can be fixed with a little crystal guidance!

Here are eight crystals for your best work life yet.

Rose Quartz

Best for: Self-confidence

rose quartz crystal

For those who never seem to feel good enough, rose quartz is a perfect answer for your problem with negative talk. Feeling nervous about a presentation? Can’t seem to shake self-doubt when preparing to ask something of your boss? This gentle, reassuring, self-love crystal will open up your heart chakra in order to give you the confidence you need to take on anything.

Is negative self-talk an issue for you? Did a conversation with your manger leave you with feelings of self-doubt that you’re just unable to shake? Take a short break with a quick rose quartz ritual. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and try a metta (loving kindness) meditation, if possible. The crystal of love and self-love will help open up your heart chakra to heal you.

How to use it: When you’re feeling antsy, take a short break with a quick rose quartz ritual. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and try a metta meditation (loving kindness meditation). In your head or out loud, repeat phrases you would like to instill in your heart such as, “May I be confident. May I be strong. May I be happy. May I be peaceful and at ease.” Repeat until you feel calmer (and ready to take on anything!).

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Black Tourmaline

Best for: Protection against EMF exposure; protection against negative coworkers

If you only keep one crystal at your desk, let it be black tourmaline: the black shining armor of the crystal world. This crystal shields against electromagnetic radiation fields (EMFs) that are emitted from devices such as computers and cell phones. Though the health risks posed by EMFs is inconclusive, a few theories suggest these rays can cause you to feel stress, fatigue, and anxiety—all the feelings that can hinder your productivity at work.

Black tourmaline also protects you from the negative energy of other people—like that coworker who won’t stop coming up to your desk, or that family member who doesn’t understand why you can’t answer their mid-day texts.

How to use it: Keep it close when a particularly aggravating situation comes up. For instance, if your coworker approaches your desk (once again), take hold of the tourmaline in your hand. If your mom texts you for the third time in a row, turn your phone face down and place the tourmaline on top.


Best for: a creativity boost; inspiration


You don’t have to keep banging your head against the wall when faced with an issue or dead-end project. Citrine can help open your third eye and give your imagination an open channel to receive out-of-the-box thoughts. For that reason, this crystal is especially useful for people who work in creative fields.

How to use it: Hold the crystal and set your intentions. Take a deep breath. Journal your goals or write out a quick to-do list. Then, get ready for it all to come to fruition. Do this daily or weekly—it really depends on how fast you want things to happen!

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Smoky Quartz

Best for: Concentration

smokey quartz

Courtesy of Unsplash

Is there too much going on in your head? Is your productivity waning? Feeling overwhelmed or distracted by life at home? A smoky quartz can help you to focus on the task at hand. By decreasing stress, anxiety, and other toxic cloud that can take over your thoughts, it can help your mind restore itself to a more grounded state.

How to use it: When you’re feeling overwhelmed, hold your smoky quartz, close your eyes, and breathe deeply until you feel settled once again. 


Best for: Energy cleanse; positivity; charging other crystals

As one of the most powerful crystals out there, selenite can be used to cleanse energy and provide positive vibes. It’s particularly useful in a large office or coworking space where there are a lot of energies around.

This crystal is also especially important for entrepreneurs, as it keeps the good juju going when you’re starting something new. Pro tip: Combine it with citrine to clear any blockages related to finance.

How to use it: A selenite charging plate is also a useful tool to keep your other crystals charged.

Green Aventurine

Best for: Money; promotions; success at work

green aventurine

Green aventurine is a beautiful stone that helps manifest abundance of all kinds. While it is often advertised as a money stone, it doesn’t just help in the cash department (although it’s perfect for money abundance if that’s what you’re looking for!). Green aventurine can also help bring many types of abundance into your work life. For instance, it could help you receive a promotion, create new partnerships, or see to it that you get acknowledgement at work.

How to use it: Write down a goal around abundance on a piece of paper. What do you want to see happen? Fold that piece of paper up and place your aventurine on top. On your desk it’ll serve as a daily reminder to quietly meditate no receiving your goal.

Tiger’s Eye

Best for: Calming those jitters

Are you nervous for a presentation? Wondering how you are going to get up there and do your best in front of everyone? Channeling the “eye of the tiger” has never been easier with this stone. Think of tiger’s eye as the crystal version of your own personal cheerleader.

How to use it: While you can keep a larger stone on your desk for everyday nerves, a small tumble stone for your pocket is perfect for you to take into meetings.  in your pocket can also get the job done.


Best for: Healing; communication with others

Connected to the heart and throat chakras, it’s no wonder why this crystal touches our most personal and communicative issues. For days when you’re simply maxed out and you desperately need to soothe your body, mind, and spirit, amazonite is your solution. For days when you need to have sensitive discussions with coworkers, amazonite is the best to have by your side.

How to use it: Hold it close a couple minutes before a meeting or when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You should find that your energy re-balances, leaving you open and free to new possibilities.

Lead photo courtesy of Unsplash; Pictures courtesy of Twenty20

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What's In Spencer Pratt's Spiritual Tool Kit?

What’s In Spencer Pratt’s Spiritual Tool Kit?

By Mark Shrayber

On December 17, 2020

In Crystals, Spencer pratt, Spirit

What's In Spencer Pratt's Spiritual Tool Kit?

Welcome to “What’s in Your Spiritual Tool Kit,” a new series where we talk to notable lovers of all things ~mystical~ to find out the tools they use to stay grounded. First up: The Hills’ star, famed crystal lover Spencer Pratt!

