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What You Need to Know About Daily Crystal Use

What You Need to Know About Daily Crystal Use


On August 26, 2020

In Style

What You Need to Know About Daily Crystal Use

Crystal expert Margaux Perrier shares how she incorporates the magical stones into everyday use.

“So, what do you do with crystals? And how do you use them?” I get these questions all the time, and they are some of my favorites. Simply put, aside from meditating with my stones and keeping them all throughout my environment, I see crystals used in fun ways like in candles, makeup production processes (I’m looking at you, Glossier Haloscope!), and in home décor like bookends or coasters. I’ve compiled my all-time preferred ways to use crystals daily in simple, beautiful, modern ways that make it easy to take positive vibes with you through every step of your day.

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With a love that runs deep for how empowering, striking and energetically inspiring crystals are, I decided to marry my desire to create with the sheer adoration for the metaphysical into wearable, delicate crystal pieces. My jewelry line is, like me, forever evolving. I embrace the hunt for balance and personal growth while maintaining a strong vision of self-expression. Since the beginning, designing jewelry has brought me nothing but joy, and I absolutely love designing pieces that can stand on their own, mix well with each other, and work with unique pieces from your own collection.

crystals flay lay

Photo: Margaux Perrier Jewelry; Crown Works Crystal Comb; Spellbound Sky Essential Oil Potion; Jade Beauty Roller

There has been a whole lot of hype buzzing around the beauty industry for Jade face rollers. Jade has long been treasured throughout Chinese tradition as maintaining the ability to draw out negative energy, embodying overall physical vitality and emotional well-being. Jade is also ideal for heart chakra opening, boosting prosperity and bringing good luck. Ever since I spotted them gracing the headlines of all my favorite beauty blogs, I had to add one to my crystal kit. These bad boys are beneficial for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing puffiness and inflammation, and generally makes your face looks bright, awake and relaxed (all while getting in that feel good face massage). I keep mine in the refrigerator for an added morning wake-up boost and use it just after I moisturize in the morning.  

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crystal comb

Photo: Crown Works Crystal Comb in Rose Quartz

While scrolling through social media, I recently discovered the most stunning comb I’ve ever seen. I literally gasped — was that Rose Quartz? Anyone who knows me knows I can never have get enough of this dreamy pink stone. I expressed zero self-control and knew I needed to take my self-care to the next level. With my very own crystal comb, I found an entirely new way to work on releasing heart chakra tensions by connecting truly to my highest Self. The process of meditating with this stone not only allowed me to relax further and enjoy my end-of-day routine but wholly opened my crown chakra so that I could physically feel the strands of my tangled heartstrings to find another release. The comb kit contained so many personal, extraordinary little details, including the accompaniment of a key affirmation stating: “The past is healed. I open myself to love and light. I am love.”  After using it several times, I feel a centered flow of energy, I can focus on self-love and regularly refill my Thank Bank.

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diamond life potion

Photo: Spellbound Sky Essential Oil Potion in Diamond Life

One of my favorite places on the planet is the magical realm of Spellbound SkyLocated in this hip neighborhood of Silverlake in Los Angeles, the retail space is decorated with disco balls accented by a six-foot unicorn. From crystals, candles, jewelry and the forever essential oil potions, it has always been my primary source for everything ritualistic. Made in-store using an unscented coconut oil base, each specific potion is thoughtfully created using a layer of well-composed oils with a handful of specific crystals to further raise the vibration of each fragrance. My personal favorites are the Diamond Life, infused with clove, frankincense and Quartz crystals to amplify intentions, and because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a diamond life? My other favorite choice is Love Force (obviously), filled with Rose Quartz, ylang-ylang, rose and sandalwood essential oils.

stone crystal bracelets

Photo: Wax & Wane Bracelets; Garnet, Herkimer Diamond and Ruby

The quickest, most natural, and the most glamorous way I’ve found to bring crystals into everyday life is by wearing them. My arm candy is always evolving and changing based on my mood, where I am in life, what I want on a particular day, or just by what makes me feel most inspired. My go-to bracelet brand is Wax & Wane Jewelry, as the quality, variety, and styles are utterly unparalleled. They have hundreds of styles, shapes, and sizes literally, sourcing the best beads from all over the world. I have adopted countless pieces for my collection over the past several years and am always finding new ways to mix-and-match according to my energy each day not to mention, gifting them regularly. The stack I am currently crushing on has a Ruby centerpiece embodying passion, confidence, goal setting and encouraging the visualization process. I paired that with two Herkimer Diamond bracelets, each an extremely high vibrational stone used for gaining guidance from spirit guides, spiritual evolution and accessing the true purpose of your soul. These three are sandwiched between two garnet bracelets, one of my all-time favorite energies to work with, embracing a passionate, motivated mindset to spark a flame to kick down goals while keeping you grounded so you don’t burn out. This combo also has a little bit of a sexy vibe, to keep confidence levels high and the productivity train moving!

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With so many ways to introduce crystals into your life, the most important thing to remember is you must choose the path that inspires you, noting there is no way to do it wrong. Wear and use as many or as few crystals as you want. It is beneficial to have a directed stream of focus or a colorful array of energies — whichever route feels most harmonious to you in the moment. Embrace the energies that feel right whether it’s encouraging, comforting, energizing, protecting, and any others which speak to you. Trust your intuition, and let unlimited possibilities be your guide.Margaux Perrier 

Margaux Perrier is a writer, jewelry designer, and creative. Find her on Instagram.

