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How to Travel Like a (Witchy) Rock Star

How to Travel Like a (Witchy) Rock Star

By Gala Darling

On July 31, 2017

In Spell, Sun, Travel

How to Travel Like a (Witchy) Rock Star

Traveling can be a magical balm for your soul, but sometimes, it can have the opposite effect. Feeling trapped in unnatural environments like planes and airports, plus eating nasty food, and losing touch with your regular routine can really mess with you. So if you, like me, consider yourself an international playgirl, here are some magical ways to feel great when you travel, and hit the ground omm-ing.

The Five Commandments of Traveling Like a Witchy Rock Star

Thou Shalt Carry Essential Oils!
Your essential oils will be your best friend when you travel. Bring peppermint for adding to your water bottle—this will keep you alert and hydrated while you fly. Keep lavender on hand for instant calm, to help you sleep, and to spot-treat any breakouts that might crop up. Don’t forget clary sage if you’re prone to crazy menstrual cramps: Just rub it into your abdominal area and feel the pain dissolve! I also love to carry palo santo monk oil (which comes complete with a chunk of smoky quartz to dispel negativity!) to dab on when I need grounding and protection. 

Thou Shalt Consecrate Thine Hotel Room 
No matter whether you’re staying in a Best Western or the Wynn, even the nicest hotel rooms can have a bit of an energetic hangover. Burning sage or palo santo might be a bit much (and might set off smoke alarms!), so I recommend bringing a small scented travel candle instead. When you light it, simply set the intention to clear the space and invite good vibes!

Thou Shalt Carry Thine Mini Altar 
Us magical babes are an interesting lot, and sometimes we can be fussy when we don’t have our various bits and bobs around! If you, too, suffer from this curious affliction, create a miniature altar and take it with you! A tin for mints makes a perfect home for your favorite crystals, a deck of tiny tarot cards, a photo of your beloved, and an affirmation (or two) on a hot pink Post-It note. Keep it beside your bed and pop it open when you feel the need for connection.

Thou Shalt Protect Thine Energy 
Traveling really takes it out of you. You’re meeting new people, walking around unfamiliar places, and bumping up against your own psychological limits. Check out my mini rituals post for instructions on how to ground and protect your energy!

Thou Shalt Prioritize Self Care 
Buy flowers for your room. Fill the tub with Epsom salts and stay in one night. Get a massage or spa treatment if you can swing it. Recite affirmations in the mirror while you wash your face. Radical self love is a daily practice, and while it is always evolving, even the smallest actions can have wonderful repercussions. Take a moment to love yourself up—no matter where you are in the world—and watch how it radiates.

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