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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Magical

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Magical

By Ellen Ricks

On June 3, 2020

In Home, Style

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Magical

Magic is all around us, so why wouldn’t we add some to our home and garden—our most sacred spaces. However, creating a “witchy” home is more than just keeping your Halloween decorations up all year long. It’s about creating a space filled with intention, hope, and things unique to your spiritual needs.

If you want to add a dash of magic to your home and garden, follow these tips.    

Decorate Your Walls With Flowers 

Everyone loves getting flowers but hate seeing them them die—but what if we could preserve them? With this little witchy tip, you can! Just wrap your bouquet up with twine and hang them upside down. This will dry out the flowers without wilting and losing their shape. It also makes for a very cool wall decoration. If you want to get flowers with a little magical correspondence, try these:  

      • Daffodil: luck 
      • Daisy: innocence 
      • Gardenia: healing 
      • Hyacinth: love & happiness  
      • Jasmine: feminine energy & meditation 
      • Lilac: banishing negative energy &protection  
      • Pansy: communication 
      • Poppy: fertility & sleep 
      • Rose: psychic ability 
      • Sunflower: health & success  
      • Tulip: prosperity & abundance 
      • Violet:  harmony  

Use Lavender Water For Protection  

If you’re ready to open your windows again after this cold winter, spray your curtains with lavender water first. When the wind blows, it sends protection and peace into your home—plus it smells great!

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Use Tarot Cards For Art  

If you’re anything like me, you lust after the best Tarot decks and buy way more than you could ever possibly use. Or maybe you bought a tarot deck that you don’t like working with? Don’t waste those cards, make them into art instead! Frame and hang up some of your favorite Tarot cards—especially ones that capture the energy you want to attract into your home. For example, hang the “The Sun” card for happiness. A Tarot reading is easy enough to get (and sometimes free!), but when you set up those cards front and center, magic can happen.

You can also get really crafty and use your Tarot cards to create a vision board of all the things you want to attract in your life. Whatever you do with them, it’s sure to be a witchy conversation starter.  

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Use Your Element Sign As a Color Scheme 

We use elements to determine compatible romantic matches, can’t we do the same for compatible color schemes? Looking to paint and redecorate your place, but can’t decide on a color palette? Your star sun could help you decide. Each sun sign is ruled by one of the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Each of these elements has their own colors that correspond with them. By decorating your home in your elements, you become more contented to both your sign and your element. 

      • Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): light blues, white, yellow, and gray 
      • Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) greens and browns  
      • Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): reds and oranges 
      • Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): deep blues and green.  


If you want to bring your zodiac sign into your home, add your zodiac’s symbol into your decorating. For example, if you’re a Leo, frame a some Leo constellation art on your wall, get some Leo wine glasses, or put a lion pillow on your couch.

Keep A Small Garden In Your Kitchen 

Do you love fresh herbs but don’t have the space or the means to grow themselves yourself? Luckily, some herbs can be easily grown indoors, right in your very own kitchen window. These herbs can be used for spells, or just have magical property to them. Here are some easy-to-grow herbs:  

      • Chives: courage 
      • Mint: peace 
      • Parsley: wisdom  
      • Basil: keeps your space safe and free of negative energy  
      • Aloe Vera: brings good luck and soothe burns

Remember, the best time to plant is when the moon is in Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces, that will give it the best chance at successful growth.  

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Create a Fairy Garden  

A fairy garden can be a fun craft project and a beautiful addition your home. A fairy garden is a small, decorative miniature garden made up of plants, rocks, crystals, and little furniture or charms, used to attract fairies or “fae” into your home. It can also be used for a small altar or just a great-looking decorative piece to add to your home.

You can create your own fairy garden in a terrarium, a small garden pot, or even a mason jar! (I used a decorated birdcage.)

Here are some basic supplies you’ll need to to get started:  

    • Fake or fresh moss or dirt (if you are planting things) 
    • Plants (succulents, herbs, or small flowers are popular options)  
    • Rocks or crystals (some popular ones for gardens are: moonstone, moss agate, green aventurine, citrine, and tiger’s eyes)  
    • Trinkets such as magical charms, miniature fairy or unicorn statuettes, and fairy houses. (These usually can be found at the dollar store.)  


Unleash your creativity and truly make this fairy garden your own. This is a great craft project to do with kids, at fairy school, or even just a fun activity to do with your friends.  

Enjoy your magical home!  

Lead photo courtesy of Twenty20

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12 Light and Bright Cocktails to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

12 Light and Bright Cocktails to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

By Amanda Lauren

On June 14, 2019

In Astrology, Style, Summer solstice

12 Light and Bright Cocktails to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Is it even summer without a floral, fruity, or spritz cocktail to enjoy? Get ready, because June 21 marks the summer solstice—the one day a year where the sun hits the Earth an extra long time. This is the day when one of the Earth’s poles reaches the maximum tilt towards the sun. It’s the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, meaning the sunset occurs later in the evening.

After this, summer season officially begins! If that weren’t reason enough to celebrate, this year the solstice falls on a Friday. So, say cheers to the end of the workweek, the arrival of a new season, and a day absolutely abundant with sunshine! Here are eleven cocktails perfect for the occasion.

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Summer Solstice Sparkling Chamomile Sangria

Natalie Jacob of Arsenic Lace creates a cocktail that strikes the perfect balance with calming chamomile and peppy prosecco. It tastes as sweet as a summer’s day.

chamomile sangria

Courtesy of @arseniclace


  • 1 bottle Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G
  • 2 cups chamomile tea
  • 3/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup gin
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup elderflower liqueur
  • Lemon wheels
  • Strawberries


First, bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a saucepan. Add 2 chamomile tea bags and let steep 5 minutes. Remove bags and discard. While tea is still hot add your 1/2 cup of sugar and stir until fully dissolved.

Next, cut up the fruit and then add it to your pitcher or large serving vessel. Pour tea, lemon juice, gin, and elderflower liqueur into the vessel and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours. The longer you let the fruit steep the better!