Photo: Derick Anies on Unsplash

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The Most Healing Jewelry for Your Zodiac Sign

The Most Healing Jewelry for Your Zodiac Sign


On July 13, 2020

In Aspect, Fashion, Style

The Most Healing Jewelry for Your Zodiac Sign

As the warm seasons emerge, buying yourself a new piece of jewelry is a great way to elevate both your style and spirit. However, not all stones have the same influence on every sign. If you think this means you should look for your birthstone, it’s time to take a different approach. It turns our birthstones have been traditionally aligned to the zodiac commercially more so than spiritually, according to Dr. Eve Allen aka Dr. Eve. A Doctor of Alternative Healing Practices and an expert in gemstone energy medicine, I asked her what stones are best for each sign this season.

In addition to her recommendations, she reminded me that gems are tools to help us reach the highest vibration of our mind, body and spirit. Can you think of a better excuse to treat yourself?

However, if you aren’t drawn to any of Dr. Eve’s suggestions, don’t worry. Whether you are shopping online or in person, she says the most powerful tool for choosing jewelry isn’t another person, but rather our own intuition. “We are connected to jewelry. Our gems are our tools. Our higher self pulls us towards choosing jewelry.”

Jewelry is all about investing in your best self, according to Dr. Eve. “The right piece can help us reach our highest vibration of mind, body and spirit. Things shift. This is what [each sign] should wear now.” So approach the new season with a fresh mind and some brand new accessories. Also, the crystals themselves may speak to you—becoming familiar with the crystals associated with your sign can help you choose the best look for the months ahead. — by Amanda Lauren

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Dr. Eve says Aries should look for red stones such as garnet to harness “the energy from [the air].” Anna Beck’s Semiprecious Stone Round Drop Pendant Necklace is a sophisticated way to both to look and feel more powerful.  

Raw garnet crystal, $4.50

Taurus tends to be strong and have a stubborn disposition. So a necklace they can customize to their exact liking such as Kendra Scott’s Teo Semiprecious Pendant  will truly allow them to connect. A turquoise or sapphire stone can open up Taurus to new possibilities.

raw turquoise stone, $12

Dr. Eve believes Gemini needs a bright stone such as citrine or agate to “enhance their sunshine.” What is a better way to enhance sunshine than to help others? $1 from each purchase of Stoned Studs’ handmade blue lace agate earrings is donated to the non-profit organization RAINN.

Raw citrine stone, $5.50

“Cancers are moonchildren,” says Dr. Eve. So what stone could be more appropriate than moonstone? Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Gem Slice collection features a striking moonstone piece that takes a combination of style and spirit to the next level.

Raw moonstone crystal, $1.50

Leos will look and feel their most ravishing in ruby. Maya Studio’s Ruby Gemstone Ring is a vintage-looking, handmade piece that really catches the eye. It features a large center stone to attract Leo to that positive energy.

Raw ruby crystal wand, $19

Virgo is tied to Mercury, which represents communication. Like Capricorn, Dr. Eve suggests green stones for this sign. Monica Vinader’s Linear Semi Precious Stone Friendship bracelet features an amazonite bar on an adjustable gold rope chain, keeping the gem close and directly connected to any sized wrist.

Raw Amazonite crystal, $5

Dr. Eve explained that Libras are always searching for balance. So, choosing a water stone such as lapis or aquamarine can help them achieve equilibrium. Symmetrically designed, Alex and Ani’s aquamarine bracelet has a bright Swarovski stone flanked by trendy charms.  

Raw lapis crystal, $5

A natural stone like coral that mirrors the heat of a scorpion’s sting will suit this sign best, according to Dr. Eve. LOVEthirteen’s Red Coral Bracelet With Druzy Heart Pendant is a unique handmade piece that will keep this sign equally centered and stylish.


Sagittarius needs a protective purple stone such as sugilite or amethyst. J. Weber Jewelry’s Amethyst Dew Drop is a simple but timeless piece that can protect the wearer during any occasion or circumstance.

Raw sugilite, $11

Capricorns should wear heart-centered stones such as emeralds or aventurine. This aventurine bracelet from Rainbow Crystal Craft isn’t simply beautiful. It’s also designed so the crystals lay on your bare skin. A direct physical connection with crystals is like having an Easy Pass on the on express lane to your heart chakra.

Aventurine crystal, $8 

Dr. Eve’s deepest intuition told her opal was the right stone for Aquarius this season. That is why Ali Levine’s Hearts on Fire Collection for Sterling Forever will resonate so well with this sign. Designed when she pregnant with her daughter Amelia, she has several pieces featuring this stone, but the Embers of Emotion Cuff Set keeps the stones closest to the skin.  

Rose quartz can help Pieces nurture themselves and uncover a deeper self-love. Juicy Couture’s Rose Quartz Rainbow Luxe Wishes Necklace is a fun piece that represents the bright skies of the season.

Rose quartz crystal

Want more spirituality, mysticism, and advice for bringing your spirit to the next level? Follow us on Instagram. 

