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Because the Best Things in Life Are Free: A No-Cost Gift Strategy for Every Sign In Your Life

Because the Best Things in Life Are Free: A No-Cost Gift Strategy for Every Sign In Your Life

By Ruby Warrington

On December 13, 2017

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Because the Best Things in Life Are Free: A No-Cost Gift Strategy for Every Sign In Your Life

They say the best things in life are free … and at the holidays doesn’t that feel like anything but the truth? Beginning with the Black Friday stampedes, December quickly snowballs into a marathon of frenzied spending, as we stockpile gifts for family, friends, and workplace secret Santas. The list can feel never-ending, with credit card statements to match—and that’s before we’ve even factored in the self-gifting that tends to happen along the way.  

Enough already! If 2017 has shown us anything, it’s that what really counts is being there for each other. Read on for an alternative holiday gift guide, with ideas for gifts that cost practically nothing—but will show your friends they mean everything to you!

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A “compliment shower.” Aries loves to feel like the no.1 most important person in the room—not to mention be reminded how fab they are. Invite your Aries friend over to visit, and have them sit in a chair in the middle of the room while you shower them with compliments for at least 20 minutes.
A foot rub. The most tactile sign of the zodiac, Taurus loves physical contact and probably already has a massage therapist on speed-dial. Treat your Taurus friend like the Queen she is by having her soak her feet in warm water and bubbles, before anointing her tootsies with luscious scented lotion.

A comedy marathon. Gemini really, really, really loves to laugh, and so before your next get-together take some time to research a bunch of cheesy jokes to pepper your conversation with. When you have time for a longer hang, crack the popcorn and settle in for a night of Netflix comedy gold.

Homemade cookies. Soft-centered Cancer loves to be looked after, and nothing says “I care” like a plate of fresh-baked cookies. And since your sensitive Cancer friend is usually the one mothering everyone else, you can definitely expect to be repaid and then some for your heartfelt gesture.

A kitchen disco. Dance party! Two of every Leo’s very favorite words, and it doesn’t have to mean an expensive visit to the club. In fact, a disco moment in your kitchen can be even more fun as there are no shoes required and you also get to mix your own drinks. Shake it out and turn it loose!

Volunteering mission. Virtuous Virgo loves to be of service, and nothing feels better at the holidays than helping out at a soup kitchen or winter coat drive. Do your research about volunteering opportunities near you, get your Holiday cheer on, and recruit your Virgo friend for an afternoon of mutual giving.

Portrait painting session. Life must be beautiful for Libras, and this aesthetic sign has a natural artistic streak. And in an age of selfies and photo-shopped perfection, what better way for you and your Libra friend to appreciate each other’s natural born beauty than painting each other’s portraits

Tarot reading. The witchiest sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio loves everything esoteric and has an innate connection to the occult. As we round out the year, invite your Scorpio friend over for an amateur tarot reading—asking the cards to reveal what’s in store for 2018. The winter solstice of Dec 21would be the perfect date!

An adventure to a new part of town. Sagittarius loves to travel, but this doesn’t have to mean a trip to foreign shores. Your Sag friend will get equally excited at the prospect of a day spent checking out a new hood in your city, with a stop-off at a hip new ethnic restaurant to refuel. Don’t forget your camera!

Personal branding session. High-achieving Capricorn always has their eye on the next rung of the ladder, and their sights set firmly on world domination. Looking ahead to 2018, invite your Cap over for a friendly “end of year review,” helping identify ways they can play to their natural talents in the coming year.

Vision board session. With one foot already in the future, quirky Aquarius loves to look ahead—and the holidays are the perfect time to create a vision board for the coming year. Stock up on magazines and glue, and invite your Aquarius friend over to get creative with your visions for a truly abundant 2018.

A sentimental playlist. Music has a special place in the heart of every Pisces, and this sign loves happy and sad songs alike. Show your Pisces friend how much they mean to you with a specially curated playlist, designed to remind them of all the special times you’ve shared. The more loved-up the lyrics the better!  

Ruby Warrington is the founder of the modern spirituality site The Numinous; the co-founder of Moon Club, a monthly mentoring program; and the author of Material Girl, Mystical World.

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