Just before serving your Sparkling Chamomile Sangria, add ice and finally top with a bottle of Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. To make a boozier sangria I suggest using 2 bottles instead.

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Lime Balm Cocktail

Influencer Adaleta Avdić shares one of her favorite summer treats—a cocktail that’s both tasty and healthy. Did you know tequila has a naturally occurring prebiotic, which is a food source for the healthy bacteria that populate the gut? This drink is also 100% gluten and guilt free!

lime cocktail

Courtesy of Twenty20


  • Sparkling water
  • Squeeze of organic blue agave sweetener
  • Squeeze of lime juice
  • 2 shots El Padrino tequila
  • Ice



Place 4-5 ice cubes in the crystal whiskey glass. Drop 2 full shots of tequila into the ice, a squeeze of agave, squeeze a little lime juice into the mix, and then fill the rest of the glass with the sparkling water. Stir everything together. Cut a piece of the lime as a garnish, and then drop a few leaves of the lemon balm plant into the drink. Add 1-2 more ice cubes.

Dirty Banana

What says summer more than a frozen drink? We love this one from The Weekend Mixologist because it’s easy to make and delightfully creamy. A Dirty Banana is basically like drinking dessert!


  • 1½ oz White Rum
  • 1 oz Banana Liqueur
  • 1 oz Coffee Liqueur
  • 2 oz Half and Half
  • 1 Whole Banana



Add all ingredients into a blender and then add 1 large scoop of crushed ice. Blend until smooth and pour into a highball. Garnish with banana.

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Jalisco Sunrise

Summer solstice is the perfect day to celebrate until sunrise. So, why not enjoy a spicier take on the classic cocktail created by Sipping With Stella?


Courtesy of Sipping With Stella


  • 2 oz YaVeTequila Jalapeño Reposado
  • 1/2 oz Campari
  • 1/2 oz Velvet Falernum
  • 1 oz fresh tangerine juice (approx 1 small tangerine)
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice – 1/2 oz for rimming, 1/2 oz for drink (approx 1 lime)
  • 5 jalapeño pepper slices (seeds removed) – 2 for muddling, 3 for garnish
  • 1 tbsp Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Seasoning Blend for rimming



Squeeze & pour 1/2 oz or 1 tbsp fresh lime juice (or a little more if you need it) on one small plate and tip lip of highball glass at 45-degree angle. Rotate the glass through juice to wet approx 1/4”-1/2” of the outside of rim. Pour 1 tbsp of chili lime seasoning blend on other plate and coat top of outer rim in the same fashion. Tap the glass with your hand over your plate or sink to get rid of any excess seasoning.

Muddle 2 slices of jalapeño pepper in 1/2 oz of fresh lime juice for about 15 seconds in shaker. Add tequila, Campari, Velvet Falernum, and freshly squeezed tangerine juice to shaker & fill with ice. Shake until frosty, double strain into highball glass filled three-quarters of the way with ice, and garnish with 3 jalapeño slices.

Our/Los Angeles Vodka Kombucha Spritz

There’s nothing more summer solstice apropos than a cocktail that has refreshing kombucha. Easy to make, it’s a sensible spritz that isn’t too dehydrating. While you can choose your favorite flavor, may we suggest mango, guava or watermelon?

LA kombucha


  • 2 oz Our/Los Angeles Vodka
  • 1/4 oz lemon juice
  • 1/4 oz simple syrup
  • Splash of your favorite kombucha
  • Edible flower



In a mixing shaker add Our/Los Angeles vodka, lemon juice and simple syrup. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and top off with cold kombucha. Garnish with an edible flower. Enjoy!

The Blueberry Gin Solstice

Named for the celebration, this cocktail was created by The Bitter Fairy. It uses blueberries, which are more than pretty and tasty, they’re also perfectly in season.

View this post on Instagram

I had a lot of blueberries and some pretty flowers and so this happened.⁣ ⁣ Solstice⁣ ⁣ 2 oz @hendricksgin Hendricks Midsummer Solstice gin⁣ 1/2 oz Cappelletti aperitivo⁣ 1/2 oz Luxardo Bitter Bianco⁣ 1/2 cup blueberries, muddled⁣ Elderflower tonic to top⁣ Blueberries, Campanula, and mint garnish⁣ ⁣ #drinkstagram ⁣#cocktail #imbibegram #mixology #happyhour #instadrink #cocktailhour #cocktails #bartender #bartenders #mixologist #drinking #drinkporn #cheers #drinkpic #drinkoftheday #cocktailoftheday⁣ #drinks #drinkup #cocktailrecipes #elderflower #gin #ginstagram #ginandtonic #cocktailsofinstagram #craftcocktails #cocktailtime #coctel #cocktailphotography

A post shared by Paula Garner (@thebitterfairy) on


  • 2 oz Hendricks Midsummer Solstice gin⁣
  • 1/2 oz Cappelletti aperitivo⁣
  • 1/2 oz Luxardo Bitter Bianco⁣
  • 1/2 cup blueberries, muddled⁣
  • Elderflower tonic to top⁣
  • Blueberries, Campanula, and mint garnish⁣



Combine ingredients and serve!

Mango Sunrise Pina Colada

No blender? No problem! This cocktail combines classic pina colada flavors and mango for a yummy treat on the rocks.

pineapple cocktail

Courtesy of @coctailrecipes


  • 2 oz coconut rum
  • 2 oz mango juice
  • 2 oz pineapple juice
  • 1 tablespoon coconut cream
  • 1 tablespoon grenadine
  • Pineapple slice garnish



Add juices, cream, and grenadine in a shaker. Shake to mix. Add in the coconut rum, shake, and garnish with a pineapple slice.

Summer Solstice Sparkling Sangria

This inspired drink from The Sweetest Occasion is served in a pitcher. So, it’s just right for a party. Luckily, this fresh, fruity recipe serves 12!

summer sangria

Courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion


  • 1 cup mango, fresh
  • 1 cup raspberries, fresh
  • 3 cups ginger ale
  • 1 cup raspberry vodka
  • 1 bottle sauvignon blanc wine



Add raspberries and mango chunks to a large pitcher. Pour in the wine and vodka, then stir well. Refrigerate for 2 – 3 hours, or longer. Just before serving, top off with ginger ale then stir gently again.

