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The Best Birthday Gifts for a Scorpio

The Best Birthday Gifts for a Scorpio


On October 30, 2017

In Gift, Scorpio, Style

The Best Birthday Gifts for a Scorpio

Dark. Moody. Mysterious. Seductive. Enchanting. As anyone who has a Scorpio in their life knows the sign can keep everyone on their toes, inspiring them to go farther, deeper, and faster than they ever thought possible. This intensity splays over into what a Scorpio cherishes in their life. Reds, violets, and shades of aubergine are commonly found in a Scorpio’s house, and a Scorpio is drawn to things that are unique, one of a kind, or have a story attached to them. From their homes to their outfits, Scorpios make their mark, and love standing out in a crowd. Scorpio is also deeply sensual and ethically minded, and are drawn to things that are fair-trade, locally made, and ethically conscious. A Scorpio also can’t resist luxury, and love body creams, scents, and perfumes that make them feel ultra-pampered. Here, your Scorpio birthday gift guide. 

1. Edgy Earrings
dragon cuff earring, $9.99
We imagine Khaleesi from Game of Thrones as a Scorpio, and Scorpio—who has the power to tame the most difficult creatures on the planet—will love this fierce ear cuff. 

2. Statement Coasters
coasters, $24/set
Trust us, a Scorpio does not want water rings on her coffee table—these deep blue crystal coasters will match your favorite Scorpio’s decor while protecting her surfaces.

3. Grooming Products 
beard comb kit for men, $13
A Scorpio man can’t resist a challenge, which is why he may insist on taking part in Movember. Help him look good while doing it!

4. Weekend Duffle
Strand duffle bag, $55
Black, basic? No way. This sleek, durable duffle looks amazing,and is easy to customize with a scarf from your favorite Scorpio’s closet. Scorpio loves going away on weekends and loves a bag that can suit any locale.

5. Artsy Print
“Make Art, Not War,” $12.19

A Scorpio can be intense, but only because they’re idealistic. Here, their internal motto. 

6. Unique Wine Bottle Holder
Octopus wine bottle holder, $42.75
Is it art? Is it an octopus? One thing’s for sure—it’s unique, and your Scorpio friend will love it. 

7. Aromatherapy Candles
Aromatherapy candles, $15
Handmade and yummy-smelling, these candles allow a Scorpio to hunker down and tune in to themselves.

8. Glitter for All Occasions
Unicorn Snot, $15
However old the Scorpio in your life is, they’ll love this high-quality glitter to add some oomph to any outfit.

9. Sexy Sleepwear
Lusome chemise, $69
Scorpios love to make everything—even sleeping—an event. This sexy but comfortable nightie also has sweat-wicking properties, for a cool night’s sleep, no matter what the evening’s activities may entail. 

10. Office Storage Cubes
Mini Travel Suitcases, $25
Why put your office items in a drawer if you could put them in an adorable set of mini suitcases, perfectly designed to appeal to Scorpio’s innate sense of wanderlust?

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This Color Will Make You Feel Powerful Beyond Belief

This Color Will Make You Feel Powerful Beyond Belief

By Ruby Warrington

On October 6, 2017

In Aspect, Fashion, Style

This Color Will Make You Feel Powerful Beyond Belief

Just as you switch over your closet when the temperature dips, a change in seasons is a good time to switch up your goals, motivations, and even the colors you wear. The energy still radiating from the fall equinox, as well as the energy from the recent full moon in Aries, may make you feel like whatever goals, dreams, and priorities you manifested in the summer just aren’t working this fall. If you feel confused, conflicted, or unsure of next steps this month, one great way to make a powerful change is to change up the colors you’re wearing. Use this guide to find out what color your body is craving, and how to use it to maximize and manifest your goals and dreams! —The editors. 

Originally published May 16, 2017 

In “healing” speak, the chakras represent the seven energy centers of the body. Running from the bottom of the tailbone up to the crown of the head, these seven spots are especially key for harnessing our full potential. That’s because our life force energy (some might call it “spirit”) runs through these cosmic portals, “powering up” different organs and, in turn, ruling different areas of our lives. 
Optimum wellbeing is the result of all seven chakras spinning at full speed, while blockages in any area can lead to dis-ease—often showing as emotional issues first, going on to manifest as physical ailments if not addressed.  
So, how to get your chakras spinning at top velocity? Since each chakra is represented by a different color, the color of your outfit can help “charge up” the energy center that needs a boost. It’s a genius practice that, as a New York transplant who has most definitely adopted the local tradition of mainly wearing black, isn’t always the easiest to follow. That’s why I often wear just a touch of the chakra power color I need—a canary-yellow bra, a green crystal pendant, hot pink socks…. 
There’s a total guide to the chakra system in my book, Material Girl, Mystical World, but check out the below tips on how to find the color that will make you feel—and radiate—amazing vibes!

