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Guess Who’s Your New Personal Stylist?

Guess Who’s Your New Personal Stylist?

By Ruby Warrington

On May 2, 2017

In Beauty, Fashion, Style

Guess Who’s Your New Personal Stylist?

Taurus season—April 21st to May 21st—is the best time for a wardrobe overhaul. Not only is the Northern Hemisphere transitioning from spring into early summer, but Taurus, along with its ruling planet, Venus, governs fashion. Why? Taurus speaks to the abundance of the material world—beautiful things, delicious food, and how we adorn ourselves. Meanwhile, Venus is the planet that dictates our relationship to beauty.
So how can you use this time to revamp your look for spring and summer 2017 trends? Checking the position of Venus in your birth chart is a great way to discover—or perhaps remember—the kinds of clothes that bring out the best you. 
My friend the life coach and author Gabby Bernstein described my look as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Yogi.” I’m drawn to yoga pants, floaty shirts, and chunky leather accessories. And I’m reminded time and again that sticking to this formula is what works best for me. When I veer too far away from my signature style—trying buttoned-up looks or an edgy catwalk vibe—I never feel as confident as I would if I had stuck to it.

Here’s why: My look is anchored in my birth chart—and you can find yours too!  Each birth chart actually contains three clues to creating a look that reflects the most authentic you: your sun sign (self-expression), your rising sign (the image you present to the world), and your Venus sign (beauty, taste, and aesthetics). 
In my case, Rock ‘n’ Roll Yogi totally speaks to these placements in my chart: my Aries sun and Sag rising being the rock ‘n’ roll part, while my Venus in Pisces means I’m attracted to clothes that make it easy for me to drop to the floor and sit cross-legged at any given moment. For example, my absolute favorite item in my wardrobe currently is a pair of flowy black silk harem pants by a label called Sea New York—which I’ll wear with a fitted biker jacket and wedge-heeled sneakers. Yogi. Check. Rock ‘n’ roll. Check. Confidence? Check, check, check!
Here’s a fun exercise to assist you in creating a similarly cosmic catchphrase to tap you into your personal style.
1. Create A Mood Board. Referring to your own birth chart, note down some words associated with your sun sign, and find a phrase that speaks to the general “mood” these words inspire. For me, Aries means adjectives like “thrill-seeking,” “passionate,” and “adventurous”—which can all be grouped under the general heading of “rock ‘n’ roll.” Want more? Add in the adjectives of your rising sign as well.
2. Find Your Venus. Now, in your calculated birth chart, figure out which sign Venus lives in for you. Then, take a look at the chart below, which suggests a few fashion adjectives for each Venus placement (the sign where Venus is in your calculated birth chart). Combined with your sun sign mood, you have your signature look!
Venus in Aries: daring, athletic, trend-setting
Venus in Taurus: artistic, sensuous, luxurious
Venus in Gemini: original, versatile, colorful
Venus in Cancer: comfortable, nostalgic, conservative
Venus in Leo: playful, in-your-face, artistic
Venus in Virgo: meticulous, detail-oriented, clean
Venus in Libra: refined, graceful, harmonious
Venus in Scorpio: mysterious, intense, uncompromising
Venus in Sagittarius: ethical, global, adventurous
Venus in Capricorn: practical, structured, traditional
Venus in Aquarius: individual, experimental, unique
Venus in Pisces: dreamy, imaginative, flowing
3. Play Stylist. With your look in mind, open your closet door and pull out the items that best represent these adjectives. Have fun with it! There’s no way you can go wrong and chances are, with a little help from the stars, you’ll come up with some style combinations you never could have imagined!

Illustration of Audrey Hepburn (a Taurus!) by Mary Valkosky.

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