Blood Orange Mezcal-Rita

Mezcal is smoky like the sun setting in the solstice sky. It’s easy to sip on this citrusy drink created by Sara Lehman of Somm In The City.

View this post on Instagram

Up on the blog! A @limoneiraco Blood Orange Mezcal-Rita + 5 tips to using your specialty citrus! #Mezcal @tequilaalacran #BloodOranges @limoneiraco #Cocktail by #SommInTheCity #FridayFeels #Weekend #LinkInBio #SommProblems #CocktailPorn #Fresh #Juice #Drinks #DrinkPorn #FreshJuiceCocktails #California #Mixology #Blogger #RecipeDevelopment #CocktailBlogger

A post shared by Somm In The City ™️ (@somminthecity) on


  • 1 Limoneira blood orange
  • 3.5 oz Alacrán Mezcal
  • 1.5oz lime juice
  • TT salt (for rim if desired)
  • Dried orange slice (for garnish)



In a shaker, juice the blood orange completely. Next, measure out your mezcal and lime juice. The blood orange juice is sweet enough, you do not need simple syrup, however if you feel you do, add in some agave. Add ice to the shaker and shake well. Pour into a cocktail glass, garnish with a dried orange, and enjoy!

Loose Skrew

This cocktail is like a summer solstice sunset with lots of different colors. The dark shades come from Skrewball, which is a delicious peanut butter whiskey. The light colors come from the fruit juices and coconut cream. If you thought a pina colada couldn’t get better, cheers to this cocktail proving you wrong!

screwball cocktail

Courtesy of Screwball


  • 1.5 oz Skrewball
  • 1/2 oz coconut rum
  • 1/2 oz orange juice
  • 1/2 oz pineapple juice
  • 1/4 oz lime juice
  • 1/2 oz coconut cream



Mix together and garnish with nutmeg and pineapple leaf!

Classy Vodka Martini

Influencer Elizabeth Deo knows that you can’t go wrong with a reinvented version of an old school cocktail. It’s a little sour, a little sweet and entirely delicious.


  • 2 oz Absolut Elyx
  • 1/2 oz elderflower liquor
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup
  • Garnish with a lemon twist


Shake or stir ingredients together, and don’t forget the garnish!

Summer Watermelon Ginger Spritzer

This deliciously refreshing cocktail was created by Mike Prasad specifically for the summer solstice. Serve this drink in a long glass to commemorate the longest day of the year. It’s also fun to share with friends. Just multiply the ingredient portions and serve in a punch bowl with ice!

summer watermelon drink

Courtesy of Mike Prasad


  • 1 oz lime juice (1–2 limes)
  • 1 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
  • 1 oz rum (white/silver/light)
  • 4 oz watermelon juice
  • 2 oz ginger ale



Add lime juice, St. Germain, rum, and watermelon juice in a shaker with a single large piece of ice or only 2-3 smaller pieces of ice (to minimize dilution). Shake briefly. Pour into a tall glass over ice.Top with ginger ale and serve.

Lead photo designed by

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10 Hot Summer Dresses for Fire Signs—Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

10 Hot Summer Dresses for Fire Signs—Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

By Amanda Lauren

On May 25, 2019

In Astrology, Horoscope, Style

10 Hot Summer Dresses for Fire Signs—Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Much like the element itself, fire signs make their presence known. They’re impossible to miss, but it’s not because they’re actively seeking your attention. In fact, fire signs tend to be independent and unique individuals, who just effortlessly steal the show.

They’re the life of the party, which is a quality very much reflected in their sense of style. If you see someone in a really interesting outfit, there is a good chance that person is a fire sign. In general, they’re passionate trendsetters drawn to rich colors and bold patterns. Here are 10 dresses to get fired up about this summer.

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Indah Clothing Tahani Mini Dress

Indah tahini dress

Courtesy of Swirl Boutique

Indah Clothing Tahani Mini Dress, $136

This short lavender dress is really like nothing else. Fire signs will start finding new places to wear it all of the time.

UO Fireworks Floral Tie-Back Ruffle Midi Dress

urban outfitters fireworks floral

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

UO Fireworks Floral Tie-Back Ruffle Midi Dress, $79

There’s nothing more fire sign friendly than a flowing red dress. Especially with an open back like this one has.

Calvin Klein Seamed Off the Shoulder Dress

Calvin Klein shoulder dress

Courtesy of Amazon

Calvin Klein Seamed Off the Shoulder Dress, $24

Fire signs don’t mess around and neither does this hot white party dress. Prepare for heads to turn.

Eliacher Women’s Deep V Neck Summer Party Dress with Pocket

Eliacher dress

Courtesy of Amazon

Eliacher Women’s Deep V Neck Summer Party Dress with Pocket, $30

Fire signs aren’t afraid to wear dark colors even during the hotter months. This rust dress is sexy and smart (it has adjustable straps).

RACHEL Rachel Roy Elana Lace Dress

Rachel Roy elana dress

Courtesy of RACHEL Rachel Roy

RACHEL Rachel Roy Elana Lace Dress, $139

Taking risks comes naturally to fire signs—so hello sexy cutouts!

Speechless Women’s Short Sleeve Wrap Dress

speechless womens short dress

Courtesy of Amazon

Speechless Women’s Short Sleeve Wrap Dress, $33

Deeper yellows are one of fire’s best colors. This dress is casual and cool.

Athleta Santorini High Neck Solid Dress

Santorini dress

Courtesy of Athleta

Athleta Santorini High Neck Solid Dress, $89

In the perfect shade of hibiscus, this dress is on fire! It’s also a really versatile piece.

AE Ruffled Hawaiian Tube Top and Hi-Low Maxi Skirt

aerie skirt

Courtesy of Aerie

AE Ruffled Hawaiian Tube Top, $25 and Hi-Low Maxi Skirt, $45

Fire signs love to break the rules and set trends. This two-piece top and maxi skirt set is just as good as any dress, if not better. It’s style on fire!