Location: Base of the tail bone.
Governs: Our overall sense of safety and material stability.
Connect to it for: An important meeting or interview.
Power color: Red. It’s no wonder this color is traditionally said to bring more confidence to whoever wears it. Even a slick of bright red lipstick can do the trick!

 * * *

Location: Just below the navel.
Governs: Our creativity and sexuality, as well as how we feel about ourselves and others.
Connect to it for: Sexual confidence.
Power color: Orange, like the burning embers of our desire and the flames fanning our creative visions. Try a pretty tangerine balconette bra to harness some flirty energy before a date.

  * * *

Location: Just above the navel.
Governs: Our willpower, self-esteem, and drive to get things done.
Connect to it for: An energy boost.
Power color: Yellow. Yep, just like the Sun, aka the cosmic power charger that literally gets us up in the morning. How about a pair of bright yellow sneakers for your AM sweat session?

  * * *

Location: Center of the chest.
Governs: Our sense of compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and others.
Connect to it for: Empathy, serenity.
Power color: Green, as a reminder that we’re all bonded by our connection to the natural world. Think gorgeous emerald tones, not the slime seen on YouTube video tutorials!

 * * *

Location: Center of the throat.
Governs: Our ability to express ourselves and communicate with others.
Connect to it for: An important conversation, when you really need to be heard.
Power color: Blue. Perhaps the easiest color to incorporate into your everyday look—faded vintage denim totally counts.

   * * *

Location: Middle of the forehead.
Governs: Our imagination, wisdom, and intuition. 
Connect to it for: A creativity boost.
Power color: Indigo. Think deep ocean hues, since this part of our psyche is also ruled by the water element. Bonus: This dark color is a great alternative to head-to-toe black.

 * * *

Location: Top of the head.
Governs: Our higher self and connection to spirit.
Connect to it for: A day filled with creativity and clarity.
Power color: White, which is one of the reasons white is so popular in spiritual circles! Also, it looks amazing for a summer barbeque—a great outfit option for when you know you’ll have a run-in with your ex. This is the color to keep you focused on what you really want in life. 
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The Hottest Clothes and Makeup for Your Zodiac Sign, and Where to Get Them!

The Hottest Clothes and Makeup for Your Zodiac Sign, and Where to Get Them!

By Ruby Warrington

On September 7, 2017

In Shopping, Sign, Style

The Hottest Clothes and Makeup for Your Zodiac Sign, and Where to Get Them!

In my first column for, I wrote about my 2017 vow to buy only vintage and recycled fashion. And so far, so good! Thanks to some amazing consignment store scene in my neighborhood, I’ve been able to keep my wardrobe up-to-date, while staying true to my eco-fashion experiment.

But I have noticed an interesting … side effect. Since I had told myself that I could still buy lingerie and swimwear new, I’ve found myself obsessing over bikinis online for an upcoming trip to Croatia. And when I say “obsessing,” I mean literally spending hours trawling the selection from my search on Shopstyle (a genius site that allows to search the entire Internet for the specific items you’re after!)

Um, you may also remember my post on the best bathing suits for each sign? Totally inspired by my not-so-elegant tumble down the bikini-shopping rabbit hole! (Which, I confess, may also have extended to a heavily-discounted caftan I “stumbled across” on

One happy discovery as part of my experiment has also been, an incredible online consignment store. And overall I’ve been reminded how fun it is to shop online. Coming home to a package at the end of a long day never fails to make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Want to make the most of your online shopping experience? Knowing how your sign predicts how you shop can help you snag a sale, cue into some sign-specific money habits, and otherwise help you keep your shopping as soulful as possible!

Here’s how your sign shops online … and where you’ll find the perfect styles for your gorgeous self:

FIRE SIGNS: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Shopping Keyword: Targeted

Fire signs tend to know exactly what they want, and to then seek out the fastest route to getting their hands on it! It’s no wonder Aries love Using the filters to narrow your search to only the items that fit your exact requirements saves so much time—time which could be better spent out in the world making s*it happen! 

Shoes: Net-a-Porter. Whether it’s flats, heels, or a pump, when you fall in love, you fall in love hard—and want it now. Obviously, you’ll love the same-day delivery service Net-a-Porter offers. Covet it over coffee and wear it by drinks! 

Beauty: Glossier. Run by Aries entrepreneur and uber-babe Emily Weiss, Glossier offers a range of products, including the amazing Cloud Paint, a blush that gives you exactly the glow you’ve been going after your whole life. 

Going Out Outfit: Nasty Gal. All about making a statement that’s unique, unforgettable, and Instagrammable, fire signs flock to this site, which is a master of mixing high and low designers—just like you. Maybe a floral blazer with fitted overalls is a combo fire signs can rock with confidence? 