You know Spencer Pratt as the iconic “villain” of The Hills. Or perhaps you’ve seen him on Celebrity Big Brother. Or I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here. Or one of the other multitudes of shows that he and his wife—Heidi Pratt (nee Montag)—have appeared on.

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Here are some more things you should know about Spencer: He’s a devoted father, a huge fan of all things hummingbirds, and crystals have changed his life. That’s right: The guy who brought you all the drama on reality TV now swears by the healing power of precious gems—he even sells his own collection!

We caught up with Spencer to talk about how he got into crystals, how he uses them in the bedroom, and which crystals he carried with him as he was shooting MTV’s current reboot of The Hills.

How’d you get into crystals?

I got into crystals a few years back when Heidi had a surgical procedure or two…maybe more. The pain killers were not working, and it was horrible watching her be in pain all night long, so I started researching alternative healing methods.

I came upon crystals, and I read about Sugilite, which people can hold while they sleep to get rid of nightmares and have really good sleep. I went and bought like a 15 thousand dollar chunk of it, because at the time I thought I was Tom Cruise. I  certainly spent like I was.

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She held it all through the night, finally slept, and said it was the most magical thing ever. I don’t think it’s physically possible to fake your brain out of that much pain. I don’t know if it was the placebo effect, but it  helped the person I loved most so I was all in. I turned into dang Harry Potter for a good couple years. I went a little too deep. Crystals have really changed my life, though.

What is your greatest wish? Find out if it will come true now…

How do you get too deep into crystals?

When you take a crystal wand everywhere you go and you build portals before you enter a room, and you block people’s energy with your wand, yeah, you’re a little deep.

It’s a little better now. Obviously, I still believe crystals have energy levels, especially because I have my own crystal collection, but to me the brand is this: Beauty is energy and I find so much beauty in the crystals. And that creates energy and healing regardless of whether you can tune into the crystal’s actual energy. They’re for everyone.

What crystals do you always carry with you?

I try to always have Moldavite on me. Recently I’ve been carrying aquamarine, and I always try to have Kunzite on me.

Moldavite has proven to work in psychic protection. When  I did Celebrity Big Brother, I didn’t wear any Moldavite and I was attacked by the housemates in all of my dreams, crazy dark stories. When I came back to do All-Stars, I made sure to wear Moldavite on a chain 24/7. I slept like a freaking angelic little baby.

Kunzite helps with self-love and reminds me to  just always be aware of being a loving entity and energy. Aquamarine makes you feel calm,  gives you courage, and helps you with self-expression. I need a lot of that when I’m shooting.

What crystal would you take into a crisis?

If it’s a crisis where I need protection, Black Tourmaline. But if it’s a crisis where I’m supposed to be a positive force in the situation—Amethyst or Ametrine. Ametrine is Amethyst with citrine so that could bring in more support and a feeling of abundance to the situation.

Do you use any crystals  ~*~ in the bedroom ~*~?

Next to the bed we have two Hawaiian Amethysts. I have 14 Ametrine floaters on my bedside table. And we don’t use any of those crystal eggs in Heidi’s vagina or whatever. She just looked at me weird, but it’s a thing. And it’s actually very bad for you, so you shouldn’t do it. I don’t care what Gwyneth says.

I’ve been told not to have anything but Rose Quartz by my bed, because it’s pure love. I know I’m breaking the rules here, but I  think Amethyst is more helpful with healing and balancing. We had Rose Quartz by our bed for eight years and we just recently switched it to the bathtub. Heidi says we should probably switch back.

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Which crystal makes you happiest?

Whichever is my newest. Right now it’s smoky Amethyst Elestial Scepter from Zimbabwe, from the Shangaan tribe. It makes me feel like I’m on the right path. Actually, I also love Smoky Elestial Quartz, I have one that looks like a tiger shark in the way it’s striped — and I just feel like a tiger shark moving through the water. It makes me feel strong.

What crystal are you taking back on The Hills with you?

It’s Moldavite all the way. Gotta stop those psychic attacks before they start.

Does your son (Gunner) wear any crystals yet?

Gunner’s mommy doesn’t let him wear too many crystals because she’s worried that he’ll swallow them but I would say he loves to play with citrine the most since he loves wealth.

You know what? Gunner’s just a big crystal himself.  Can I say what’s my favorite crystal? it’s Gunner. He keeps me grounded, he keeps me protected, he’s a miracle.

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Lead photo courtesy of @spencerpratt

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The Most Powerful Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

The Most Powerful Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign


On December 14, 2020

In Horoscope, Sign, Spirit

The Most Powerful Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

Pretty and powerful, crystals are key accessories to help you tap and harness your intuition, as well as tune into your soul. And while different crystals have different properties—rose quartz can help dissolve painful romantic memories, for instance, and citrine can help attract positive thoughts—some crystals are especially attuned to certain astrological signs.

Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, crystal experts and co-founders of Energy Muse and co-authors of Crystal Muse, Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You, break down the best crystals for your zodiac sign. For the maximum benefit, read for both your sun and rising sign, suggest Askinosie. Whether you wear them, keep one by your bed, or have a few in your purse, these gems will certainly help your soul sparkle.

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Best Crystals for Aries

Some of the best crystals for Aries to connect with are carnelian, citrine, and garnet. Carnelian is known to complement your inner voice and give you the confidence to counteract self-doubt. Citrine is useful for manifesting your dreams and securely promoting your intentions. Garnet enhances your energy, sending high vibrations throughout your body, which increases your endurance and ensures you reach your highest potential during any type of performance.