Outdoor Voices The Exercise Dress

exercise dress

Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices The Exercise Dress, $100

Barre class in a dress on purpose? It’s just another day in the life of a fire sign. They’re always looking for the newest thing.

BAN.DO X NOOWORKS Overall Dress dress

Courtesy of

BAN.DO X NOOWORKS Overall Dress, $128

This overall dress embodies everything that fire signs are about. It’s fun and playful.

Lead photo designed by

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11 Perfect Summer Dresses for Air Signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

11 Perfect Summer Dresses for Air Signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

By Amanda Lauren

On May 13, 2019

In Astrology, Horoscope, Style

11 Perfect Summer Dresses for Air Signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Fashion for air signs is at its prime during the summer. After all, it’s the season for sheer, light fabrics that quite literally let air flow through. Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will be attracted to the boho chic looks that are very much on trend for the summer.

In particular, signs under this element are drawn to white, blue, yellow, and grey colors. However, that doesn’t mean they should limit their wardrobes to those specifically. After all, air signs are adventurous, romantic, and fun, which makes fashion an ideal way to express themselves—as long as what they’re wearing meets their ever-high standards. Here are eleven dresses air signs will love.

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Aerie Lace Trim Maxi Dress  

american eagle lace trim maxi dress

Courtesy of Aerie

Aerie Lace Trim Maxi Dress, $69.95

With a bright white color, this is pretty much the dress equivalent of air.  The flowing design makes air signs feel extra comfortable and free.

Free People My Long Time Love Maxi Dress

free people my long time love maxi dress

Courtesy of Free People

Free People My Long Time Love Maxi Dress, $118

Air signs will appreciate the balance and structure on the top of the dress and the free flowing nature of the bottom. The lavender color is sweet and dreamy.

Feager Women’s Casual Striped Criss Cross Mini Dress

amazon t-shirt dress eager

Courtesy of Amazon

Feager Women’s Casual Striped Cross Cross Mini Dress, $9.99

Wearing a machine washable, classic casual dress is a no-brainer for logical air signs.

Pretty Plum Sugar Iveth Dress

plum pretty sugar Ivan dress

Courtesy of Plum Pretty Sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar Iveth Dress, $65

This little dress is everything that embodies an air sign. It’s fun, flirty and just short enough to be a little adventurous.

Draper James Floral V-Neck Button Front Dress

Draper James floral button front dress

Courtesy of Draper James

Draper James Floral V-Neck Button Front Dress, $135

Air signs while dreamy are also quite logical. Because this versatile dress can be worn to brunch or to the office, it will become a summer wardrobe staple.

Urban Outfitters Darcie Mixed Print Cross-Back Midi Dress

free people maxi dress Darcie

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Darcie Mixed Print Cross-Back Midi Dress, $79 

There’s nothing that feels more like an airy summer breeze than this midi dress.

BooHoo Pom Pom Double Layer Sundress  

boohoo Pom Pom double layer sundress

Courtesy of BooHoo

BooHoo Pom Pom Double Layer Sundress, $12

Air signs are known for being fun. This pink dress accented with pom poms brings that side out of them big time!

Lilly Pulitzer Jan Peplum Top and Skirt Set

lily pulitzer jan peplum top and skirt

Courtesy of Lily Pulitzer

Lily Pulitzer Jan Peplum Top and Skirt Set, $198

One trait of air signs is that they are flexible just like this two-piece outfit. It’s a dress, top, skirt—just mix and match!

Trina Trina Turk Women’s Vinet Split Tie Sleeve Dress

trina Trina Turk vinet split dress

Courtesy of Trina Trina Turk

Trina Trina Turk Women’s Vinet Split Tie Sleeve Dress, $128

What’s more festive than a flower print that pops against a pretty pink? This dress is truly a breath of fresh air.

Amuse Society Frill Seeker Maxi Dress

amuse society frill seeker maxi

Courtesy of Amuse Society

Amuse Society Frill Seeker Maxi Dress, $88

Air signs are attracted to the color yellow perhaps because of its proximity to sunshine and association with joy. The maxi design and ruffles are very much on trend for the upcoming season.

Aidan by Aidan Mattox Women’s Halter Cut Out Gown

Aidan by Aidan halter cut gown

Courtesy of Aidan by Aidan

Aidan by Aidan Mattox Women’s Halter Cut Out Gown, $385

Water signs will appreciate the quality and structure of this formal dress. Ever the romantics, they’ll be thrilled to wear this to weddings and other formal celebrations.

Lead photo designed by

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Discover the Best Lipstick for Your Zodiac Sign

Discover the Best Lipstick for Your Zodiac Sign


On July 31, 2018

In Style

Discover the Best Lipstick for Your Zodiac Sign

Which star sign is suited to a rich matte finish and which should stick to shimmering satin? Who can carry a bold pop of color and who’s better with sheer touches, light as a feather? Read through to find your perfect lipstick match based on your Zodiac sign.

Understand the past, present, and future in one reading!


Bold, brave, the first sign in the astrological cycle, Aries can be too hot to handle with an impulsive, daring streak. She loves to embrace all that’s new—including the freshest trends—however her fiery passions can quickly cool. A fuss free member of the Zodiac she’s a fan of long-lasting color with no time wasted on reapplication; a classic red failsafe may win her heart but often this tomboy goes au naturale.

Celebrities: Lady Gaga, Kourtney Kardashian, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson.


Taurus has the prettiest lips in the zodiac. The darling buds of May, this sign has a pout that’s complimented by the most feminine tones —from a girlish dusty pink blush to the hottest fuchsia. Yet the Bull is no pushover, and will want a solid pigment (and strong liner) to emphasize this, their best feature.

Celebrities: Gigi Hadid, Adele, Amber Heard, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Penelope Crus, Kirsten Dunst and Cate Blanchett.

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The witty communicator extraordinaire of the zodiac, chatty Gemini draws plenty attention with what comes out of her mouth! Though nothing extra’s needed to turn heads, she can embrace a fresh, sheer gloss with a light touch of shimmer. This sign has a youthful spark and bright-eyed appeal, so should avoid the heavy, aging effect of a dark lip.

