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How to Attract Love and Abundance with a Good Luck Talisman

How to Attract Love and Abundance with a Good Luck Talisman

By Ruby Warrington

On March 11, 2020

In Fashion, Luck, Style

How to Attract Love and Abundance with a Good Luck Talisman

According to my friend Luke Simon, an astrologer and energy worker, it was realizing he needed some juju to wear on his body that brought him to the world of crystals and crystal healing. Having recently moved to NYC from his hometown of Santa Fe, the intense atmosphere of the city that never sleeps often left him feeling drained and confused, as his own energy mingled with the chaos of the city streets. 

To help protect his energy reserves, he invested in protective black tourmaline and quartz crystals, worn in a little leather pouch around his neck. They weren’t jewelry; they were talismans.

In the dictionary, a talisman is defined as: “An object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.” And couldn’t we all use a little bit of that? Common examples of talismans from everyday life might be a classic diamond engagement ring, or a friendship necklace or bracelet. In both cases, a simple piece of jewelry takes on additional meaning, and is thought to safeguard the relationship it symbolizes in some way.

But a talisman can be any object that holds a deeper meaning for us. Even our phones! After all, our smartphones are shiny objects we keep on or about our person at all times and often decorate to make more beautiful. They’re where we store photos of the people we love and the apps that help connect us. As for offering protection? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels less “safe” if I accidentally leave the house without my phone!

I even know one woman who would get a regular manicure with lucky symbols painted on each nail, like a hamsa, or an evil eye. Every time my friend looked down at her hands, she was activating the talisman’s true purpose—which is to serve as a reminder of a positive intention. For her, it was:  I’m okay, the Universe has got my back.

Here’s how to find and activate your talisman:
Get your rocks on.
Yes, some stones are said to offer more protection than others (like Luke’s black tourmaline, for example), but the best way to choose a specific crystal as your talisman is to be open to whichever stone just “speaks” to you. Even better, there’s some pretty fab and protective crystal jewelry around these days.

Raid the family jewels.
Ask your mom or grandma if there’s a special piece of jewelry somewhere in your family history that you could inherit (read: breathe new life into and start wearing, stat). Ask about the person it originally belonged to, and use it as a way to connect to the energy of your ancestors.

Work your wallpaper.
I recently updated the background image on my iPhone home screen to an image of the Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu deity who rules abundance. Lakshmi reminds us that we can only get as much as we give, and that the flow of abundance relies on this cosmic code—as I am reminded every time I look at my phone.

Pick a card, any card.
A tarot or other kind of oracle card can also become a talisman if you choose to work with it more deeply. Pick a card at random or select one that resonates strongly with you, and then find ways to incorporate it into your life. Maybe you make a special place for it in your wallet, or keep it somewhere you can see on your desk and allow it to trigger positive intentions every time you look at it.

No matter what you choose to be your talisman, I have not doubt that it bring you health, wealth, and abundant love.

Photo by Amadeo Muslimovic

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