A Nasty Gal vintage look.

* * *

EARTH SIGNS: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Shopping Keyword: Practical

The problem with shopping online is that you can’t try things on, which is why most sites strive to make returns and exchanges so convenient. This suits an earth sign, who loves to buy it all to try at home and return what doesn’t work. Since earth signs are also great with money, they’ll also make sure they’ve got all the promo codes on lock before checkout.

Shoes: Zappos. Buy, try, return. Over, and over, and over again. For you, the process is just as satisfying as the (eventual) purchase. 

Beauty: Origins. You love natural, no nonsense products that do double duty. Always one to protect your skin, a luxe SPF and moisturizer, like Origins Mega-Defense Advanced Daily UV Defender SPF 45 is a must in your bag.  

Going Out Outfit: Rent The Runway. Designer gowns for a fraction of the cost? Yes, please! Earth signs will love a classic black Badgley Mischka gown, available to rent for less than a quarter of what the gown goes for at retail cost. 

Rent the Runway cofounders,
Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman.

* * *

WATER SIGNS: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Shopping Keyword: Whimsical

An image can say a thousand words for impressionable water signs, who love the fantasy element of fashion. It’s like new outfit holds the promise of becoming a whole new person! This means water signs are a sucker for beautiful advertising images, and can wind up with pieces that suit an ideal future self—as opposed to what they need in the here and now. In fact, thank you, water signs, for keeping my beloved consignment stores well-stocked with your cast-offs!

Shoes: Nordstrom. range of designers under one roof, Nordstrom has legendary sales—perfect for when you just can’t decide between a siren red knee high Stuart Weitzman boot or a midcalf Alexandra Wang suede boot. 

Beauty: Nars. Best known for their cheekily-named Orgasm blush, Nars creates luxe makeup that works well on weekends, but also can be toned down for an everyday look.

Going Out Outfit: TheRealReal. A vintage-fueled nostalgia trip, you love consignment, and believe that the more stories an outfit has, the more valuable it is. A Chanel quilted lambskin bag? Yes, please! 

Water signs feel at home in low-key glam makeup by Nars.

* * *
AIR SIGNS: Gemini, AquariusLibra

Shopping Keyword: Informed

Online stores’ customer service people love air signs—not! You need to ask all the FAQs and then some before you commit to a purchase, including the opinion of all your social media friends about whether or not you should get it. Air signs also love to research, so fashion blogs and online magazines are your go-to for new trends, the must-buys of the season, and what hot celebrities are wearing what.

Shoes: Asos. Hop on every trend under the sun, like a chunky ’90s throwback platform sneaker, to kick back in on the weekends.

Beauty: Sephora. You can’t resist a freebie, and love the free samples thrown in with your beauty staples. You also love trying new trends, like a monochromatic look, where your eyes, lips, and cheeks all match. One to try: Lolita by Kat Von D.

Going Out Outfit: eBay. When it comes to picking out a statement dress, you want to know all the details. Luckily, on eBay, you can have these conversations with sellers, so you know every last inch of your outfit before it arrives in your hands. 

Trendy-soulful water signs flock to Asos.

Ruby Warrington is the founder of the modern spirituality site The Numinous; the co-founder of Moon Club, a monthly mentoring program; and the author of Material Girl, Mystical World.

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Searching for the Ultimate Good Luck Crystal? Numerology Holds the Key.

Searching for the Ultimate Good Luck Crystal? Numerology Holds the Key.

By Ruby Warrington

On August 8, 2017

In Fashion, Shopping, Style

Searching for the Ultimate Good Luck Crystal? Numerology Holds the Key.

I’ll be honest: In the realm of tools for self-knowledge and self awareness, astrology will always be my first love. But the deeper I dive into the stars, the more I’m drawn into the mysteries of multiple divination practices. One of the ones I keep coming back to is numerology—the ancient language of numbers that, like astrology and the tarot, can be used to help us better understand ourselves and the world we live in. 

The easiest way to begin to understand your numerology is to calculate your Life Path Number, which is the sum of your complete date of birth. Your Life Path Number represents who you are at birth, and who you will always be. Numbers 1 through 9 each carry a different vibration, suggest different core characteristics and beliefs, and come with their own soul mission.

It’s thought that carrying a crystal associated with your Life Path Number can help you access your personal power and bring you exceptionally good luck. A great way to choose a crystal to work with (or wear!) on a regular basis!

To work out your Life Path Number, follow the simple calculation technique below (I’ve used my date of birth—April 8, 1976—to show you how):

4 8 1 9 7 6 = 35
3 5 = 8

You simply keep adding until you reach a single number—see? In my case, this equates to a life path number of 8.