Celebrities: Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, Amy Schumer, Angelina Jolie, the Olsen twins, Brooke Shields and Natalie Portman.


Ruled by the moon, Cancer is an inherently feminine zodiac sign, with notoriously luminous skin. They can enhance their naturally pearlescent glow with gentle coral, pinks and peach, with high shine or a satin finish. The mother hen of the zodiac, Cancer’s are picture perfect in reliable, traditional finishes, however they’re also one of the rebellious, moody signs, so can surprise friends with a daring look!

Celebrities: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Khloe Kardashain, Solange Knowles, Lindsay Lohan, Liv Tyler, Jessica Simpson, Gisele and Diane Kruger.

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Astrology’s lioness is the second-born of the fire element—the three zodiac signs that most easily sport a bold pop of color (the last being Sagittarius). Leo is dramatic, creative and at ease in the spotlight, and therefore can make a dazzling impression with a show stopping look. Blood orange, vibrant and royal reds are just some examples that work well on this sign of summer.

Celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lavato, Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna and Kelis.


Known for their earnest beauty, Virgo are the angelic, purists of the Zodiac, and often need only a hint of product to enhance their natural look. Earthy colors like plums, berry’s and tans,  can compliment their fresh, refined appearance. Neat, tidy and clean looking, they should avoid ostentatious and overt finishes, such as thick gloss or glitter.

Celebrities: Zendeya, Blake Lively, Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Evan Rachel Wood, Pippa Middleton, Cameron Diaz.


Beauty conscious Libra is the aesthetician of the zodiac, and will work her way around every option and offering at the beauty counter. Venus-ruled, the most pleasing statement will win out; this sign strives towards clean, understated appearances and a pleasant, balanced look—nothing too extreme. Attuned to what looks good, nude is a particular favorite.

Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dita Von Teese and Kate Winslet.

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Mysterious, magnetic watery Scorpio likes to play her cards close to her chest, and will never reveal her secret weapon—a stunning berry lip stain. This sign wears subtle, smokey beauty styles better than any sign in the Zodiac, and is the master of transformation—the Pheonix. Crimson, maroon and oxblood are also mesmerizing on this seductive sign.

Celebrities: Kendall Jenner, Willow Smith, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Katie Perry, Demi Moore, Lisa Bonet and Chloe Sevigny.


Adventurous Sagittarius likes to broach new frontiers, and will embrace a rainbow palette, experimenting with color in playful ways. This sign can pull off a solid pigment like violet, brick red or blue, creating a cartoonish look. Ruled by over-the-top Jupiter, this is the sign of the Zodiac most at ease with exaggerated beauty styles.

Celebrities: Hailey Baldwin, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson, Britney Spears and Amanda Seyfried.

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At home in the practical, earthly realms as well as more magical planes, Capricorn the Sea Goat is an enigma with a beauty style to match. Classic, conservative and edgy, you’ll notice that this sign can adopt a super natural nude, captivating onlookers. An understated matte lip gives more time and space to appreciate their incredible bone structure!

Celebrities: Kate Moss, Michelle Obama, Naya Rivera, FKA Twigs, Zooey Deschanel and Vanessa Paradis.


The sign that dares to be different, Aquarius has a totally unique approach to beauty and they’ll push the boundaries in whatever direction they choose. A rebel at heart, they’ll dare to try a zany new color and totally pull it off. Forward thinking trends light them up, so metallic finishes and unusual effects will appeal; color changing lipstick is ideal for this revolutionary sign. She’s also happy to go bare faced, going against the grain whenever possible.

Celebrities: Chloë Moretz, Alicia Keyes, Paris Hilton, Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Shakira

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Of all the water signs, Pisces is the most dreamy, artistic and soulful. Governed by the planet Neptune, this is the zodiac’s chameleon, and as such she can use ultimate creativity in her look. From multidimensional, to high shine, glossy, shimmering finishes are all suitable for the fish, the mermaid, the enigmatic sea siren.

Celebrities: Rihanna, Kesha, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria.—By Kimberly Peta Dewhirst

Born and raised in England, I currently live with my husband in Hong Kong where I’m a practicing astrologer and horoscope writer. I’m the founder of Star Sign Style, an online magazine reporting on fashion and beauty through the lens of the zodiac, and a resident astrologer for StyleCaster and YouCam Apps.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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Attract More $$$ With This Simple Ritual

Attract More $$$ With This Simple Ritual

By Ruby Warrington

On May 5, 2018

In Style

Attract More $$$ With This Simple Ritual

A Taurus new moon mid-month may play into how your sign handles finances. Here, a smart way to attract even more cash this month. Originally published April, 2017. 

Several years ago, I found myself scouring Shopstyle in search of the perfect wallet. This “perfect wallet” was different than ones I would have looked for in the past: I was looking for one that was red, gold, or green, three colors that would make my wallet a money magnet. I had learned about this theory from my friend Gala Darling, and as an entrepreneur living in expensive NYC, I felt I needed to give it a go.

It took another year or so for me to find a red wallet that also fit my personal style—one by Philip Lim that was even embossed with a subtle dollar sign. Flawless! Whether it’s played any role in my never missing a rent check for the past few years, I can’t really say. But what I do know is that a recent Skype meeting with a woman known as The Modern Money Witch (a.k.a. Lara-Rose Duong) took the concept of using your wallet to actively attract cash to a whole new level.

According to Lara-Rose, love is money. It’s the grown-up symbol for the nurturing (food, shelter, hugs) we receive as love when we’re babies.

Step one in Lara-Rose’s system for receiving more money in your life is to create an actual abundance altar in your wallet. Fun!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an altar in your wallet:

1. Take everything out of your wallet and smudge it with smoke from white sage or Palo Santo incense sticks. 

2. Hold your empty wallet with both hands and set an intention. Something like: “I am open to receiving abundance so that I may share it with the world,” works. Say it as you hold your wallet.