Carnelian Crystal Bracelet, $15

Best Crystals for Taurus

Peridot instills positive power for Taurus and will lead you to be more courageous and trust your instincts. Carnelian also energizes you to move forward when you’re caught up in a sticky situation. And pyrite, another wonderful stone for Taurus, is said to bestow an abundance of blessings in favor of your hard work and perseverance.

Pyrite Cube, $14


Best Crystals for Gemini

Jade removes negativity and replaces it with peace and restores balance into your physical, emotional, and intellectual body dear Gemini. Rutilated quartz is unique in its ability to connect you to your highest spiritual state, while carnelian promotes joy and personal power. Together, these crystals work in tandem to enrich your life with new knowledge and everlasting wisdom.

Rutilated Quartz Prism, $15

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Best Crystals for Cancer

Moonstone, as the name suggests, is connected directly to the moon and harnesses its energy. When Cancer connects to moonstone, you call upon your free spirit to carry you through your journey. Red jasper is very beneficial for building your stamina, helping you overcome adversity and to be a stable support system for your loved ones. Abalone shell connects you to the changing tides and emotions of the sea, which makes you more perceptive to what others are feeling.

Moonstone Dowser Pendulum, $10

Best Crystals for Leo

Garnet can ignite your inner fire and fuel your passions Leo. Tiger’s eye, charged by the sun, can support your soul’s evolution as you grow older and wiser each day. Any project you take on can be supported with carnelian, which strengthens your personal power and stimulates your creative thinking.

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Ball, $23

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Best Crystals for Virgo

A negative characteristics for Virgo? You tend to be less inclined to open your heart to others. Connecting to a supreme nurturer, like red jasper, grounds you and keeps you centered. Another way to balance your chakras is through kyanite, which is believed to bring energetic protection to help you go beyond your comfort zone. Once you gain enough courage to open your heart to something or someone new, jade is said to bring abundance and prosperity, while simultaneously getting you back in touch with nature and keeping you down to earth.

Red Jasper Obelisk Tower, $14

Best Crystals for Libra

You can be guilty of indecisiveness, dear Libra, since you tend to weigh and consider all factors of a situation, which stalls your decision-making process. To counteract this weakness, connect with lapis lazuli for confident decision making. Additionally, citrine can promote your optimism and balance your yin and yang energies. It will help you feel confident in the choices you make. For even more security in your decision making, labradorite can help clear and protect your entire aura.

Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Rock, $6

Best Crystals for Scorpio

In times of anger, citrine, malachite, and amethyst can restore your peaceful tranquility Scorpio. Citrine is powerful at invoking feelings of happiness, joy, and serenity, by infusing you with its light. Malachite, a powerful Scorpio birthstone, transforms negative energy into positive vibrations to facilitate emotional healing. For the ultimate aura clearing treatment, amethyst can open your crown chakra to bring you peace of mind.

Citrine Healing Crystal, $6


Best Crystals for Sagittarius

You are constantly searching for new adventures to take you for another ride Sagittarius; therefore, bronzite can act as a powerful catalyst for change in your life. Citrine can help reconnect you with your inner self, enabling you to stay true to who you are deep down inside your soul. No matter what challenge you face next, turquoise can help enhance your natural intuition, providing you with just the right amount of guidance to see you through to the end.

Bronzite Necklace, $11

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Best Crystals for Capricorn

If you are interested in working toward your heavenly self, azurite can help stimulate your divinity Capricorn. Another way to practice what you preach is through an energetic cleanse, which can open your heart and encourage acceptance of others. You can perform an energetic cleanse with peridot, which helps remove envious feelings to ultimately aid your relationships. Finally, when interested in extracting energy blockages throughout your chakras, garnet, your birthstone, is known to rejuvenate your spirit, implementing serene vibrations.

Azurite Palm Stone, $22

Best Crystals for Aquarius

When conflicts arise, Aquarius, aquamarine can be used to strengthen your ideals of community and help enable you to practice forgiveness. At times when you feel hurt or betrayed by those close to you, yellow jasper can heal wounds that still burden your mind. Connect to your birthstone, amethyst, at the end of this healing process to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into balance.

Aquamarine Crystal Point, $35


Best Crystals for Pisces

Aquamarine, your Pisces birthstone, can bring you insight, especially when you are questioning your own intuition. It can also unveil underlying emotions you may be harboring toward others, or even yourself. Connect to chrysocolla to help soothe a broken heart as well as help you work through your feelings and express them clearly in each of your relationships. When you are in need of a spiritual revival, amethyst can calm you down and bring a pleasurable sense of relaxation.

Chrysocolla Crystal Egg, $14

Lead photo courtesy of @luminosity_crystals; Article photos courtesy of Twenty20

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5 Crystals to Help You Win at Work

5 Crystals to Help You Win at Work

By Simone Paget

On November 17, 2020

In Crystals, Spirit, Work

5 Crystals to Help You Win at Work

A few months ago, I found myself completely overwhelmed with a writing project I’d agreed to take on. Following through would mean accomplishing a huge personal goal, but when I sat down in front of my computer, I couldn’t focus, and I was riddled with anxiety and self-doubt. I was looking for a way to recenter my energy and get the creative juices flowing—and I knew my usual strategy (guzzling half a pot of dark roast and hoping for the best) wasn’t going to work this time.