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How to Attract Love and Abundance with a Good Luck Talisman

How to Attract Love and Abundance with a Good Luck Talisman

By Ruby Warrington

On March 11, 2020

In Fashion, Luck, Style

How to Attract Love and Abundance with a Good Luck Talisman

According to my friend Luke Simon, an astrologer and energy worker, it was realizing he needed some juju to wear on his body that brought him to the world of crystals and crystal healing. Having recently moved to NYC from his hometown of Santa Fe, the intense atmosphere of the city that never sleeps often left him feeling drained and confused, as his own energy mingled with the chaos of the city streets. 

To help protect his energy reserves, he invested in protective black tourmaline and quartz crystals, worn in a little leather pouch around his neck. They weren’t jewelry; they were talismans.

In the dictionary, a talisman is defined as: “An object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.” And couldn’t we all use a little bit of that? Common examples of talismans from everyday life might be a classic diamond engagement ring, or a friendship necklace or bracelet. In both cases, a simple piece of jewelry takes on additional meaning, and is thought to safeguard the relationship it symbolizes in some way.

But a talisman can be any object that holds a deeper meaning for us. Even our phones! After all, our smartphones are shiny objects we keep on or about our person at all times and often decorate to make more beautiful. They’re where we store photos of the people we love and the apps that help connect us. As for offering protection? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels less “safe” if I accidentally leave the house without my phone!

I even know one woman who would get a regular manicure with lucky symbols painted on each nail, like a hamsa, or an evil eye. Every time my friend looked down at her hands, she was activating the talisman’s true purpose—which is to serve as a reminder of a positive intention. For her, it was:  I’m okay, the Universe has got my back.

Here’s how to find and activate your talisman:
Get your rocks on.
Yes, some stones are said to offer more protection than others (like Luke’s black tourmaline, for example), but the best way to choose a specific crystal as your talisman is to be open to whichever stone just “speaks” to you. Even better, there’s some pretty fab and protective crystal jewelry around these days.

Raid the family jewels.
Ask your mom or grandma if there’s a special piece of jewelry somewhere in your family history that you could inherit (read: breathe new life into and start wearing, stat). Ask about the person it originally belonged to, and use it as a way to connect to the energy of your ancestors.

Work your wallpaper.
I recently updated the background image on my iPhone home screen to an image of the Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu deity who rules abundance. Lakshmi reminds us that we can only get as much as we give, and that the flow of abundance relies on this cosmic code—as I am reminded every time I look at my phone.

Pick a card, any card.
A tarot or other kind of oracle card can also become a talisman if you choose to work with it more deeply. Pick a card at random or select one that resonates strongly with you, and then find ways to incorporate it into your life. Maybe you make a special place for it in your wallet, or keep it somewhere you can see on your desk and allow it to trigger positive intentions every time you look at it.

No matter what you choose to be your talisman, I have not doubt that it bring you health, wealth, and abundant love.

Photo by Amadeo Muslimovic

Want more spirituality, mysticism, and advice for bringing your spirit to the next level of awesome? Follow us on Instagram.

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11 Flowy Summer Dresses for Water Signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

11 Flowy Summer Dresses for Water Signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

By Amanda Lauren

On May 30, 2019

In Astrology, Horoscope, Style

11 Flowy Summer Dresses for Water Signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Constantly moving and wavering, water signs are a personal embodiment of the element. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have creative and imaginative personalities, making them naturally artistic. But at the same time, these signs can easily embrace their delicate, feminine sides. All this determines a lot about their colorful fashion choices.

Water signs are aware of their uniqueness, but they simultaneously crave inclusion. This means they’ll be interested in whatever the latest trends are. In terms of color, this element will always be drawn to what best represents bodies of water: shades of blue. However, they also connect to green and white, as well as shiny metallics. Here are eleven dress must-haves for water signs this summer.

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RACHEL Rachel Roy Galen Pleat Maxi

Rachel roy galen pleat maxi

Courtesy of RACHEL Rachel Roy

RACHEL Rachel Roy Galen Pleat Maxi, $125.99

Water signs will feel deeply in touch with their inner mermaid wearing this flowing formal dress. It’s absolutely stunning!

Speechless Lille Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress

Lillie speechless asymmetrical ruffle

Courtesy of Speechless

Speechless Lille Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress, $58

This green flower dress is sweet and feminine.  The ruffle bottom is like a little wave in the ocean.

BB Dakota Zinnia Off-the-Shoulder Lace Dress

bb Dakota zinnia dress

Courtesy of Amazon

BB Dakota Zinnia Off-the-Shoulder Lace Dress, $24.26

This dress combines structure and flow, giving water signs the balance they need.

Z Supply Side Knot Dress 

z supply women's side knot dress

Courtesy of Amazon

Z Supply Side Knot Dress, $48

Water signs are known for their creativity, which is why they will appreciate the asymmetrical look of this unique little t-shirt dress.

Indah Clothing River Maxi

Indah clothing river maxi

Courtesy of Swirl Boutique

Indah Clothing River Maxi, $185

This striped maxi dress drapes like the waves of the ocean with bright, sea foam colors.

Curious about how this summer will go? A Tarot reading could help shed some insight.

