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How To Feel More Gratitude

How To Feel More Gratitude


On November 10, 2014

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How To Feel More Gratitude

Isn’t it great when someone says thank you? It’s such a simple thing, but it’s the heart and soul of gratitude. Some people consider Thanksgiving to be a form of prayer.

Sure, life gets crazy and difficult, but there’s a lot to be grateful for, and very little of it is related to money. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s reflect on what each sign loves the most and say a big thank you for all we share.

Aries: Be thankful and cherish good health and the energy to chase down your dreams! Be well, feel well, stay highly self-motivated, and inspire the rest of the Zodiac with joy and your natural self-confidence.

Taurus: Be grateful for all beautiful places, possessions, and things that endure! And if they can’t last, you know we can cherish the memories. Be it creature comforts or more transcendental wonders, the beauty stays in our hearts forever.

Gemini: Friends keep us in touch with the world and ourselves! You understand that communication matters, so be especially grateful for those who keep us honest and real. Be extra grateful for friends who listen to us in our madness.

Cancer: Family is sometimes the best blessing in disguise! It’s the fundamental nature of who, why, and what we are before we mature and become our unique selves. Say thank you, love each other warts and all, and hug often!

Leo: Sheer fun and joie de vivre make life worth living! Your inner child isn’t very deeply “inner,” but lives near the surface and says thank you to the Universe with a contagious, happy smile. Show your gratitude with passion!

Virgo: Let’s all be grateful for the soft hum of routine, with or without purring kitties! Your simple discipline and routine gets us through the confusion and chaos. Maintaining a modest order and being of service are the best. Thank you!

Libra: Heavenly peace and quiet! Peace on Earth, or the blissful silence when the smoke alarm stops, each moment is a gem. Partners quarrel, then kiss and make up. Any huge or tiny conflict resolved or avoided altogether is a major victory. Thank you!

Scorpio: Like gold still buried in the ground, the most intimate of confided secrets is a precious thing usually well guarded and kept hidden! You appreciate how great it is to be loved, honored, and trusted with the treasures and confessions of others.

Sagittarius: The love of adventure and a desire to experience the great wide world is what keeps your heart beating fast! It reminds the whole Zodiac to be grateful and remember that even daily life can be something grand.

Capricorn: Meaningful work nourishes the soul and comforts the heart! When we see you pursuing your true purpose in life, it’s a life of gratitude in action. Be grateful for the chance – or even for the aspiration – to be useful and helpful.

Aquarius: The freedom to explore and the thrill of discovery are as precious and necessary as the air we breathe! You remind each of us to be grateful for the natural free spirit that we all have, and to make the most of it.

Pisces: This most thankful of signs knows that we are all one big family of humanity. You’re thankful just for being born and being alive in this most mystical of worlds. No one will use those words, though. A hug and kiss will say it all.

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