Here, the most powerful good luck crystal to wear or carry, for every Life Path number:

Life Path 1
Crystal: Garnet 
Garnet crystal, $7.99 Amazon

Key Words: Courage, strength
Mission: To be a leader and cultivate confidence in every area of your life. 

Life Path 2
Crystal: Quartz 
Quartz Point, $12.50, Amazon

Keywords: Security, diplomacy, self confidence 
Mission: To be a diplomat and aid cooperation and balance in all situations.

Life Path 3
Crystal: Amazonite
Amazonite crystal, $5.48, Amazon

Keywords: Communication, creativity 
Mission: To tell our stories and communicate clearly and with integrity.

Life Path 4
Crystal: Jade
Jade crystal, $7.99, Amazon

Keywords: Balance, stability, well being 
Mission: To be a teacher and help others based on your own life experiences.

Life Path 5
Crystal: Aquamarine 
Aquamarine, $6.99, Amazon 

Keywords: Peace, courage, tolerance 
Mission: To be a seeker and to balance freedom with a sense of discipline.

Life Path 6
Crystal: Peridot
Peridot, $3.99, Amazon

Keywords: Harmony, light
Mission: To be a healer in the world by always keeping energetic channels clear.

Life Path 7
Crystal: Amethyst
Amethyst, $11.59, Amazon

Keywords: Inner light, spirituality 
Mission: To develop your own spirituality, intuition, trust, and openness.

Life Path 8
Crystal: Citrine
Citrine, $2.99, Amazon 

Keywords: Success, self confidence, intellect 
Mission: To create a new definition of material success and power.

Life Path 9
Crystal: Rose Quartz
Rose quartz, $9.95, Amazon

Keywords: Unconditional love, friendship
Mission: To be a philanthropist and spread a message of love and acceptance.

Get your complete Numerological Portrait here. 

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Your Sign’s Sexiest Summer Hairstyle

Your Sign’s Sexiest Summer Hairstyle

By Ruby Warrington

On July 25, 2017

In Fashion, Sign, Style

Your Sign’s Sexiest Summer Hairstyle

Hair in the summer. It’s different. For me, the high New York City humidity makes for a losing battle with my naturally wavy (read: crazy, frizzy, messy) curls. I have spent my entire adult life flattening those curls out of existence with an arsenal of high-powered heated instruments, and when I’m ensconced in an air-conditioned room, the sleek look can still work. But put me anywhere near the ocean, and I’ve got no choice but to let those locks fly free. 

Of course, our star sign has nothing to do with the consistency of our hair. I could just as easily be an Aries with dead straight bangs, or perfect shiny ringlets. But different signs will be drawn to different styles when it comes to summer hair. Not to mention different ways to deal with any seasonal curveballs.

That’s why I’ve chosen these summer hairstyles, which capture and enhance the natural beauty of each sign, along with a styling tip for each, to help you beat the heat. No need to chop off your locks, though, if your sign channels a short style! You may relate best to your rising sign’s style—or even to the vibe of a sign you’re compatible with. Find a look you love and roar your way into Leo season!

Aries rules the head and the hair, so bad hair days are simply not an option. Work with, not against, a wayward do with a gold-flecked summer gel, and if in doubt, keep things on lockdown under a sporty baseball cap—your beach headgear of choice. 

This look takes gold flecks all the way. For a subtle version,
try Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray. 

* * *

Perfect tousled beach waves are the hair of dreams for your glamorous sign, and you won’t mind taking the extra time to get them right—maybe even adding a few clip-in pieces to amp up your look. Glamazons are go.

Pretty, polished, and unfussy, an ideal look for practical Bulls. 

* * *

You like to make a statement with your hair, so why not experiment with semi-permanent new color or a different style altogether for summer? Your do will be the talk of every BBQ—but make it something you can easily undo come fall.

Glitter is a low-commitment way to make a major impact for dramatic Geminis. 

* * *

Summer tugs on the heartstrings of your nostalgic sign, and you may find yourself drawn to styles of summers past. Think a grown-up take on loose pigtails or a simple pony, like you would have worn at camp.

A simple braid/pony combo reminds you of the easy days of summer.

* * *

Hello, glamourpuss! Who cares about summer hair, when there are so many cute summer accessories to play with?! We’re talking hats, huge hoop earrings, killer shades. … Life is your catwalk, and the beach is no exception.

For Lions, your mane is the key attraction, and it’s all about accessories.

* * *

An intricate French braid will keep everything neatly in its place, not to mention keep you cool as temperatures rise. The perfect marriage of form and function, your sensible sign will also do well to invest in a chic sunhat. 

Pretty and out of your face, a french braid updo is a staple of your summetime look. 

* * *

Let the classic 1950s starlets be your summer hairstyle icons, with their carefully coiffed waves and cute knotted scarfs and bandanas. Brigitte Bardot was a Libra, and nobody put the sexy into silk headscarves like her!