Anthropologie Coco One-Shoulder Lace Midi Dress

Anthropologie coco one-shoulder lace midi dress

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Anthropologie Coco One-Shoulder Lace Midi Dress, $249

Between the deep navy hue and asymmetrical cut of this one shoulder dress, water signs will feel super in tune with their true selves when they wear it.

Lilly Pulitzer Tessa Dress

Lilly pulitzer Tessa dress

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer Tessa Dress, $228

Water signs will love the delicate nature of this sweet seersucker design. It also couldn’t be more feminine.

Aerie Tie Front Maxi Dress

aerie tie front maxi dress

Courtesy of Aerie

Aerie Tie Front Maxi Dress, $69.95

Water signs love trends. Luckily, this dress features two of the biggest fashion trends this season—cutouts and boho chic.

Kate Spade Lemon Beach Halter 

Kate spade lemon beach halter

Courtesy of Amazon

Kate Spade Lemon Beach Halter, $142.99

This fresh cover up is a great choice for water signs to wear to the beach or pool.

Urban Outfitters Lioness Adrianne Strapless Tie-Front Maxi Dress  

urban outfitters lioness Adrianne tie front maxi

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Lioness Adrianne Strapless Tie-Front Maxi Dress, $79

Water takes the shape of its container the way this black dress makes itself perfect for every occasion. It’s formal, causal and super comfortable all in one.

Shein Joyfunear Surplice Neck Wrap Split Hem Metallic Dress

shein metallic dress

Courtesy of Shein

Shein Joyfunear Surplice Neck Wrap Split Hem Metallic Dress, $25

Rocking a sexy silver dress? That’s pretty easy for a water sign that isn’t bound by limits or fears.

Lead photo designed by

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11 Versatile Summer Dresses for Earth Signs—Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

11 Versatile Summer Dresses for Earth Signs—Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

By Amanda Lauren

On May 18, 2019

In Astrology, Style

11 Versatile Summer Dresses for Earth Signs—Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

When it comes to earth signs, they seem to have everything under control. (Basically, if you need something done or want advice, ask a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.) Sure they may hav e practical, disciplined, and focused wardrobe, but you can bet everything in their closet holds purpose. If an outfit can be worn to the office, out shopping, or on any given date night, you’ll likely find it in an earth sign’s closet.

But just because they’re practical, doesn’t mean they’re boring. Design and quality are just really important to any earth sign. This element appreciates a finished hemline, beading, or anything that’s a bit extra. Here are 11 dresses to keep them feeling grounded all summer long.

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Sage The Label Ring My Bell Wrap Dress

sage the label dress

Courtesy of Swirl Boutique

Sage The Label Ring My Bell Wrap Dress, $94

Earth signs have an appreciation for tried and true styles. This chic wrap dress will look on trend for years to come.

Plum Pretty Sugar Charlie V2 Tigerlila

plum pretty sugar

Courtesy of Plum Pretty Sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar Charlie V2 Tigerlila, $129

This dress is more than pretty. It has removable shoulder straps, so it’s like having two dresses in one.

Speechless Women’s Scalloped Hem Fit & Flare Dress

speechless scalloped hem fit

Courtesy of Amazon

Speechless Women’s Scalloped Hem Fit & Flare Dress, $47

This pastel blue dress is simple, but sweet. The scalloped hemline is the icing on the cake here.

AE V-Neck Ruffle Midi Dress

ae v-neck midi dress

Courtesy of Aerie

AE V-Neck Ruffle Midi Dress, $60

This dress has a perfect balance of style and comfort, making it ideal for earth signs. The natural cream color of the fabric is just a bonus!

Draper James Embroidered Gingham Dress

Draper James embroidered gingham dress

Courtesy of Draper James

Draper James Embroidered Gingham Dress, $150

Earth signs know they can’t go wrong with a classic like gingham.

Jack by BB Dakota Women’s Sunshine of My Life Maxi Dress 

bb Dakota dress

Courtesy of Amazon

Jack by BB Dakota Women’s Sunshine of My Life Maxi Dress, $88

Toasting the season is extra fabulous wearing this green maxi. It’s also very easy to move around in, especially on those hot summer days.

Lilly Pulitzer Tiffani One Shoulder Dress

lily pulitzer Tiffani one shoulder

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer Tiffani One Shoulder Dress, $228

Earth signs are drawn to good design, so they will love the structure of this one-shoulder dress. It’s the perfect go-to for any summer celebration.

Old Navy Fitted Crew-Neck Tee Dress

old navy dress

Courtesy of Old Navy

Old Navy Fitted Crew-Neck Tee Dress, $15

This versatile “French Girl” style dress isn’t only a steal, but it can be dressed up or down and become a wardrobe staple. It’s perfect for casual summer Fridays followed by happy hour cocktails at a rooftop bar. 

Alternative Apparel Rayon Challis Printed Button Down Dress

rayon challis printed button down dress

Courtesy of Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel Rayon Challis Printed Button Down Dress, $78

Add a belt to this super comfortable shirtdress to give it a more polished look. Or even pair it with a cropped denim jacket.

Amanda Uprichard Women’s Joan Strapless Mini Dress

Amanda Uprichard women's Joan strapless

Courtesy of Amazon

Amanda Uprichard Women’s Joan Strapless Mini Dress, $202

Earth signs know a classic little black dress is worth every penny! There’s no place this chic dress can’t be worn!

