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Love, By Virginia: Your Weekend Love Horoscope for August 11-13

Love, By Virginia: Your Weekend Love Horoscope for August 11-13

By Virginia Mason

On August 11, 2017

In Aspect, Sign, Spirit

Love, By Virginia: Your Weekend Love Horoscope for August 11-13

August isn’t slowing down, and this month’s eclipses aren’t the only big changes happening in the sky. This weekend, Mercury goes retrograde, and it’s staying there until September 5th. Mercury in retrograde gets a bad rap, but it happens four times a year for a reason—we need it. It’s easy to grow rigid in how we think about the world, our lives, and our relationships. These quarterly shake-ups help us check in and reevaluate. What thoughts are keeping you from having the fulfilling relationship you want? This weekend will help you begin to answer this.

Find out how the planets’ positions at your precise birth day, time, and place influence your personality and life circumstances.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
This Friday and Saturday, the Aries moon might have you feeling good … but not when it comes to love. The moon squares Venus, making you want love, but somehow it isn’t able to give you what you need and want. Why? You’re being asked to confront differences in how you and your partner—or potential partners—communicate. You may jump to believing that you simply are not and cannot be loved or that the way you love isn’t appreciated. Resist this impulse. Instead, look at the ways people do express their love and appreciation for you. Maybe it’s not in the way you fantasize about, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. This energy moves through by Sunday, but you’ll likely still be wanting alone time as the weekend wraps up.

Love Lesson: People may express love differently than you, but that doesn’t mean they love you any less.

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Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
At the start of this weekend, simply let love lie wherever it is. Your ruling planet of Venus squares the moon, making you feel uneasy and hermit-like. Stay in. Garden. Cook yourself a tasty meal. Then breathe a well-rested sigh of relief on Sunday as the moon moves into Taurus. Sunday is for you, Bulls! You’ll be feeling free and strong within yourself. You won’t depend on anyone else’s opinion of you to feel good and aren’t about to compromise on what you want. Your confidence will show. Enjoy a day date or simply relish more time with yourself, and keep riding this feel-good wave through Monday.

Love Lesson: You need time alone to enjoy yourself and remember all there is to love about you. Then take that reminder out into the world!

Passion Prediction: 
Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
Because Mercury rules Gemini, you’ll be feeling its retrograde movement more than most. You’ll find yourself exploring and reconsidering all your many ideas over and over again. This can lead to major indecision and internal paralysis. Your spinning mind may make you feel stuck, but luckily—because Mercury sextiles Venus—any lovers are going to enjoy your curiosity. The trick is that you have to let them know what’s going on inside your head. Share with them not just what you’re thinking but how it makes you feel. You’re processing the way you communicate and the conclusions you’ve recently drawn. By sharing your open-mindedness with your partner, you’ll find yet another thing that you two can connect over. 

Love Lesson: It’s okay to not have it all figured out. No one does. Let your confusion create connection.

Passion Prediction: 
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus has released its connection to Chiron—the wounded healer. For the time being, the intense period of healing through love and growing pains has passed and left you with an open heart. So this weekend, focus on enjoying the dreamy, hyperconnected feeling and free-flowing communication you have with anyone you’re with. You’re taking love less seriously because you understand that whatever happens is—like all other things—simply flowing and moving through time. You aren’t feeling the need to control your circumstances in order to feel comfortable. Instead, you find comfort in unconditionally loving. People feel free to be themselves around you, allowing for deep, true connection. The love and acceptance you feel this weekend is what we’re all striving for.

Love Lesson: The highest form of love is all-embracing, accepting, and wildly unconditional.

Passion Prediction: 
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
Prepare to feel light and happy and exactly where you’re meant to be. The moon trines the sun, Mars, and North Node all in Leo. Who you are, how you behave, and where you’re headed will feel seamlessly aligned with your inner self. You’ll radiate that classic Leo confidence while feeling genuinely fulfilled. If you’re single, now is a great time to meet someone, as you’re sure to attract only those who can truly handle all you have to offer. If you’re partnered, your joy is sure to rub off on and be appreciated by whomever you’re with. Enjoy this time, just make sure not to let your pride take over, or your confidence will turn into arrogance, and instead of attracting love, you’ll repel it!

Love Lesson: Confidence and fulfillment are two of the biggest turn ons.

Passion Prediction: 
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
You racked your brain. You worked it out. But now all that thinking you did isn’t making much sense. Your ruling planet of Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday in Virgo while trining Pluto. Between the eclipses and this, you’re feeling intense waves of transformation, but they aren’t hitting your relationship. They’re hitting you. The transformation comes in the form of anxiety, paranoia, and confusion. It’s easy to want to isolate yourself from others and sit these feelings out alone, but what you’ll learn this weekend is that love can and will stick by you even through tough times. It’s okay to lean on your partner right now, and if you’re single, it’s okay to experience comfort through romance and affection. Love can and will support you through this. Let it.