Enter: crystal medicine

I’ve used crystals to help me get over a breakup and for insomnia, but I’ve never incorporated them into my creative process. But, “there are so many stones that you can use for work space,” says Courtney Taylor, a psychic clairvoyant and energy healer who frequently prescribes crystals to her clients.

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After speaking with Taylor, I was prescribed two different crystals. I started wearing them daily. While I didn’t notice a dramatic change initially, feeling them against my skin was a reminder to focus my energy on the task at hand. A week into wearing the stones, I started to notice a shift in my energy and more opportunities flowing my way.

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As Taylor explains, within the crystal universe there are “manifestation stones” that will help you get what you want. So, whether you’re hoping to make a move up the corporate ladder, tap into your inner confidence or simply manifest more abundance in your life, here are a few crystals to try.


“This is always the first stone I give people when they’re wanting to change jobs, get a promotion or get more money,” says Taylor. In my case, wearing citrine has helped me shift my energy around money from a place of lack to a more positive space. Taylor says this is common. “It is a growth stone. It’s a manifestation stone. It’s an abundance stone. It’s really good to help purify and center you. It also helps identify which areas you need to work on. It will get there. It carries through.”

Facing difficult job challenges? Let the Tarot help…


Known for its gorgeous green hue, aventurine is another manifestation stone. If your current work situation is getting you down or you find negative self-talk is hurting your confidence, wearing some aventurine can help. As Taylor explains, “aventurine works more on the emotional side and keeps us in a place where we’re optimistic. It’s a healing stone and very gentle. It also creates balance.” Because aventurine is connected to the solar plexus, it can also help boost our confidence and self-esteem.

Taylor says that it’s especially great for work because, “it also helps keep us in a positive energy space while trusting what’s going to come.” So, if you’re angling for a promotion or your next big gig, “it’s a stone that keeps you out of your negative thought patterns.”

Taylor says it also pairs really well with citrine, “because you’re manifesting but you’re also being realistic.”


Also known as “fool’s gold,” this ultra sparkly stone is perfect for those times when you want to keep your mind clear and your eyes on the prize. “This is really good at giving you clarity, optimism. It has a very bright energy and is very flashy so it gives you the feeling of ‘I can do anything, I can take on anything,’” says Taylor. However, because Pyrite tends to come in a larger cluster, “this is one that I don’t recommend you wear but instead keep in the house.”

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Looking to get that raise or double your business profits? Jade is your lucky charm. Taylor says, “this one is all about money.” While jade will definitely help you manifest more money in your life, it’s connected to your heart chakra which means it will also help keep you, “from holding yourself back and delaying living up to your full potential,” she says. A gentle, pick me up stone; jade will remind you good things are coming into your life.


Want to kickstart the creative process? Just add Iolite. This stone is connected to the seven laws of attraction and really powerful when it comes to tapping into your imagination and bringing visions to life. “It helps get you into a very visionary state. I love this one for people who are in the arts and media—anyone who is in a creative space, Iolite helps bring you to that creative space,” says Taylor.

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Iolite is also connected to your third eye. Because of this, it’s a helpful crystal for the manifestation process because it allows you to take ideas and project them forward. It’s a good stone to use when you’re building your own intuition. As Taylor explains, this is the perfect stone to use when you want to send a message to the universe that, “I want things and I’m going to get them.”

As Taylor reminds us, “many of these stones are manifestation stones for the career space. They will help you set your desires, manifest money and project forward to get there.” However, because crystals are a form of energy medicine, people react differently to every stone. “I like giving different ones because our body gets used to wearing certain stones and the energy needs to be changed up every now and then,” says Taylor. Start by experimenting with one or two stones and go from there.

Simone Paget is a freelance writer based on the West Coast of Canada. She’s a nationally syndicated sex and relationship columnist for the Toronto Sun and the author of the blog Her work has appeared in/on publications such as the Washington Post, Elle Canada, Food Network, Reader’s Digest Best Health and The Toronto Star. 

Photo: @robyn514 via Twenty20

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Color Magic: The Ultimate Guide to Color Meanings and Everyday Uses

Color Magic: The Ultimate Guide to Color Meanings and Everyday Uses

By Ellen Ricks

On October 21, 2020

In Color, Magic, Spirit

Color Magic: The Ultimate Guide to Color Meanings and Everyday Uses

Color holds certain powers in our society. A bride wears white on her wedding day, a grieving family wears black to a funeral, red doors are supposed to bring good luck, and a red dress may just give you the spice you need on a first date. What started as cultural norm has weaved itself into our personal lives. But did you know that each color has a magical property? Welcome to color magic, my friends.

What Is Color Magic?

Color magic is about using special color energies in order to manifest certain things you want in life. Similar to the herbs or crystals you use in your witchcraft, using certain colors can bring forth the properties you wish to manifest, like wealth or confidence.

Some witches use color magic by using certain colored candles, flowers, or crystals for their spell work. But you can use color magic in your daily life, just by doing some simple things. For instance, if you’ve ever dressed in a certain color before a big job interview or decorated your room a certain specific color, then you’ve already had some experience with color magic.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate color into your everyday life.

Color Meanings & Symbolism

Black — Protection


Symbolizes: Protection

When most people think of black, they tend to associate it with death. Actually, black focuses more on safety and protection than dying. In all things, black represents grounding, strength, and wards against negativity.

Everyday Uses: Wear a black jacket out to protect you, hang black curtains on your windows to ward off negative energies, welcome a black house cat to dispel demons, sleep in black sheets to block bad dreams, or wear black sunglasses to block out the haters.