3. Choose an “altar” in your wallet—it can be an individual pocket or an entire section.

4. Place items in your wallet altar. Some classic things to include: an image of Lakshmi, or other abundance icon (I chose a card of prosperity Goddess Abundantia); a piece of citrine, a silver dollar, or an abundance spell, sealed with a pentagon sign. And feel free to choose items that feel meaningful to you, too.

5. Also include a paper money offering to your abundance icon. This bill is not to be spent, but can be refreshed annually on a date that resonates with you (like the Spring or Fall Equinox, Beltane, or your birthday).

6. Toss our old receipts, business cards, etc., and return only the items you absolutely need to your wallet. Commit to regularly clearing out any unneeded items to keep energetic pathways of abundance clear.

Illustration by Siolo Thompson. 

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The Crystal-Based Beauty Product Your Sign Needs

The Crystal-Based Beauty Product Your Sign Needs


On March 26, 2018

In Date, Future, Style

The Crystal-Based Beauty Product Your Sign Needs

Have you ever wondered why your body is always dry or that mystery cause of your frequent breakouts? It could be your zodiac sign. It turns out that every sign has it’s own unique set of skincare challenges. Once you understand what those are, it’s easy to find a solution.Writer Amanda Lauren asked Michelle Prentiss, a second generation astrologer and intuitive healer about the skincare issues specific to each sign and how they can be addressed with a variety of crystal infused products. Crystals can be a key skincare ingredient according to Michelle, who explained, “Crystals have physical and energy properties to benefit overall wellness. Vedic astrology includes precious gems to balance planetary energies in the chart.”

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If there is a zodiac sign prone to acne—it is Aries. Prentiss told me they can have oily skin and need both “cooling and harmonizing elements.” First of all, it’s important to make sure oily skin is properly cleansed. Nazan Schnapp’s Detoxing Cleanser Aquamarine Daily Exfoliator not only cleanses, but also purifies. After cleansing, be sure to apply Lilfox’s Mystic Awakening Rosemary Skin Toner Mist With Amethyst Infusion. The antimicrobial mist cools and balances for a fresh glow.

Some signs have problems with particular areas of the skin. For example, Taurus’ can have issues with the eyes, ears, nose and throat. Prentiss told me, “They may have dry skin and need to improve circulation, which means moving energy with the body.” A jade facial roller is a great way to instantly improve circulation and harness the healing power of that crystal.

Jade Facial Roller, $8 

A product such as Shiva Rose’s Blue Crystal Eye Cream is perfect to restore dry under-eye areas. Containing azurite, hyaluronic acid and calendula, it moisturizes and calms the under-eye area. Keep the jar in your refrigerator for an extra kick.

Prentiss says, “Gemini have super sensitive nervous systems and can get breakouts. They can have ungrounded energy so you want something grounding, holistic and cooling.” After cleansing, Gemini should refresh with Gemstone Organics’ moonstone face cream. This product balances out acne-prone skin, especially if it is the result of hormonal issues. Another great product for Gemini is Herbivore Botanicals’ gemstone mask, which contains calming and healing tourmaline. 

Herbivore Brighten Instant Glow Mask, $48 

Prentiss says that Cancers tend to have sensitive skin, so they need both calming and balancing elements. She also noted it’s important for Cancers to pay attention to the décolletage area—so don’t skip applying products to the neck and chest. A After rising, spray Olivine Atelier’s Love Roses Beauty Mist. This rose quartz essence infusion can be used every day.

Olivine Atelier Lose and Roses Mist, $32

Leos can be very fiery and dynamic, so Prentiss suggests using airy products to “break up the fire.”  She also noted, “Anything sparkly can make them feel like a rock star (literally).”Roxx Polish’s Clear Quartz Infused Bubble Gum Sugar Lip Scrub exfoliates rough, flaky Leo lips.

Roxx Polish Clear Quartz Balm, $7 

Unlike most of the other zodiac signs, Virgos are lucky because they tend not to have a lot of skincare problems. But, they are prone to digestive issues. A product such as The Ritual’s Moondust Detox Mask contains several ingredients to benefit this sign including moonstone, activated charcoal and amethyst. Prentiss revealed that Virgos need to take time to slow down, making applying a facial mask and letting it sit, a true act of self-careWhether it is in the shower or bath, Virgos can benefit both physically and spiritually from a moonstone infused product such as Crystal Bar’s Moon Child soap.

Crystal Bar Moon Child Soap, $8 

Prentiss told me that while Libras aren’t very prone to skincare issues, they can develop kidney issues, so it is important to use products that detoxify. Bright crystals, such as carnelian are ideal for this sign. Libras will love Luna Noel’s Desert Earth Mood perfume, which is infused with the stone.

Scorpios can have issues with eliminating and re-generating, so it’s important for them to exfoliate. Herbivore Botanicals’ Brighten Instant Glow Mask does this gently with micronized Brazilian Tourmaline. To nourish that fresh skin, Sjal’s Saphir Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil is a must. Infused with Himalayan blue sapphires and aquamarine energy, it hydrates and renews the face.

Sjal Saphir Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil, $175

Sagittarius can be a very athletic sign. Prentiss says they can need help with sweating issues and to keep their energy moving. Pacifica Beauty’s Crystal Power Hydro Mist, which is formulated with rose quartz is perfect for a quick post-workout cool off. 

Pacficia Beauty Crystal Power Hydro Mist, $28

Capricorn Skin sensitivity is a problem for Capricorns. Prentiss explained they can develop conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. They also suffer from dryness. Prentiss says that heart-centered crystals such as rose quartz are ideal. Pacifica Beauty’s Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion fits the bill perfectly because it not only contains rose quartz, it’s truly moisturizing for the entire body.

Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion, $25 

If you are an Aquarius, Prentiss suggests looking for balancing products that contain topaz. Glossier’s Haloscope, which is infused with the stone, is tailor-made for the sign.

Glossier Haloscope, $22 

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 
According to Prentiss, Pieces’ can have issues with their feet in particular. A tool such as the Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals will get the job done.

Amope Pedi Perfect Rollers with Diamond Crystals, $18 

Written by Amanda Lauren.