 A bold scarf adds attitude to an otherwise everyday style.

* * *

You experience life on a deep level—not that us mere mortals would ever know it, as you’re also the queen of control. A smooth, low ponytail will maintain an air of elegant mystery, even as temperatures rise and blood begins runs especially hot.

A low ponytail provides the perfect frame for notice-me accessories.

* * *

The boho traveler of the bunch, allow your summer style to be inspired by the 1960s Summer of Love. Keep it loose and uncombed, with cute baby braids to frame your face. If you’re picnicking, allow a few flowers to find their way into the mix!

 Add some waves and baby braids, and you’re ready for anything!

* * *

Short, no-nonsense styles suit your practical nature, and the summer heat could find you even more drawn to a fuss-free crop. Think Claire Underwood in House of Cards, a Capricorn style icon if ever there was one!

 Keep things simple this summer with a hairstyle that embraces your natural texture. 

* * *

Your futuristic worldview means you’re nothing if not “directional,” and summer could be a great time to experiment with a topknot, or a high fashion ponytail secured with multi-colored bands.

Play with your look until you find one you love. 

* * *

Waves were made for you, Merwoman, whether your hair is naturally curly or you get some tongs in on the act. When the heat is on, pin a few pieces into a falling-down up-do, to signify how we all come a little un-done when the summer heat is on.

Mermaid hair always looks gorgeous, but water signs especially dig the look.

What about you? What look will you try?

What color is your aura? Learn about your personal chakras.

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Know Your Period, Know Your Power

Know Your Period, Know Your Power

By Ruby Warrington

On July 11, 2017

In Body, Health, Style

Know Your Period, Know Your Power

Embodying the cyclical nature of all life, Now Age thinking is that women’s menstrual cycles are designed by nature to guide us to our most creative, sexual, nurturing, and knowing selves every month. And when we actually bleed, this is symbolic of us being “reborn.” 

One of my favorite writers on the subject of women and cycles is another British witch, Lisa Lister, who believes that some of our greatest spiritual work as women lies in realigning ourselves with the rhythm and rhyme of our Moon time. “Getting to know your cycle is like a master key to your monthly superpowers,” she told me recently. I had waited three days for her email, since when I first reached out she was on day one of her cycle and had just begun to bleed. “Retreating from the outside world on day one is sacred and a total nonnegotiable for me. I have said no to TV appearances because I was on day one,” she explained. 

According to Lisa’s research (which became her life’s work after she was diagnosed with endometriosis at age 25 and told she needed a hysterectomy), the four distinct phases of our cycles—Menstruation, Preovulation, Ovulation, Premenstruation—can be mapped and therefore utilized to guide us to our most powerful selves. The issue is that what Lisa terms the “dude-centric” systems we live by don’t allow for these fluctuations. Week in, week out, we’re expected to show up in the world and perform in the same way. When the expectations of society go against where we’re at in our cycle, frustration—along with major chocolate cravings—can set in.

“But if we actually listened to our bodies … we’d unlock some extremely powerful ways to access our inner wild woman—intuition, rage, truth, alchemy—and that’s where the real MAGIC happens,” Lisa goes on. Magic, just maybe, like listening to your highest self and allowing it to guide you toward your most magnificent and significant life purpose. 

All of which I got pretty darned excited about when I was first introduced to Lisa’s work. The idea that once you come to know your cycle intimately, you can begin to plan your life around it, seemed like a fabulous way to capitalize on the energy and gifts of each different phase. This is easier if you’re in a position to make your own schedule, granted. But if you do have the kind of job where you have to show up to a cubicle at the same time every day, you can at least go easy on yourself if you “underperform” because a big pitch happens to fall on a day of your cycle better suited to quiet introspection. 

But wait a minute: What if you have an irregular cycle, like me? Which Lisa also thinks is very common, BTW, if not exactly “normal.” Her theory? “It’s another symptom of working against our cyclic nature and trying to live in a linear, dude-centric way.” Considering my whole career has meant being creative on demand to hit weekly if not daily deadlines, regardless of what my inner compass is telling me, it’s not exactly a huge leap to see how this alone could affect my flow. Many, many of our flows. 

Lisa’s advice to me as I continue to work on finding mine? Keep diligently mapping my cycle: like, literally take daily notes on everything from my mood and energy levels to how I’m feeling about my appearance, until I begin to understand where my unique phases begin and end. This is something I encourage you to try, too, whether it means making daily notes in your diary or on your phone, or downloading an app (I’ve started using one called Luna) to keep track of where you’re at. 

“The more you chart, the more your cycle will start to find her groove, since generally she’ll be ‘irregular’ because you’re not paying attention and are working against her, opposed to with her natural rhythm,” Lisa told me, adding that the length of each phase will be somewhat different for everyone. 