Black Crystals: Black tourmaline, black obsidian

White — Peace and Balance


Symbolizes: Peace and balance

It’s no surprise that love symbolizes purity and unity (I mean, the whole white wedding thing), but white also symbolizes cleansing, peace, balance, truth, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Everyday Uses: Use a white diffuser when doing a cleanse of your space, try out a white yoga mat for balance, buy white Lillies, light white candles, keep a clear quartz crystal on your office desk, or wear white PJs to go to bed feeling at peace.

White Crystals: Selenite, clear quartz, white howlite, moonstone

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Red — Passion, Courage, Luck, and Hospitality


Symbolizes: Passion, courage, good luck, and hospitality

It’s no surprise that red is associated with passion and anger (the term “seeing red”). But red symbolizes not just passion, but strength, inspiration, courage, and ambition. Red wants us to take action and follow our hearts. Red is also associated with the root chakra.

Everyday Uses: Buy red workout shoes to pump up your workout, wear a red blouse when going to an important event or red heels to a date, wear red lipstick for a confidence boost on a date, or paint your door red to welcome house guests.

Red Crystals: Garnet, red jasper

Orange — Sensuality, Creativity, Pride, and Prosperity


Symbolizes: Sensuality, creativity, pride, and prosperity

Orange isn’t just for fall and pumpkin spice lattes. Associated with the sacral chakra (located at the center of your lower belly), orange symbolizes sensuality and creativity. It’s also known to bring out kindness, intellect, pride, uplifting energies, prosperity, and kinship.

Everyday Uses: Use orange ink and notebooks when working on creative projects, bring orange roses to someone you’re proud of, or drop an orange bath bomb into your bath after a stressful day to get some uplifting energies.

Orange Crystals: Tiger’s eye

Yellow — Happiness, Self-esteem, and Friendliness


Symbolizes: Happiness, self-esteem, and friendliness

Bright and loud, it’s no wonder that yellow is associated with happiness and joy. Along with being raising beauty, confidence, and self-esteem, yellow also increases memory and learning. Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra (above your navel) and is the source of personal power.

Everyday Uses: Use a yellow highlighter while studying, post a pic of you wearing yellow on your dating app profile, keep lemons around the kitchen, drive a yellow car, wear a yellow jumpsuit when you need a confidence boost, yellow rain boots make any rainy day brighter, or set up some sunflowers in your house.

Yellow Crystals: Citrine, calcite

Green — Money, Prosperity, and Luck


Symbolizes: Money, prosperity, and luck

Money is green for a reason. The color green symbolizes prosperity, money, abundance, luck, and growth. Green is also associated with heart chakra which manifests feelings of hope, intuition, and rebirth.

Everyday uses: Paint your nails green so everything you touch turns to money, carry a green wallet so you always have an increase in cash flow, use green gardening tools to promote growth, place a “money tree” in your house.

Green Crystals: Jade

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Blue — Harmony, Healing, Communication, and Wisdom


Symbolizes: Harmony, healing, communication, and wisdom

“Feeling blue” is a term used to describe feeling sad, but blue in color magic couldn’t be the further thing from sorrow. Blue actually symbolizes harmony, healing, creativity, focus, and patience. Associated with the throat chakra, blue can increase communication, wisdom, and forgiveness.

Everyday Uses: Hang pictures of blue things in your office to increase focus and creativity, drink from a blue mug in the morning to keep you calm, paint your room blue to promote harmony, or wear blue necklace for great communication (preferable with one of the crystals mentioned below for an extra magical boost).

Blue Crystals: Blue agate, lapis lazuli, turquoise

Purple —Wisdom, Power, and Health


Symbolizes: Wisdom, power, and health

Often associated with royalty and wealth in some cultures, the color purple has intense levels of magical property. Purple in all shades symbolizes wisdom, power, health, and prophecy. Indigo represents the third eye chakra while violet represents the crown chakra, both trying to connect you with a higher power.

Everyday Uses: Wear purple lipstick when you want your words to hold power, dye your hair when you want powerful presence, color things or write letters in purple ink.

Purple Crystals: Amethyst

Pink — Self-love, Intimacy, Compassion, and New Beginnings


Symbolizes: Self-love, intimacy, compassion, and new beginnings

Pink is often associated with feminine and “just for girls,” but this color is so much more than that. Pink symbolizes love, compassion, friendship, intimacy, self-love, and new beginnings—not to mention a lot of romance.

Everyday Uses: Wear a pink shirt or dress on a first date (trust us), or wear a cute pink bra under your outfit (even if no one is seeing it but you). Get matching rose quartz friendship bracelets or necklaces with your bestie. Add a pink couch to your living room, sprinkle some Himalayan salt on your food, use pink paperclips to hold together contracts (new beginnings/friendships).

Pink Crystals: Rose quartz

All photos courtesy of Twenty20

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When Jupiter Moves Into Scorpio, Every Sign Wins. Here’s Why.

When Jupiter Moves Into Scorpio, Every Sign Wins. Here’s Why.


On October 10, 2017

In Aspect, Jupiter, Spirit

When Jupiter Moves Into Scorpio, Every Sign Wins. Here’s Why.

Big news today! Jupiter entering Scorpio means your luck is about to change—for the better. Why? Jupiter, the planet that rules abundance, expansion, and growth, is known for turning everything that it touches into gold. From today until November 8 of 2018, we will experience massive collective healing, which will happen through the deepening of our closest relationships, seeking and exposing the truth, and laser-focusing on the task at hand. Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs, and it is precisely that power that Jupiter is gifting you. 