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Because the Best Things in Life Are Free: A No-Cost Gift Strategy for Every Sign In Your Life

Because the Best Things in Life Are Free: A No-Cost Gift Strategy for Every Sign In Your Life

By Ruby Warrington

On December 13, 2017

In Aspect, Gift, Style

Because the Best Things in Life Are Free: A No-Cost Gift Strategy for Every Sign In Your Life

They say the best things in life are free … and at the holidays doesn’t that feel like anything but the truth? Beginning with the Black Friday stampedes, December quickly snowballs into a marathon of frenzied spending, as we stockpile gifts for family, friends, and workplace secret Santas. The list can feel never-ending, with credit card statements to match—and that’s before we’ve even factored in the self-gifting that tends to happen along the way.  

Enough already! If 2017 has shown us anything, it’s that what really counts is being there for each other. Read on for an alternative holiday gift guide, with ideas for gifts that cost practically nothing—but will show your friends they mean everything to you!

Want 2018 to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your 2018 horoscope!

A “compliment shower.” Aries loves to feel like the no.1 most important person in the room—not to mention be reminded how fab they are. Invite your Aries friend over to visit, and have them sit in a chair in the middle of the room while you shower them with compliments for at least 20 minutes.
A foot rub. The most tactile sign of the zodiac, Taurus loves physical contact and probably already has a massage therapist on speed-dial. Treat your Taurus friend like the Queen she is by having her soak her feet in warm water and bubbles, before anointing her tootsies with luscious scented lotion.

A comedy marathon. Gemini really, really, really loves to laugh, and so before your next get-together take some time to research a bunch of cheesy jokes to pepper your conversation with. When you have time for a longer hang, crack the popcorn and settle in for a night of Netflix comedy gold.

Homemade cookies. Soft-centered Cancer loves to be looked after, and nothing says “I care” like a plate of fresh-baked cookies. And since your sensitive Cancer friend is usually the one mothering everyone else, you can definitely expect to be repaid and then some for your heartfelt gesture.

A kitchen disco. Dance party! Two of every Leo’s very favorite words, and it doesn’t have to mean an expensive visit to the club. In fact, a disco moment in your kitchen can be even more fun as there are no shoes required and you also get to mix your own drinks. Shake it out and turn it loose!

Volunteering mission. Virtuous Virgo loves to be of service, and nothing feels better at the holidays than helping out at a soup kitchen or winter coat drive. Do your research about volunteering opportunities near you, get your Holiday cheer on, and recruit your Virgo friend for an afternoon of mutual giving.

Portrait painting session. Life must be beautiful for Libras, and this aesthetic sign has a natural artistic streak. And in an age of selfies and photo-shopped perfection, what better way for you and your Libra friend to appreciate each other’s natural born beauty than painting each other’s portraits

Tarot reading. The witchiest sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio loves everything esoteric and has an innate connection to the occult. As we round out the year, invite your Scorpio friend over for an amateur tarot reading—asking the cards to reveal what’s in store for 2018. The winter solstice of Dec 21would be the perfect date!

An adventure to a new part of town. Sagittarius loves to travel, but this doesn’t have to mean a trip to foreign shores. Your Sag friend will get equally excited at the prospect of a day spent checking out a new hood in your city, with a stop-off at a hip new ethnic restaurant to refuel. Don’t forget your camera!

Personal branding session. High-achieving Capricorn always has their eye on the next rung of the ladder, and their sights set firmly on world domination. Looking ahead to 2018, invite your Cap over for a friendly “end of year review,” helping identify ways they can play to their natural talents in the coming year.

Vision board session. With one foot already in the future, quirky Aquarius loves to look ahead—and the holidays are the perfect time to create a vision board for the coming year. Stock up on magazines and glue, and invite your Aquarius friend over to get creative with your visions for a truly abundant 2018.

A sentimental playlist. Music has a special place in the heart of every Pisces, and this sign loves happy and sad songs alike. Show your Pisces friend how much they mean to you with a specially curated playlist, designed to remind them of all the special times you’ve shared. The more loved-up the lyrics the better!  

Ruby Warrington is the founder of the modern spirituality site The Numinous; the co-founder of Moon Club, a monthly mentoring program; and the author of Material Girl, Mystical World.

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Why Your Life Needs a Crystal In It, Right Now

Why Your Life Needs a Crystal In It, Right Now


On November 10, 2017

In Aspect, Element, Style

Why Your Life Needs a Crystal In It, Right Now

Win 2018 with your premium horoscope! 

Whether you use crystals as part of your everyday life, are just beginning to explore them, or are curious to know why people make such a big deal about sparkly rocks, you have to agree: Crystals are everywhere. Interest in crystals have surged, in part because of one thing: They work. 

Want to add one to your own life, but don’t know where to start? Start at the crystal shop. Not knowing anything about crystals is the best place to begin looking for crystals. And while it can be helpful to know what properties certain crystals have—for example, citrine can help promote optimism, rose quartz can strengthen connection between others—just walking around a crystal shop and seeing what catches your eye, then reading about it’s powers can be illuminating. Often, the crystal chooses you, and the one that seems a little sparklier, a little more visually interesting, a little bit harder to put down—is exactly the crystal you need.

Crystals can help ground you, connect you, and give you a dose of confidence or ambition when you most need it. They work their magic in small, subtle ways, but trust us, they work. Here, Devi Brown, author of Crystal Bliss: Attract Love. Feed Your Spirit. Manifest Your Dreams shares what she knows about crystals—and why they’re worth adding to your own life.

How did you get into crystals?
Ever since I was a kid I was drawn to crystals for their beauty but it wasn’t until I started practicing meditation as an adult that I really got into them and began purposely using their energy. My first was a necklace made of Citrine gifted to me by a girlfriend. From the moment I put it on I felt an energetic shift which led to many years of studying them, using them and collecting them.

What’s the best way for a crystal newbie to start creating her own crystal collection? 
First think of what energy you want to shift or amplify in your life. Then as you browse crystals pay attention to which ones catch your eye more than others. Pick them up and feel them in your hands. Go with the ones that you feel a connection to and then look into their attributes. Some great starter crystals you can use to begin a collection are Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Aventurine.