Love Lesson: Even your messiest self is worthy of love.

Passion Prediction: 
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re currently undergoing a four-week cycle of expanding joy and fulfillment in your love life. Last weekend was all about integrating the moon and your emotional self. This weekend, as Jupiter squares Venus, you’re learning to expand your understanding of love. You may be experiencing sexual fireworks, but you’re also learning that that is not enough. Emotionally, you’re dissatisfied. Love feels restrictive, and you’re not getting what you want. How can you have one but not the other? Will you ever be able to truly find both? Relax with all the questioning and doubting. Let the cycle unfold. There’s more to learn next weekend…and the next…and in September! Stay tuned. 

Love Lesson: Sexual love is a kind of love, but sex alone doesn’t satisfy your deepest desires for love and affection.

Passion Prediction:   
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
You don’t just want someone’s body. You want their soul, too. Transformative sex—it’s the Scorpio way, and this weekend, your ruling planets of Mars and Pluto are all about it. Mars trines an Aries moon Friday and Saturday night, allowing for some particularly emotionally fulfilling sex. In fact, you may just want to find a partner Friday night, close the bedroom door, and stay there until Sunday morning. And while you’re enjoying yourself, know that Pluto is working its transformation magic on Venus and Jupiter, bringing about a big change in the enjoyment of your love life. Perhaps with this person you’re holed up with? Is that person just yourself? That’s cool too. Have fun! 

Love Lesson: Sometimes sex is just sex. Other times it opens you to a truly emotionally satisfying connection and helps transform how you experience love.

Passion Prediction: 
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Expect more fiery sex and fun this weekend! Freedom feels good to you. Freedom is your happy place. You’re not worried about where your romantic connection is going. You know it’s all part of enjoying life and that enjoying yourself now doesn’t mean you won’t want to settle down later—though maybe you never will, and that’s okay too! This Saturday and Sunday, the moon meets up with Uranus and joins a grand trine between all three fire signs. I’m not sure who you’re spending your time with, but I bet everyone is pretty envious about all the fun you’re having. Enjoy this respite from Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. It’s made the past two years pretty hard for you, and you deserve this break. 

Love Lesson: Enjoy your lovers! Regardless of your long-term goals, every partner is part of your love journey.

Passion Prediction: 
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
Pluto is still hanging out in Capricorn and will be for years to come. It won’t always be the focal point of your experience, but right now, it’s dominating things and opposing Venus. Expect tension with any partner. The way you express your love may be misunderstood, but know that Mercury—even with its retrograde motion—is actually your way around this friction. Open up to any partner and share why you do the things you do and what it means coming from you. Explain your actions—not because you need to defend yourself but because wires are getting crossed and old wounds are being triggered. Maybe they’ve seen something similar from someone in the past. Maybe they’re scared. Help them understand that you’re actually just a big loyal lover at heart.

Love Lesson: Folks can’t read your mind. Use your words to help people understand and foster love.

Passion Prediction: 
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
This Saturday, express your wild independence sexually. What does that mean for you? You’re a unique innovator, and your way is your own. How do you feel sexy? Is it dancing? Cooking? A bubble bath? This weekend, get in touch with your sensuality. Your airy nature often keeps you in your mind, but this weekend, as Uranus conjuncts the moon and the moon trines Mars, you’re being asked to get out of your head and into your body. Play with what makes your body feel good. This is about pleasure. Have fun discovering new ways to experience it. 

Love Lesson: Sex is more than just a physical act. It’s sensuality. It’s an energy, and how you express it is your own.

Passion Prediction: 
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
Neptune trines Venus, allowing you to simply let love flow, but Mercury makes you question if the love you’re feeling is real. Maybe you’re giving too much? Maybe it’s all an illusion and you’ve been tricked? Have you just been kidding yourself?! Relax. It’s fine. The love is real. And you’re freaking out a bit about it. And that’s fine! You love so unconditionally and easily that you’re prone to putting yourself in situations where you are giving too much and aren’t taking care of yourself, so it’s actually good to ask yourself these questions. Let the questions flow like everything else. Trust the answers will come. In the meantime, try not to absorb Virgo’s anxious paranoia, okay? 

Love Lesson: Don’t let the fear that maybe you’re repeating old patterns consume all the love you have to give.

Passion Prediction: 

Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company. To find out more, visit her at

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