Every single sign in the zodiac can and will benefit from this aspect. But we are not going to lie, you will have to work for it. During the next thirteen months, remember that Jupiter wants you to win, but to receive its gifts, you most focus your energy and your intention on that specific area of your life to which Jupiter will be sending its fortunate vibes. Here, exactly how Jupiter will affect each sign.

The stars bring huge changes in the month ahead. Get the full scoop with your premium October horoscope!

Not to worry, Rams. You are still the most important thing since this aspect will be encouraging you to explore the depths of your being. Now, more than ever, analyzing your subconscious mind, your feelings, and your emotions will be not only fun… but mind-blowing. Jupiter’s gift to you is getting to know yourself and developing a better understanding of your psyche and how it can help other areas of your life. Don’t be surprised if listening to your intuition starts paying off more than you could ever imagine. If you ever considered working with a coach or a guru to reach your fullest potential, consider this your signal.  

Scorpio is your opposite sign in the zodiac wheel. This means that this aspect will shake your relationship sector—in the best of ways. All your relationships will get an optimistic boost, including business and love connections. If you are already in a serious relationship, this could be the time you decide to take it to the next level or get proposed to. If you are single and looking, you might meet someone with real potential. And if your relationships have not been stellar lately, Jupiter’s got your back!    

Big news for your health, wellness, and lifestyle sector! If this sounds boring to you, think twice, because when you feel good, you look even better. It seems that during this transit, you will make better and healthier choices that will nurture your spirit but also your body. Partying could become boring and doing yoga-and-lunch with your buddies could be the part of your weekend you look forward to the most. Plus, all these feeling-good vibes might even end up flowing into other areas of your life; possibly your career sector. Think big and you will manifest accordingly.

Ready for some serious snuggling, Crabs? Your chart will be welcoming Jupiter’s lovely vibes in your romance and leisure sector. How lucky is that? Now, romance can come into your life in many different forms. Yes, you might meet someone if you are single and looking, or an existing relationship could deepen. But a different kind of love could also develop inside of you. This could be a hobby, sport, or new project. Pay special attention to what your emotions tell you during this one-year transit. What you find out through them will be beneficial and long-lasting.

For outgoing Leos, home is where the most exciting things will happen. For the next thirteen months, you might have more and more reasons to stay in and chill. Your home sector will be lit up by the fiery energy of Jupiter, making it a stellar time to either remodel, move, or buy a home. This is all great news, right? Who doesn’t want a nice home? The one thing to watch out for is a tendency to go big. This is something that you already must watch out for, but because the energy of both, Jupiter and Scorpio, are also larger-than-life, make sure you are making the right decision before you pull the trigger.

Mercury-ruled Virgos will move with so much ease and grace during this period. You are a pro at communication, and Jupiter settling in this sector is exactly what you need right now. You will not only be able to express your ideas and thoughts more concisely, you can also boost your career options significantly; especially if you work in sales, publishing, and social media. It is very important to take advantage of the power that your words will have, Virgo. This is no time to be shy, let yourself sing and people will dance to your rhythm!

Jupiter leaves your sign to enter the next one in the wheel. It has been quite a year for you, so you can’t really complain, can you? Something in your life went well, better than expected. Picture that but translated into your money and financial sector. If you are thinking of all the pretty things you can buy, cool, that’s fair and fine. Do keep in mind that investing (at least some of) this extra cash can really take off during the year ahead while you have all the celestial help you could get in this sector of your chart.  

So, how does it feel to be the favorite, Scorpio?! You have come a LONG way, and you know what? You will be rewarded for it. For the past year or so, Jupiter was in your spiritual sector, taking you on a soul-searching journey of self-discovery. Now, you are ready to put into action all that you learned about yourself. Jupiter only enters your signs every twelve years, which means that there is no better time to make your deepest dreams and ambitions come true. Lucky coincidences, miracles, even more charm, and all kinds of resources are at your disposal… the question is: What will you do with them? Hint: Focusing on self-improvement and self-expression will direct Jupiter’s expansive energy exactly where you want it to be. Stay tuned!

Get ready for the ride of your life, Sags! Your ruling planet in the watery sign of transformation will (for real) shake your life. Your spiritual sector is now under focus with no-nonsense Scorpio making you take the deepest and most intense plunge yet. Suddenly, the globetrotter becomes a philosophical guru in a never-ending quest for self-improvement. In about a year, it might surprise you how much the people around you, your priorities, and yourself as a whole have changed. How exciting! During this cycle, however, do try to keep yourself in check as extreme Scorpio will be pushing you to the edge!

Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
How does leaving work early and going to a happy hour, an art show or a museum night party sound, Caps? For you, this might not be the most comfortable of aspects. Jupiter will expand your social circle and will inject some energy into your social life. You are not the most social of signs, but this year, you will gain significant confidence in the way you interact with people. You might even be the first one to make a move. Very sweet! Plus, some of the new connections you make will become business associated, best friends, or even lovers or partners!

Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
If it has been a rough ride for you when it comes to career and finances, things are surely going to get better for you. Your career and ambition sector will be hosting the benevolent energy of Jupiter. If you have been unemployed or a personal project isn’t picking up as fast as you expected, you could see results or even an offer before the year ends. And yes, you must work… hard. Not that you haven’t, the difference here is that it will become natural for you to share your talents with others, making it easier to put yourself out there and find the resources that were previously hidden.