Any tips for gifting a crystal?
When looking for a gift for someone else, use the same steps as above but imagine the kind of energy you’d like to gift to the person you are shopping for. What do you want to help them experience or manifest? Let your thoughts and desires for them guide you in your crystal selection.

Can crystals ever do anything negative, in your experience?
From what I know there are no “bad” crystals and it is not possible for them to be harmful to you. I always recommend that people cleanse and recharge their crystals often to be sure non are holding onto any negative energy it may have come in contact with.

What are some great crystals to work with now, in Scorpio season?
The sign of Scorpio has some very powerful stones that can resonate with their energy. Crystals like Black Onyx (grounding), Citrine (energizing), Malachite (leadership & loyalty), Topaz (calming and soothing).

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Your Sign’s Sexiest Scent for Fall

Your Sign’s Sexiest Scent for Fall

By Ruby Warrington

On October 24, 2017

In Aspect, Seduction, Style

Your Sign’s Sexiest Scent for Fall

An astrologer once explained to me how the different signs of the Zodiac were named to describe the “feeling tone” of each new season. For example, “Aries” is the word the ancient astrologers used to describe the fresh feeling in the air following the Spring Equinox. Meanwhile, “Leo” was the word for the humid high-jinx of high summer, and “Capricorn” the stoic resilience of mid-winter.
Living in our air-conditioned and centrally-heated homes, we’re no longer in touch with the subtle changes in mood that accompany the Sun’s monthly move into each different sign. But there’s still no denying the feeling of coziness tinged with excitement for the upcoming holidays that sweeps over us along with the shift into fall. 
And as shorts and tanks are replaced by boots and huggable sweaters, what better time of year to revamp your fragrance “wardrobe” too? Check out our picks of the best fall scent for your sign below …


Dolce & Gabbana, The One $94

Fall is a time to embrace your inner diva, Aries, with October’s annual Full Moon in your sign activating your “me first” approach to life. Through the end of the year, the Sun travels through your sex, travel and career sectors, and this warm and luminous personality fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana makes a statement without you having to say a word!


Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, $85

The last part of the year is a time to get shameless about your sensual side, Taurus, as the Sun activates your most seductive impulses. Your focus shifts to partnerships that value the true you, while you’re drawn to experiences that help you to feel more deeply. This classic floral from Victor & Rolf is a heady adventure into your most sensual self, and utterly addictive.


Lancome, La Vie Est Belle, $90

Fall shifts the focus to what, and who, makes you happy, Gemini. It’s a time to purge toxic food, substances, and relationships from your life, so you can close out the year feeling confident and strong. Taking it’s name from the French for “life is beautiful,” this uplifting fragrance from Lancome is sweet without being cloying, and a reminder to stay true to YOU.


Burberry, My Burberry Blush, $90
There’s a freshness to the shift into fall for you Cancer, as the Sun passes through your zone of creativity and new projects, and your motivation to get healthy is high. This citrusy floral from Burberry is an invitation to trust in your innate optimism, and begin each new day with a spring in your steps and a burst of feminine, hopeful energy.


YSL, Black Opium Nuit Blance, $91 
No Leo is ever afraid to let their emotions show, it’s all part of the performance of life! And Fall is no exception, as the cosmic vibes invite you to revel in the rich complexity of your inner world. This explosive take on YSL’s classic Black Opium asks you to wear your heart on your sleeve, and allow your true colors to burst brilliantly through.  


Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, $102

Following your birthday month, your curiosity comes alive in the Fall Virgo, with the month of October feeling like your personal new year. It’s a time to investigate the world around you to feed upcoming creative projects, and this zesty take on the Chanel classic will help energize your senses and free your mind.


Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent $87
Fall is a season to indulge your need for sensual pleasures, with delicious food, pampering beauty treatments, and a fab new wardrobe. Not only will the chic packaging of this fruity fragrance appeal to your aesthetic tastes, the luxurious floral scent is designed to remind you to connect to your feminine desires.


Elizabeth & James, Nirvana Bourbon, $85
The final quarter of the year sees you really coming into your own Scorpio, as the days get shorter and we’ll all invited to explore the complexity of our darker sides. This sultry blend from Elizabeth and James is edgy and intoxicating, but infused with a sweetness and warmth that’s reminiscent of a night telling ghost stories by an open fire.


Maison Margiela, ‘Replica’ by the Fireplace, $126
Fall is for exploring your inner landscape, Sagittarius, so that you can finish out the year (and your birthday month) feeling truly reborn. Evoking sensations of hot and cold, the vibe of this unisex scent from Margiela’s best-selling ‘REPLICA’ line, is a reminder that no matter how cold it is outside, we can always find our own source of warmth at our core.


Ralph Lauren, Woman, $84
There’s a softening that occurs for Capricorns at this time of year, as the go-get-‘em vibe of summer gives way to a more collaborative, compassionate mood. Inspired by the quintessential Ralph Lauren woman, this feminine yet woody scent is as bold as it is graceful, and as soft as it is powerful.


Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum for Her, $94
Fall brings an invitation for you to step into your full power Aquarius, as you stake a claim for the success that’s rightfully yours. A time to root down into the present moment, this contemporary and diverse earthy floral from Gucci features the scent of the South Indian Rangoon creeper—a flower that changes from white to pink to deep red, when it finally blooms.


Tory Burch Bel Azur, $96
Look up and look out, Pisces! The final part of the year sees your horizons—and your expectations for yourself—expand, as your best future comes into view. Inspired by the clear blue waters of the French Riviera, this classy, rejuvenating scent from Tory Burch ushers in a mood of hopeful exploration. Perfect for casting your net far and wide as we look ahead to another new year!

Feature illustration: “Sofia” by Beatriz Naranjalidad.  

Want more spirituality, mysticism, and advice for bringing your life to the next level? Follow us on Instagram.

Want more spirituality, mysticism, and advice for bringing your spirit to the next level of awesome? Follow us on Instagram.

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