In my case: “You may notice that your preovulation is super long because your body needs it to be that way so that you can get more done. This is how freakin’ incredible it is!” When it comes to what I’ve been learning about periods in general, freakin’ incredible sounds about right. 

The Secret Powers of Your Moon Cycle Phases:

This guideline is based on a 28-day cycle and may be slightly different for you, if your cycle is longer or shorter. 

Menstruation (days 1–6) 
It’s all about: deep intuition, retreat, and forgiveness—a reconnection to your inner truth. 

Preovulation (days 7–13) 
It’s all about: high energy, risk taking, and expansive vision—getting shit done. 

Ovulation (days 14–21) 
It’s all about: wanting to be seen. You’re sexy, social, “The queen of freaking everything!” 

Premenstruation (days 22–28) 
It’s all about: a shift from “doing” to “being.” You’re letting it all hang out, and there’s no time for BS. 

Adapted from Material Girl, Mystical World, by Ruby Warrington. Copyright © 2017 by Ruby Warrington. Reprinted with permission by Harper Elixir, a line of Harper One, a division of Harper Collins Publishers.

Feature illustration by Ruben Ireland. 

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Can Cleaning Your Closet Really Cleanse Your Soul?

Can Cleaning Your Closet Really Cleanse Your Soul?

By Ruby Warrington

On June 27, 2017

In Fashion, Style, Wellness

Can Cleaning Your Closet Really Cleanse Your Soul?

A year or so after I launched my cosmic lifestyle site, The Numinous, I decided it was time for a psychic closet clear-out. This was way before Marie Kondo introduced us all to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and decluttering was not yet in vogue. My urge to tidy up was simply driven by the fact that every time I opened my wardrobe, I felt like I was a stranger in my own life. 
I had recently moved to New York City, leaving behind my full-time job at one of the UK’s top fashion magazines. Working for myself now meant a lot less “dressing the part” (you’ve all seen The Devil Wears Prada, right?)—and a lot more spending whole days slouching about in my track pants, while working on my passion project from a desk in the corner of my shoebox apartment in the East Village. 
The move stateside had inspired all kinds of Carrie Bradshaw fantasies in me. And while there were definitely late nights on my laptop pondering the meaning of life (but in my new line of work, like, the actual meaning of life)—opportunities to rock a killer pair of Miu Mius while schmoozing editors at Vogue had become few and far between.
Cut to last year’s wardrobe crisis: The chasm between my hotshot fashionista life and my new life as a fledgling entrepreneur had manifested in one long “I’ve got literally nothing to wear” moment. 
It’s a phenomenon any woman navigating a big transition in her life will no doubt be familiar with. Whether it’s changing jobs, moving cities, having a baby, or embarking on a round-the-world trip—any time there’s a major shift in our circumstances, it shows up in how we get dressed. And feeling like we have nothing to wear can be depressing, depleting, and can seriously disruptive to the flow of our energy.
But it turns out that solving my existential wardrobe crisis wasn’t as easy as simply shipping all my old outfits off to my local Buffalo Exchange. So much of my identity was stitched into those babies—not to mention my ambitions as a writer. Was I really ready to close the door on the old “dream job” I’d worked so hard for, and step fully into an unknown, PJ-clad future?
According to my friend Betsy LeFae, the answer was a resounding YES! If anything, clinging to my old clothes would actually prevent the flow of energy in my new project, as well as in the new relationships and identity I was building in New York.
But this didn’t have to mean closing the door completely on my old designer faves. Rather, Betsy helped me devise a three-step process for working out what to keep and what to bid farewell.

This closet cleanout strategy has very little to do with how things fit and far more to do with how things feel—try it out yourself!

Step 1: Sort Your Stuff into “You” and “Old You” Piles
Go through everything in your closet and pull out all the items that feel like the “old you.” If it’s hard to work out which pieces fall into this category, pull anything you haven’t worn in the past year.

Step 2: Tap into the Item’s Energy
Pick up the first item and DO NOT TRY IT ON OR LOOK AT YOURSELF HOLDING IT IN THE MIRROR (this is important, hence caps). Instead, close your eyes and visualize yourself putting it on. Now focus on the space just below your belly-button (the seat of our intuition), and take note of how it feels. Happy, expansive and open means it’s a keeper. Closed, tight, or sad? Then it’s time to let it go.

Step 3: Donate, Gift, and Let Energy Flow!
Take any items you’re discarding to a clothing exchange, or gift them to friends you think will appreciate and look great in them. (Note: you can use the same process in Step 2 to work out who to gift what!) This will keep the flow of energy open, inviting fabulous new items that reflect the new you into their place!