If you have been considering going back to school, taking a sabbatical or just taking on a new hobby, you will love the treats that Jupiter has in store for you. By entering your learning, travel, and wisdom sector, it will expand your view of the world (possibly taking you on a trip to a faraway land), and therefore, the way you see life in general. Scorpio is a buddy of yours, making you one of the luckiest signs during this transit. Make it worth your time, Fish. Who knows who you might meet in the process! 

Article written by Narayana Montufar. 

Feature illustration by Dorian Legret 

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Your Weekly Horoscope for All Signs, September 24-30: Are You Ready to Answer the Tough Questions The Universe Has For You?

Your Weekly Horoscope for All Signs, September 24-30: Are You Ready to Answer the Tough Questions The Universe Has For You?


On September 24, 2017

In Fall, Horoscope, Spirit

Your Weekly Horoscope for All Signs, September 24-30: Are You Ready to Answer the Tough Questions The Universe Has For You?

Get a map to your future, with a free psychic reading.

As Libra season begins, the planets urge you to take a leap forward—especially if you’ve been stalling. Last month, Practical, ambitious Virgo gave you the tools and knowledge you needed to take important steps. You may not have all the details worked out, you may be second guessing yourself, but trust that the planets and stars are telling you to make further moves now; balanced Libra will help you work out what they are in the days ahead. During the week, a new person, idea, of offer may appear enticing, but the stars encourage you to consider all options. Finally, look forward to the weekend! Your ambition is through the roof, and it may be wise to just this once set aside some time to do some work or invite coworkers to a party—your work life will have a powerful impact on your personal life in the upcoming weeks. 

Aries Weekly Horoscope 
Balanced Libra asks you to take a hard look at your relationship (or your pursuit of one). Has spending time with your favorite plus-one overtaken other parts of your life? If so, then take a step back and recalibrate. Take the week and find a pocket of time where you can do something solo—reconnecting with yourself can help you remember some essential truths about who you are. The week ahead can be especially confusing, with conflicting information coming at you in all directions. While you may feel like you have to act now, remember: Taking the time to consider a decision is a decision. 

Taurus Weekly Horoscope    
Feel that stirring energy rising from your chest to your stomach? That, Bulls, is your call to action! You’ve been tentative all summer, putting off plans, but now is the time to move, move, move. Change is scary, but think about it: What do you lose if you don’t take a risk? Right now, what you need is a dose of courage. How to find it: Hang out with friends who have your back and can remind you how awesome you are. Pump up your adrenaline with a trip to the gym. Listen to a Spotify playlist on repeat. Finally, stop thinking and just do it—once you do, you’ll be amazed at what’s on the other side of that fear.

Is love in your stars?

Gemini Weekly Horoscope    
Open your eyes, Gemini: The universe is trying to teach you a lesson, and it may not come in the format you would expect. Put your phone down, take your earbuds off, and listen to conversations around you this week. You’re likely feeling in between a few different decisions or choices, and part of the process in searching for clarity is picking up on subconscious clues whispered by the universe. While you’re ready to embrace something fresh and different, prudence in the upcoming days is essential. You’ve got time on your side, and a too-quick decision could come back to haunt you. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope
Admit it, Crabs, you’ve been feeling a little stuck. Right now, your focus is on all the things that aren’t working in your life. First, take a step back and take stock of what is—whether it’s your great group of friends or your commitment to hitting the gym, balanced Libra is reminding you that a shift in perspective is essential in making lasting change. Second, the stars say that something could change in your work environment—but you have to lead the charge for it to happen. To begin, ask yourself what would make your work life more enjoyable. It may be a more simple answer than you think. And regardless of what you think, consider adding a plant to your workspace, if you can. Bringing some of the outdoors inside will do wonders for your mood. 

Leo Weekly Horoscope
This week, Lions are likely to meet someone who could have a profound impact on their life going forward. The trick is to actually figure out who that person is, and to do that, Lions are going to have to go deeper than they normally do. While Leo is adept at having surface-level conversations with a variety of strangers, the stars say that you may need some one-on-one time to figure out what lessons this person is trying to teach you. Finally, it’s time to rethink priorities. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends, but doing that forever is unrealistic and will only make you exhausted. Time to figure out what you don’t need to do in order to be happy,

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 
Expansive Jupiter and innovative Uranus intersect right in your financial sector. What this means: You’re ready to make money. Whether it’s starting up a business, cranking up your side hustle, or finding yourself getting bonuses at your job, the sky’s the limit. And while you’re feeling confident, don’t get cocky—and don’t spend anything until it’s safely in your bank account. Want to make even more? Suss out what, exactly, you’re working for. The more passionate you are about a goal, the more money you’ll make. Enjoy the abundance! 

Libra Weekly Horoscope 
Romantic possibilities swirl around you this week. Great news if you’re single; tricky if you’re attached. Your flirt game is on point, but if you’re not looking, someone may misunderstand your intentions. It’s also so important to be honest about what you want and what you’re looking for. While compliments can be addictive, they mean so much more when they’re coming from someone you genuinely like. Finally, be careful what you say. You may be caught up in the moment, which can lead to tricky misunderstandings to untangle down the road. 

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 
You finally clear the air on an issue that’s been bothering you for the past few weeks. While the conversation itself may be stressful, the relief you feel will be palpable. Getting past this issue also frees your mind to focus on something new. It’s a great time to consider shaking up your daily routine—perhaps trying a new gym class, or listening to a podcast you haven’t heard before. It may be a minor tweak, but trust that the change can help you maximize your full potential. 

