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If Your Sign Were a Coffee Order, What Would it Be?

If Your Sign Were a Coffee Order, What Would it Be?


On October 13, 2017

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If Your Sign Were a Coffee Order, What Would it Be?

What does your coffee order signify? Turns out, quite a lot. The brew that gets you going in the AM has a lot to do with the traits of your sign. Read on to find which one most closely connects with your sign’s traits. Not your usual order? Switch it up and try it—you may find it cranks up your confidence! 

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 Aries is a triple shot latte in a can

Rams do not have time to wait in line at the coffee shop all day—or even for ten minutes. Rams on the go have at least two of these babies in their purse at all times, and are known to mainline at least one after 9pm in the evening. For Rams, it’s all about getting as much caffeine into their bodies as soon as possible. 

Taurus is a cold brew iced coffee
Taurus loves the presentation (mason jar please!) just as much as the cold and bitter taste, and is often drinking this beverage long after the temperature dips to sweater weather. 

 Gemini is a flat white
Trendy, foreign, and in the know, Gemini love the flat white, a New Zealand espresso and milk creation that looks like a latte, but, as flat white drinkers know, is far superior. Gemini loves the insiderness of this drink, and can absolutely discern when someone tries to pass a latte off as this order. 

 Cancer is a hot chocolate
Comfort seeking Cancer doesn’t necessarily like the amped-up feeling a jolt of caffeine gives them, but can’t resist the homey, nostalgic taste of hot chocolate. Cancer loves hot chocolate done right—plenty of chocolate, whipped cream, and sprinkles because YOLO. 

 Leo is a latte
Lions love the milk-espresso combo, but what they love even more is latte art, the more Instagrammable, the better. Leo loves savoring their coffee (no paper cups, thank you very much) and would much rather drink it out of a mug, even if they’re in a hurry.

 Virgo is a DIY coffee
Who needs a barista? Virgo is all about making their own coffee (hot in the winter, iced in the summer) and has the steamer, grinder, and French press to prove it. For Virgo, their AM coffee ritual is a meditative experience, and friends clamor for one of their creations. 

Libra is coffee and a latte, please!
Who can decide? Libras love options (and caffeine) and are happy to order multiple drinks so they can pick and choose at their table. 

Scorpio is espresso, straight up 
Who needs bells and whistles? Scorpio needs intense, bold flavor and a good pour. A Scorpio isn’t looking for the nuance that comes from the flavor of coffee combining with milk, they’re looking for results, now. 

 Capricorn is a mocha
A smidge more grown up than hot chocolate, but still giving that nostalgic cocoa flavor, Capricorns like to drink their dessert in this caffeine-sugar combo!

 Aquarius is a turmeric latte
A unique taste, illness fighting properties, and an A-list favorite, Aquarians love this blend of spices, as well as the feeling that they’re in the know about a beverage trend. 

 Pisces is herbal tea
Sensitive Pisces can be overly affected by caffeine, which is also why they’re drawn to herbal teas—they love the way herbs can contribute to their mood and physical well being, and love that herbal teas can cure (almost) anything that ails them,

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