Feature photo by Charisse Kenion.
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5 Reasons Why the Zodiac Wants You to Adore Your Body, Just as It Is

5 Reasons Why the Zodiac Wants You to Adore Your Body, Just as It Is

By Ruby Warrington

On June 13, 2017

In Beauty, Body, Style

5 Reasons Why the Zodiac Wants You to Adore Your Body, Just as It Is

There’s a chapter in my book, Material Girl, Mystical World, about my “Spiritual Style Icons.” A sort of alternative “best-dressed list,” it includes everybody from the Hindu Goddess Kali (she of the fearsome blue face), to the Queen of Pentacles, and Leandra Medine, the creator of the website Man Repeller.
I also make the point that, opposed to a genuine celebration of individual style, most magazine best-dressed lists are actually “best-looking,” “best legs,” and “least likely to scare the children” lists. Not to mention how the women anointed with the coveted title of “style icon” generally conform to very traditional ideas about what’s hot.
I also included the Goddess Venus on my list. Named for the planet of love, attraction, and abundance, the most famous depiction of this mythical mega babe is Botticelli’s painting of her naked in the half shell, with only her swirling auburn mane to preserve her modesty. And actually, Venus is never shown fully clothed. So how did she make my best-dressed list? 
As I wrote in my book: “I think it serves us humans well to get comfortable with what we look like naked, and how it feels to simply exist beyond the ‘boundaries’ of clothes.” Not to mention the fact: “What makes Venus sexy is her total lack of self-consciousness. … She looks like a woman who knows her body is hers to be enjoyed.”

 This summer, as we officially enter “bikini season,” the planet Venus is in Taurus, the sign ruling physical pleasure. So, the timing couldn’t be better to stop critiquing and start adoring your body. And if that’s not a good enough reason, here are five more:

Because It’s Good for the Soul.
Body love is self love. So next time you find yourself naked in front of a mirror, try not to avert your eyes, or immediately focus on the parts that make you go, Ugh. Instead, take a long and loving look at your whole self. State out loud: “Thank you, body. I love you.”

Because It’s You.
In yoga (not to mention my personal cosmic belief system) there is no separation. Looked at this way, being mean to your bod is the worst kind of in-fighting! What a major waste of time and energy. On the flip side, show some reverence for your naked self, and you’re bringing your total being into alignment. All the better for, like, totally smashing this whole “being human” thing. 

Because It Feels Good.  
Your body has a ton of functions, but one of the most important and one that gets overlooked all the time is that your body is designed to give you pleasure! Venus in Taurus this month is here to remind us of this, so take extra time to enjoy the taste of delicious food, the tingles you get when your favorite song comes on in spin class, and the juicy electricity of sensual touch.
Because It Shares Your Story.

Memories of summers past are some of my most treasured possessions, and it helps bring them to life if I picture myself IN my body. Sounds weird? Try it! Close your eyes, and go back in time to your first summer crush. Now look down at your body. What were you wearing? How did it feel to want to be seen? Now go back to a time when you maybe weren’t so kind to your body. See how healing it feels to simply ask your body’s forgiveness. 

Because It Gets You Closer to Your “Real” Self.
Naked also means honest, and worshipping your “naked self” also means worshiping your truth. So how about this summer you commit to showing up as 100 percent you, no matter what? This may sound as scary as walking down the street completely nude, but it’s a sure-fire way to build your self esteem, inside and out. Your body and your soul will thank you!

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Here’s the Best Perfume for Your Zodiac Sign. You’re Welcome.

Here’s the Best Perfume for Your Zodiac Sign. You’re Welcome.

By Ruby Warrington

On May 23, 2017

In Astrology, Beauty, Style

Here’s the Best Perfume for Your Zodiac Sign. You’re Welcome.

I once had a reading with an astrologer who told me that each sign of the Zodiac was named to describe the different “feeling tone” of its season. Back when human life was an intimate dance with the elemental forces of nature, the seasons developed personality traits tied to the weather, and people born under those signs were expected to act accordingly.

“Aries,” for example, was the name given to the undeniable burst of naïve optimism that accompanied the first hint of spring. “Taurus” described the sense of abundance as everything began to blossom and bloom, and “Gemini” described the social mood that took hold as the nights began to lengthen and the days began to warm. Babies born during each season were said to embody the characteristics of the different feeling tones—and those feeling tones became the personality traits we associate with each sign today.

In the modern world, with climate control and A/C and the ability to hop on a plane to experience a tropical getaway if we’re sick of the current weather, feeling tones aren’t as front and center as they were for our ancestors. But they’re still a part of us, wrapped deep in our souls, and scent is one way to evoke them. Here, the best scent profiles for each astrological “season.” Try one for your sign, or try the fragrance for the season you’re in—I guarantee there’s no way you can lose.