UO Donatella Crinkle Tiered Ruffle Wrap Dress

urban outfitters dress

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

UO Donatella Crinkle Tiered Ruffle Wrap Dress, $89

Contrary to popular belief, Earth signs aren’t only into dark colors. They also enjoy the lightness of pastel shades, particularly in a comfortable dress like this one.

Lead photo design by

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6 Style Tips for a #HellaWitchy Wardrobe

6 Style Tips for a #HellaWitchy Wardrobe


On August 1, 2018

In Style

6 Style Tips for a #HellaWitchy Wardrobe

When we think of “witches” some might think of childhood Halloween costumes with pointy hats and broomsticks, or Hogwarts uniforms: nothing we would wear in everyday life. But that’s as old as Salem.

What’s up with your moods? Discover your true emotional nature…

Today, witchcraft is not just a craft, but a fashion movement. Millions of millennials are getting into the witchy aesthetic, which is similar to goth but with a more stylistic, earthy vibe. If you are just stepping into the bewitching style, you might feel a tad intimidated, but this guide will help you create a spellbinding wardrobe that will take you from mundane to magical.

#1 Paint It Black

?? Garden Goth ?? Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately! I started school and my marine biology internship the same week so I’ve been crazy busy ??? {DETAILS: Lipstick -> @katvondbeauty #nosferatu Hat -> @spirithalloween / Jacket & Top -> @houseofwidow & @dollskill / Skirt & Shoes -> @dollskill / Purse -> @disneyland / Necklace -> @openthecellardoor ??????} #dollskill #gothicfashion #plaidskirt #hauntedmansion #platformboots #veganleather #katvondbeauty

A post shared by ⚔️Kaitlyn Renee⚔️ (@noctis.moth) on

Black is a staple to a witch’s closet, the quote “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color” is an understatement. Black is powerful, intimidating and allows you to blend in or stand out from the crowd—physical options that all witches love to have at their fingertips. It also goes with legit everything, making it the most versatile color in your closet.

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Now, if you don’t want to wear all black every day, pair it with other magical colors like blood red, dark blues, purples and silver; basically any color that makes you think of the night sky. Kaitlyn Renee at @noctis.moth nails this look. She is wearing an strong and dramatic black leather jacket, black accessories but gets all the attention with her dark-colored plaid skirt. The look is both tough and flirty.

#2 Play With Fabrics

In the ruins ⛪

A post shared by ℳoonchild ℋel (@moonchildhel) on

If you do head for the all-black look, don’t forget to change up the fabric and texture. Classic witchy fabrics include faux leather, lace and velvet. Some fun combinations include a black velvet dress with leather boots or a lace bralette under silky sheer blouse.

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@moonchildhel plays with texture and fabrics in her outfits by mixing a faux fur coat with a black sparkly dress and leather lace-up boots. The effect? Totally enchanting. Magic is all about experimenting, so play with the fabrics and looks that feel good to you.

#3 Find Your Talisman

Happy Monday from your favorite Glamour Ghoul! 😀 Contacts: @honeycolor_official Horns: @shopsteamwolf Necklace: @wonderlandmc98

A post shared by Zoie Campbell (@theblackmetalbarbie) on

A talisman is an object that brings out magical benefits like luck or protection to the wearer. A talisman is wickedly important for creating the witch look and can be anything from crystal jewelry and witchy symbols to Zodiac signs or favorite animal (real or mythical). Not only can it be a cool statement piece, but it’s a physical object you can wear to give you confidence and security. Just by touching it, it reminds you that you are a boss witch.

Zoie Campbell @theblackmetalbarbie plays a lot with necklaces and different jewelry, especially crosses like the one pictured above. All symbols have meaning, so do your research. For example, if you want to attract good luck, where a jade necklace.

#4 Chokers

“Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a witch ?” Burn baby burn dress by @killstarco . . . . #altgirl #gothgoth #alternativefashion #nugoth #gothgirl #grungegirl #grungestyle #grungefashion #pale #paleskin #palegrunge #softgrunge #tumblrpost #tumblrgirl #goth #darkgrunge #darkfashion #gothgirl #outfitinspo #outfitideas #witch #gothic #witchesofinstagram #witchy #allblack #allblackeverything #killstar #wearekillstar #tights #choker

A post shared by Vanilla Syndrome (@vanillasyndrome) on

After the French Revolution, it’s reported that high society women would wear thin red ribbons around their neck, crossing over into an “X” on their back as a nod to those who had died at the guillotine—proof that chokers have always been an edgy statement. Thankfully the choker has become popular again but this time, with a gothic twist.

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Blogger @vanillasyndrone is the choker queen and maintains the edgy look by layering chokers with necklaces, mixing spikes and gems. Of course you can go go the minimalist route with just a simple lace or a thin leather one.

#5 Makeup

Flew to Sacramento to receive the #LatinoSpiritAward from the California Latino Legislative Caucus [@latinocaucus] this morning, then drove to SF to play a show with @IAMX on not much sleep. Flying home in the AM to work on the upcoming 10th Anniversary party for @katvondbeauty. And all I can say is, who needs sleep when you have the support of a loving man like @prayers ??

A post shared by ??? ??? ? (@thekatvond) on

In Medieval times, religious groups condemn makeup for “challenging God and his workmanship.” Since then, makeup has had a bad rap for “tricking men” about the wearer’s appearance.