Tired of being alone? See what’s in the cards with a free tarot Love Reading.  

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 
Oh wow, Archers—love is in the air, and it is good. In the next few days, expensive Jupiter, your personal planet, links with revolutionary Uranus, casting a spotlight on a person you may not have considered as a potential love interest. Attached? You may discover something (good!) about your partner that you never knew before. Bottom line: Libra, the sign of partnership, wants you to tune into your relationship potential. You’re always independent, but it’s okay to ask for help, do things together, and otherwise go through the world as a couple. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 
The family tension is high, and you’ve just about reached your breaking point. First off, deep breath. The best thing you can do is take some time to destress before you explode. Second, it may be time to have that conversation you’ve been avoiding. You may be worried about hurt feelings or burned bridges, but trust that things will only get worse if you don’t let people know what’s bothering you. Finally, a reminder: You are not your family. Reclaiming your independence and realizing how you differ can give you some space to assert yourself. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 
As dynamic Jupiter links to inventive Uranus, you’re on fire! Your brain is moving a million miles a minute, and you have so much to do, say, invent, and explore. It’s awesome! Remember: Ideas are more powerful when you share them. Inviting others to share your ideas not only will help you when your enthusiasm flags later this month, it can also help you actually get your idea off the ground. Also, consider becoming friends with your coworkers—you sometimes seem aloof, but right now, the stars say a bit more comingling of your work life and personal life could be a great thing. 

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 
You are so ready to take a leap! And you should—but remember, sometimes five small steps can be just as fast, effective, and smooth as one jump. In other words, take the risk, but break it up into a few different actions, so you aren’t doing everything all at once, you have everything accounted for, and if an issue does arise, you can quickly change course. What’s the big rush? The slower you go, the more effective you may be. Trust that things will work out—but hurrying things can backfire. 

Read last week’s horoscope here!

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How to Read Tarot Cards

How to Read Tarot Cards

By Gala Darling

On September 5, 2017

In Prediction, Spirit, Tarot

How to Read Tarot Cards

Of all the tools in my metaphorical toolbox, tarot is one of my favorites. It’s beautiful, portable, and oh so accurate. When you read tarot cards without illusion, they can show you what is really going on in your life.

A lot of people have concerns about free will and the tarot, or whether it’s somehow “bad” to access the information that tarot cards seem to hold. Here’s my take on that: No matter what comes up in the cards, or even in the stars, we still have the power to do whatever we please. Think about astrology, for example. You may be a Cancer, and your favorite thing to do might be spend time in the house, being a domestic goddess. But even though you know this, you can still make the effort to go out, be social, and broaden your horizons. Tarot is like that. A sad card might come up, but what you do next is what will determine your future. Tarot doesn’t show us every possible result of every single scenario—it shows us what will happen if we stay on this same track. And we can change that track at any time!

The other wonderful thing about the tarot is that even when a warning comes up, the next right action is implied within the imagery. For example, the Five of Cups is typically a card of loss and disappointment. In the image, we see a hooded figure looking into the distance—where there is a bridge and a castle—with five cups behind him. Three of the cups have been overturned, their contents spilled…. But two of the cups are still upright and full to the brim. So this card can indicate that even though things are hard emotionally, we’re focusing on scarcity, instead of abundance. The card encourages us to abandon self-pity in order to move forward (and cross the bridge, which will lead us to the castle, aka security!). Pretty cool, huh?

A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot:

Step 1: Choose your deck 
This can be a wonderful—although somewhat agonizing—experience. There are so many decks, and so little time! You can’t go wrong by starting with the traditional Rider-Waite, which most decks use as an inspirational jumping off point. But if you’d like to experiment with form, try Oliver Hibert’s deck, The Wild Unknown (so popular they even sell it at Urban Outfitters), or The Fountain Tarot. It’s important that you connect with the art, so take your time in choosing the right deck for you. I have about ten decks at home but literally the only one I read with is my Oliver Hibert deck. It speaks to me in a way that no others do.

And if you’re wringing your hands over the fact that #TarotSoWhite, check out the Numinous deck on Kickstarter, which is inclusive and features queer, non-binary, and disabled people! Yay!

Step 2: Clean your deck 
Once your deck arrives in your hot little hands, it’s time to make it your own. You can cleanse it by passing the cards through incense smoke, by placing them in a windowsill during a full moon, or by letting them sit in a bowl with some salt for a day or two.

Once you’ve done this, get cozy with them! Flip through them and familiarize yourself with the artwork. Sleep with them under your pillow. Carry them in your handbag. Let them pick up your energy so that when you go to use them, they feel like an extension of your hands.

Step 3: Care for your deck 
Thankfully, tarot cards are easy to look after —unlike, say, a fiddle leaf fig tree! While you can, of course, keep them in the box they came in, they may get worn out quickly. That’s why it’s generally recommended that you keep them in a pouch or wrapped in a piece of fabric. I use a navy blue velvet drawstring bag covered in white embroidered moons and stars. Want to use a psychedelic scarf from the 1960’s? No one will judge you for that!

Stay tuned for next week, where I’ll share everything you need to know about reading tarot cards! In the meantime, here are some of my fave decks, again!

The Fountain Tarot 
The Wild Unknown
The Rider Tarot Deck

The Linestrider Tarot Deck

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