Bright, fresh and brimming with enthusiasm, Aries season feels like waking up to a world that is brand new. Try an uncomplicated unisex fragrance—one of my favorites is Rain by Commodity.

With flowers in bloom and the scent of nectar in the air, Taurus season is a celebration of pure abundance. Go for something honeyed and luxurious like Prada Candy.

The nights are getting longer and conversations linger far into the evening, as Gemini season ignites our social side. Take Kate Spade’s invitation to Live Colorfully.

This sweet scent is ideal for Gemini season.
Cancer season brings a hit of pure nostalgia for childish summers past. Get cozy with your favorite memories of making sand castles and eating way too much ice cream with Beach Walk from Martin Margiela’s “Replica” line.  

Is it hot in here, or is it just us? The midsummer heat brings a dreamy, seductive quality to all our interactions. Frederick Malle’s addictive Portrait Of A Lady will make you feel utterly enchanting.

There’s a breeze in the air, the sun is setting earlier, and it’s time to freshen up and detox from summer excess. Try the innocently fresh L’Eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake to help clean up your act!

Bright and fresh, this L’Eau D’Issey scent is perfect for September birthdays.

As the sun gets lower in the sky, doesn’t everything begin to feel sort of … softer, gentler, and richer? Feminine and relaxed, Narciso Rodriguez For Her helps you appreciate the cashmere sweaters, crisp autumn air, and crackling fires of fall. 

Winter is coming, and the changing landscape is a reminder of the darker side of life. Scorpio season speaks of death and rebirth, as embodied in the mysterious Poison by Dior.

Sagittarius season takes us on a journey of self-discovery, as we seek to understand our place in the world amid dark nights. Enter Le Labo’s Patchouli 24, a complex scent that reminds us of the mystery and magic of life.

Le Labo’s Patchouli is ideal for dark December evenings.

We’ve reached the darkest days of the year, and it’s time to feast on the fruits of our labors.  Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a regal and opulent scent, both earthy and utterly luxe for celebrating a year done right.

What kind of future would we like to see? Aquarius season is the germination of a new seed; a new idea. Check out Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, a sexy, precise scent that will make you want to set goals for spring.

Pisces season is all feeling tones rolled into one, a well of compassion and empathy for all it means to exist in human form. Escape into the complexity and celebration of all the seasons with Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose.

Top illustration: “Sofia” by Beatriz Naranjalidad.    

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Free Your Tush, and Your Soul Will Follow

Free Your Tush, and Your Soul Will Follow

By Ruby Warrington

On May 9, 2017

In Fashion, Style, Wellness

Free Your Tush, and Your Soul Will Follow

Skinny jeans, RIP. It’s official, the reign of spray-on skinnies is officially ovah. In fact, recent strolls around Brooklyn’s hip Williamsburg show the pendulum has swung past straight leg and landed smack on mom jeans. And my belly is breathing a huge sigh of relief. 

 As a fashion writer in London, I had amassed quite a collection of skinnies—spray-on drainpipes by All Saints, hip-hugging micro flares by MiH, at least five pairs by J Brand. Peeling them off at the end of the day sometimes felt like being released from a Victorian corset. I actually think my skinny jeans habit might also have been a contributing factor to ongoing digestive issues during that period. For real!

I can breathe again!

 But when I launched The Numinous and began a deeper investigation of the modern spirituality scene, I began skipping my skinnies. Drainpipe denim and gong healing workshops do not make for happy bedfellows, as anybody who’s tried sitting cross-legged for extended periods in a pair of Cheap Mondays will know!
Instead, I found myself seeking out clothing that allowed ample room for deep belly pranayama breathing, for movement, and even for sitting still. After all, you can’t exactly detach at a Zen Buddhist meditation workshop if your mind is fixated on the pain of stiff denim cutting off your circulation. And that’s why I’ve come to embrace what I call healing circle chic.
Right now, in fact, my favorite pair of pants is a pair of drop-crotch batik pants with a loosely elasticized waistband that sits super low on my hips.

Happy belly, happy heart!

 Ahhh-lll the better for letting it all hang out—in a physical and emotional sense. After all, the more energy spent agonizing over a tight waistband, the less headspace for deep and meaningful convos with your higher self—and we all know those self-talks are non-negotiable for living your most cosmically aligned life, right? Those loose-flowing robes favored by religious gurus? I get it.
But you don’t have to go totally shapeless. It’s all about finding a look you love. Some pieces that might speak to your soul style: Bias-cut slip dresses (for curves without the corset effect), kaftans (natch), and billowing outsize shirts. And yes, “healing circle chic” includes denim. In fact, I recently found a pair of vintage Levis mom jeans I could absolutely rock during an extended meditation. So let’s all take a deep breath—and let our style fit the expanse of our soul.

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