Forget the patriarchy! Makeup is about transforming your appearance into anything you want it to be. Go bold with dark red lipstick, smoky eyes, bold nail polish colors, and eyeliner wings sharp enough to slay anyone within striking distance. Makeup is supposed to be fun and empowering, like witchcraft, so experiment with different looks that make you feel powerful. And if you need makeup inspiration, check out the goth queen of makeup: Kat Von D.

#6 Find Your Level of Witchy

Mischief managed ✨?? Dress from @hellbunnyofficial Shoes from @tuk_footwear Glasses from @foxbloodshop PC @chrisvillain

A post shared by Dre Ronayne (@dreronayne) on

While you may love aspects of of the witchy aesthetic, you might not be into all of it, and that’s okay. You don’t have to dress like a coven queen every day of your life to still feel magical. Find your level of comfortable when creating a witchy wardrobe. If you wanna go all out, go all out. If you want to infuse different styles together (like vintage witch), that’s cool too. Even just using a subtle touch of magic in your daily style like a crystal necklace, or trying an all-black outfit is great. Just as long as you feel powerful and downright enchanting, then you’re creating the most magical closet.

The Ultimate Witchy Wardrobe Shopping List:

• Black dress (look for a dress with a Peter Pan collar, flowy maxi dresses, or velvet dresses)

• Black cardigan

• Black faux leather skirt

• Combat boots

• Bold lipstick (blood red, deep purple, black)

• Black eyeliner

• Crystal pendulum necklace

• Black velvet choker

• Spiky high heels

• Crop tops

• Faux leather jacket

• Lace bralette

• Floppy black sunhat

• Demin jacket with witchy patches and pins

• Stacked rings

—By Ellen Ricks

Ellen Ricks is a writer and fashion blogger who loves leopard print. Follow her on Instagram.  

Photo by @calluslestrangers

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The Best Shoes For Your Sign

The Best Shoes For Your Sign


On June 5, 2018

In Style

The Best Shoes For Your Sign

Thanks to spring cleaning, there’s probably some extra space in your closet. So what better excuse do you need to treat yourself to a new pair of sign-appropriate shoes?

Michelle Prentiss, a 2nd generation Astrologer, Intuitive reader and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, who knows a thing or two about the best shoes for your sign, and recommends that you not only consider your zodiac sign but perhaps, more importantly, your rising sign. She says, “The rising sign represents the costume you wear and how you face the world, while your sun is your identity.” Since shoes can make or break an outfit, see which styles your sign should shop as well as some must-buy picks.

starfish summer sandal star sign


When buying a pair of shoes, the first thing Pisces should ask themselves is, “If a mermaid had feet, would she wear these?” If you answer ‘yes,’ then the answer is crystal clear. These Sealife sandals from Soft Surroundings are so mermaid-chic with their oversized starfish decor made up of dazzling beads and sequins that even Ariel would be jealous. To buy: Soft Surroundings


ballet flats leather shoe heart


Aquarius is known to be rebellious and non-conformist, which is why they will appreciate these flats by French Sole. The heart-shaped silver patches made of metallic leather are unique and extra fun—taking the classic ballet flat to a new, stylish level. To buy: French Sole

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Lily Pulitzer gold wedge shoe sign heel


While Libra likes things that are aesthetically pleasing and feminine, they also want things to stay balanced. This wedge, from the classic brand, Lilly Pulitzer, epitomizes all that is right for Libra. So pretty you’ll want to wear them day and night, strappy ties keep you grounded despite the three-inch soles. To buy: Lilly Pulitzer 

floral sneaker trina turk laces shoes


Taurus is a sensual earth sign ruled by Venus who seeks comfort and romantic items like flowers. So, what could be more representative of the bull sign than comfy kicks in a bright floral print? These sneakers by Trina Turk X SeaVees pair well with everything from jeans and linen pants to flirty skirts and rompers. To buy: Trina Turk X SeaVees

Espadrille shoe signs comfort black and white summer


“Dynamic and assertive, Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet,” says Prentiss. These camo print espadrilles by Callisto are a must-buy for the take-charge sign. To buy: Callisto

gucci flower slide summer sandal luxury


Capricorn likes tradition with a twist and these Gucci slides are no exception. Perfect for the pool or a casual stroll, the slip-ons combine the classic logo with a painted flower print. According to Prentiss, this sign (above all others) prefers to buy designer names because they know they are buying quality that will last a long time. To buy: Gucci

colorful heels sign summer trend


The fashionista of all the zodiac signs, Gemini likes to wear the latest must-have clothing and accessories and is sure to go ga-ga over these Betsey Johnson sandals. Featuring polka dots, gems, tassels and stripes, this fancy footwork combines the best of this season’s trends. To buy: Betsey Johnson

silver mary jane demi wedge


Prentiss explained that Cancers are conventional and like what is “tried and true.” So when it comes to timeless trends, the classic Mary Jane is what comes to mind. Gentle Souls’ demi-wedge version guarantees comfort and style. To buy: Bloomingdales

black patent leather heels sign


Prentiss says, “Leos love to shine and be the center of attention.” For the roaring lionesses, these Michael Kors platform heels in super glossy patent leather will guarantee all eyes will be (and stay) on you. To buy: Michael Kors

