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How to Feel Better (Not Worse) When the Full Moon Is in Aries

How to Feel Better (Not Worse) When the Full Moon Is in Aries


On October 4, 2017

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How to Feel Better (Not Worse) When the Full Moon Is in Aries

It’s no surprise that werewolves rule our imaginations in October. Not only is the calendar creeping toward Halloween, but the full moon in Aries may play a part, too. Usually, the full moon is in Aries at the end of September or in early October, appearing as a fiery and intense “harvest moon” or “blood moon.” While full moons always bring strong energy and passion (people often have the best sex of their lives during a full moon!) the energy of an Aries full moon can be too intense for some of us. If you’re single, a full moon can cause mayhem and misunderstandings. (Don’t believe us? Just read our Sex Goddess, Alexandra Roxo’s, reasons why she’ll never again schedule a newish date on a full moon!) Getting back to those werewolves, a full moon in Aries can bring out the animal in all of us, making everyone feel fiercer, wilder, and more savage than they’ve ever been. 

We won’t lie: The full moon in Aries can be a little dangerous. You may find yourself getting into risky or even out-of-control situations around this wild moon time. The good news: If you know how to channel the energy you’re feeling, a full moon in Aries can give you the don’t-hold-back-confidence to make exciting—even revolutionary—changes in your life. Here’s how!

How to Rock an Aries Full Moon  

1. Get a haircut.
Sounds weird, but Aries, ruler of the head, may give you the bravery you need to try a new style. (Check out the best styles for your sign!) Trying a new cut, or even just parting your hair on the not-regular side, can help you tune in to a different part of your personality; it may just give you the confidence boost to ask someone out, speak up in a meeting, or do whatever you would want to do if fear wasn’t holding you back. It all starts from the head.

2. Commit to a workout.
Energetic Aries is a great constellation to draw inspiration from if you’re finally ready to get in shape. (Here, the best workout for your sign!) A workout is also key to helping you calm the eff down and avoid conflict until the energies of the full moon have settled.

3. Have sex. 
Whether you’re single or attached, an orgasm is exactly what your brain and bod need to get on the same page with the universe. Single and liking it that way? Use a toy (consider a crystal one!) to help you get in touch with that universal rhythm.

4. Access your inner child.
Look at old photos. Call a childhood friend. Draw with crayons, just because. Or read a beloved childhood book. As the “baby” of the Zodiac, Aries can help you access your inner kid—and tackle your grownup struggles with renewed optimisim and energy.

5. Yell it out!
Aries is not known for subtlety. If you have an issue with someone or something, you don’t have to swallow it during an Aries full moon. Start by grounding yourself with a protective ritual, then speak from the heart about the issues you may be having. Approaching your problem with understanding and empathy can help clear the air, get you the clarity you need, and allow you to move on. Can’t talk through it? Yelling in the shower is the next best thing for helping you clear deep-rooted negative energy.

Bottom line: Things will be weird and stressful. But know that you’ll get through it in the next few days, and the Aries full moon can only make you stronger. The more you accept the amplified energies around you and use them to further your own goals, the more empowered you’ll be!

Feature illustration by Dorian Legret.

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