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Attract More $$$ With This Simple Ritual

Attract More $$$ With This Simple Ritual

By Ruby Warrington

On May 5, 2018

In Style

Attract More $$$ With This Simple Ritual

A Taurus new moon mid-month may play into how your sign handles finances. Here, a smart way to attract even more cash this month. Originally published April, 2017. 

Several years ago, I found myself scouring Shopstyle in search of the perfect wallet. This “perfect wallet” was different than ones I would have looked for in the past: I was looking for one that was red, gold, or green, three colors that would make my wallet a money magnet. I had learned about this theory from my friend Gala Darling, and as an entrepreneur living in expensive NYC, I felt I needed to give it a go.

It took another year or so for me to find a red wallet that also fit my personal style—one by Philip Lim that was even embossed with a subtle dollar sign. Flawless! Whether it’s played any role in my never missing a rent check for the past few years, I can’t really say. But what I do know is that a recent Skype meeting with a woman known as The Modern Money Witch (a.k.a. Lara-Rose Duong) took the concept of using your wallet to actively attract cash to a whole new level.

According to Lara-Rose, love is money. It’s the grown-up symbol for the nurturing (food, shelter, hugs) we receive as love when we’re babies.

Step one in Lara-Rose’s system for receiving more money in your life is to create an actual abundance altar in your wallet. Fun!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an altar in your wallet:

1. Take everything out of your wallet and smudge it with smoke from white sage or Palo Santo incense sticks. 

2. Hold your empty wallet with both hands and set an intention. Something like: “I am open to receiving abundance so that I may share it with the world,” works. Say it as you hold your wallet.

3. Choose an “altar” in your wallet—it can be an individual pocket or an entire section.

4. Place items in your wallet altar. Some classic things to include: an image of Lakshmi, or other abundance icon (I chose a card of prosperity Goddess Abundantia); a piece of citrine, a silver dollar, or an abundance spell, sealed with a pentagon sign. And feel free to choose items that feel meaningful to you, too.

5. Also include a paper money offering to your abundance icon. This bill is not to be spent, but can be refreshed annually on a date that resonates with you (like the Spring or Fall Equinox, Beltane, or your birthday).

6. Toss our old receipts, business cards, etc., and return only the items you absolutely need to your wallet. Commit to regularly clearing out any unneeded items to keep energetic pathways of abundance clear.

Illustration by Siolo Thompson. 

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