leopard print heel sign


Symbolized by the mighty centaur, Sagittarius rule the animals of the zodiac. Take these leopard print pumps by BCBG for a walk and you will remind everyone who is queen of the kingdom. To buy: BCBG

vegan summer sandal


Prentiss suggests, for Virgos less interested in trends and more concerned about health and wellness, to look for shoes made of vegan leather. These sandals by Free People X Farylrobin Millie have adjustable straps and are a practical choice for the practical sign so they can focus on their holistic journey. To buy: Free People X Farylrobin Millie

heels black with gold


Prentiss says that Scorpios love the color red and anything taboo. Not to mention, it’s also the sign that rules sexuality. For the best statement shoe on a night out, look for something sexy and powerful like Katy Perry’s heels. At a towering 4.5 inches, these heels will let everyone know Scorpio has a sassy side. To buy: Zappos

—By Amanda Lauren

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Want a Signature Look? Start With Your Zodiac Sign

Want a Signature Look? Start With Your Zodiac Sign

By Ruby Warrington

On April 5, 2018

In Aspect, Date, Style

Want a Signature Look? Start With Your Zodiac Sign

This article originally ran on August 1, 2017 — editors

I’ve never been the kind of girl to mix and match my jewelry. Rather than choose pieces to compliment my outfit each day, when I find something that “fits,” it becomes part of my person. My favorites come and go, evolving over time and serving as talismans and markers of important transitions and phases in my life. 

And of course, this has included many pieces that speak to my love of astrology. What better way to be reminded of my connection to the cosmos, and of my wider path, on the daily? Based on the pieces I’ve loved (and sometimes lost) over the years, here’s a roundup of what I think is the best astro jewelry on the internet. What better way to show off your sign?
As Above So Below by Jessica de Lotz
British designer Jessica collaborated with my lovely friend Louise Androlia on this collection, which has pieces for each sign as well as more general zodiac-themed designs. I also happen to know that Gabby Bernstein is a fan! 


Satya Jewelry
A former social worker, Satya launched her collection as a way to give back in a wider sense, and has since donated millions of dollars to children’s charities globally. A big-time lover of astrology, her zodiac pendants also feature the birth stone for each sign.


Laura Lee Jewellery
The sun, moon and stars are regular motifs for another UK-based designer, the double Leo Laura Lee. I love her Zodiac wheel coin necklaces and diamond-encrusted pendants for each sign, while an eclipse necklace inscribed with the words “We are all made of stars” is perfect for August 2017! 


I adore the teeny tiny opal zodiac pieces in this Etsy store, and they’re also a great price point. The collection includes pretty moon and star pieces, and a Hamsa for protecting against negative energy. Colorful and cute.  


Beau and Stella
If you want to get to know what the actual constellation for your sign looks like, then look no further than this New Orleans–based company. The constellation necklaces are delicate talking-point pieces that also offer a visual connection to your place in the cosmos. Can you see your constellation in the night sky?


Logan Hollowell
At Logan Hollowell, the constellations of the zodiac get the bling treatment with diamonds or turquoise. The Big Dipper and Ursa Major constellations are also available as earrings, and I love sun and moon Unity necklace from the Many Moons collection. A girl can dream!


An Aries zodiac pendant from Asha was the first piece of astro-themed jewelry I ever owned, and I wore it non-stop for about five years. The mother-of-pearl finish looks elegant and sophisticated and felt like the perfect talisman for that period of my life. 


Haute Bauble
Spell out your sign for the world with a zodiac name pendant from Haute Bauble, who specialize in astro jewelry. A forever SATC fan, this would totally be my Aries piece of choice, if I didn’t already wear a “Numinous” name chain—a gift from my husband after I first launched my site. 


Which one speaks to you? If you do buy one, Instagram your look and tag me—would love to see how you rock your talisman!

Feature photo courtesy of Logan Hollowell. 

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Want a New Look for The New Year? Let Your Intuition Guide You

Want a New Look for The New Year? Let Your Intuition Guide You


On January 11, 2018

In Aspect, Date, Style

Want a New Look for The New Year? Let Your Intuition Guide You

I unwrapped the silver platform Steve Madden Mary Janes with more Christmas awe and wonder than, as a 16 year old, I was comfortable showing. I couldn’t help it; these shoes resonated with my very soul.  I was a teenager in the 90’s, oblivious to the conception of the internet and the way it would change everything.  My personal style was born under the influence of Cher from Clueless, Casey from Mad Love, and the original 90210 characters.  Now adrift in our everyday  ocean of social media marketing, we are likely to double tap an outfit we wish we owned and immediately repost a quote about following our inner voice. Our culture constantly tells us what we want and, conveniently, how to get it. In this Influencer/Follower driven landscape how do we recover our own intuitive style and, more importantly, why should we? The morning ritual of dressing our bodies is a non-verbal act of self expression–a daily opportunity to be the artist of our own life.

As the owner of an ethically sourced clothing store, a mom, and a tarotist, I’m trained to listen to my gut. I truly believe that no act is too trivial to call upon the guidance of the universe. No one can deny that choosing the right outfit sets the tone for one’s day, so every morning I stand in my closet, close my eyes, and listen. Soon, colors, textures, and moods begin to emerge in my mind’s eye.  On a larger scale, how does this instinctive practice lend itself to building an entire wardrobe? To me, these are the important questions to ask yourself:

Want 2018 to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your 2018 horoscope!

What feels right?
The simple act of  inner listening  is everything! Make a habit of feeling out your instincts. Picture yourself in your usual situations. How do you want to feel teaching that class, giving that presentation, sitting at that desk, pushing a cart through Target? How would you feel, act, and respond if you chose a particular color or fabric? Pay close attention to any  inner shifts as you experiment with different looks.

What elements are you drawn to? As a Cancer (water sign) I steer clear of anything structured. Anything. My wardrobe is mostly navy, white, black, grey and denim, reminiscent of the Oregon coast where I spent many summers growing up. I want my life to be fluid, to depict flow. This is how I’m comfortable and feel my most authentic. What elements resonate with you? Are you all fire and energy, earthy and grounded, airy and full of light? We are all a little bit of each of these, so don’t limit yourself.

What are your values?
As a reformed, ethical fashion advocate I spend much of my day educating consumers on the ugliness of fast fashion. Make informed buying choices and know that your shopping directly impacts people and the planet. Do you want to wear organic and sustainable fabrics? Do you want to support independent designers? Do you want to extend the life of clothing by buying second hand? Do you want to invest in Fair Trade goods? Conscious consumers are a vital component in the reshaping of the fashion industry.

What inspires you?
Not to be completely overlooked in the development of your intuitive style is the matter of inspiration. Make that vision board. Pin that look. Share that post, not forgetting that inspire also means to breathe in. Take in these myriad creative concepts and make them pieces of yourself.

Fashion has long been dismissed as a superficial business, but today there is a growing focus on the intersecting point between style and spirituality. Tattoo artists are devoting themselves to shamanism and creating tarot-inspired images. Stylists are delving into metaphysics in order to clear the negative energy in clients’ closets. Likewise, curating a wardrobe based on intuition is an exercise in self discovery, an unveiling of your essential self, a daily divination practice–no crystal gazing required. — by Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson is a tarot reader, mom, and online boutique owner in Denver, CO, specializing in ethical fashion, vintage goods, and tarot decks and readings. Find her @EmberandAura. 

Want 2018 to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your 2018 horoscope!

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Your Cyber Monday Gift Guide for Any Sagittarius (Or, Really, Just Anyone!) On Your List

Your Cyber Monday Gift Guide for Any Sagittarius (Or, Really, Just Anyone!) On Your List


On November 27, 2017

In Aspect, Gift, Style

Your Cyber Monday Gift Guide for Any Sagittarius (Or, Really, Just Anyone!) On Your List

Make 2018 your year! Here’s how!

It’s Sagittarius season, and if you have an adventurous archer on your list, chances are, you’re checking—and shopping—for them twice, with their birthday and the holidays coming up. These gifts may have special appeal to Archers (after all, it is their month) but we bet any sign on your list will appreciate these gifts. Best of all: They’re currently on sale. But don’t delay. Here, your Cyber Monday Sagittarius gift guide (which we bet will even appeal to your Taurus, Pisces, or Scorpio pals too!)

1. Luxe Candle

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Scented Candle, $60
Not just a candle, this spicy scent speaks to the many layers of the average Sagittarius, while also being a perfect scent for the holidays.

2. Toddler Galaxy Rain Boots

Hunter Toddler Galaxy Rain Boots, $45
Have a little kid on your list? Trust that they (and their parents!) will love these whimsical, practical, sturdy boots that literally remind them to keep their feet on the ground as they dream of the stars.

3. Unicorn Candle

Diptyque Unicorn Frosted Forest Scented Candle, $70
Have a unique person on your gift list? Trust that they do not have a unicorn candle in their collection (yet!) and trust that this will be a gift they love and will fondly think of you whenever they light it.

4. Zodiac Charm

Zodiac charm necklace, $58
Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear your sign on your neck? 

5. Luscious Lotion

Philosophy Dance of the Dewdrop Fairy Lotion, $12
Practical Sags don’t tend to go big on lotions, potions, and makeup when they’re spending their own money … but adore getting pampered by their nearest and dearest!

6. XL Coloring Poster

Magic Coloring Poster, $15

Kids and kids at heart will adore this oversize poster, perfect for zoning out, coloring, and just enjoying the physical joy of putting pen (okay, marker) to paper.

7. Office Supplies With Attitude

Unicorn Tape Dispenser, $15

Admit it: Who on your list doesn’t need this? 

8. Manifestation Necklace

Magical Possibilities Necklace, $58
A powerful reminder to friends and family to always look to the rainbow and embrace the magic of everyday life.

9. Woodsy Scented Grooming Kit

Kiehl’s Men’s Grooming Kit, $35
Lightly scented, easy to apply, and sexy, Sagittarius men will love this grooming kit, but it’s a pretty safe bet for any guy on your list. 

10. Keepsake Box

Zodiac Ceramic Box, $28
A pretty keepsake box to remind anyone to stay connected with the stars.

We’ll be adding gift guides all month, so stay tuned! Whether your friends are new age, now age, or skeptical, we’ve got gifts for everyone on your list, across the Zodiac! Browse below for some more potential options for your list and stay tuned!

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