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A Fall Equinox Tarot Reading for Your Sign: You’re Not Alone!

A Fall Equinox Tarot Reading for Your Sign: You’re Not Alone!

By Gala Darling

On September 20, 2017

In Horoscope, Spirit, Tarot

A Fall Equinox Tarot Reading for Your Sign: You’re Not Alone!

It’s the week of the fall equinox, the sun is turning into Libra, and the shorter days and colder nights make it clear: It’s a new season. And with this new season will come new goals, dreams, and plenty of surprises. In honor of the equinox,’s Success Goddess, Gala Darling, has used the magical Crystal Visions Tarot deck to do a reading for each sign!

You might be feeling alone or isolated right now, and worst of all, you might be blaming yourself for whatever has gone wrong. The crucial thing to know is this: Things are about to change and swing on their axis. There is help all around you. Make a phone call and reach out. You’re not alone.

Whatever you are involved in right now is probably not your ideal scenario. Make radical self-love your priority: Take care of yourself as much as possible, so you have all the energy and confidence you require. Get some sleep. Make a plan. You’ve got this.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The Chariot tells us that whatever you want, you can have, if you pursue it! I’m so excited that this card has come up for you. You will be victorious if you come up with a plan, discipline yourself, and execute it. Be brave and bold! It’s in the bag!

Cancer: SIX OF CUPS 
The Six of Cups is such a playful and childlike card. It could mean someone from your  adolescence has reappeared (or will!), or perhaps that the person you’re interested in or involved with has a youthful personality. Enjoy this! Not everything needs to be serious to be meaningful! 

You have either turned your back on a situation that is not bearing the desired fruit, or you are about to. This can be a sad and exhausting time, but on the flipside: good on you for realising when to stop investing yourself! The positive news is that something beautiful is on its way, and it’s waiting for you to claim it.

You’ve been working your tush off, and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy! Sometimes the most difficult thing about being in a relationship is simply relaxing and letting it flow. You’ve done the hard work, and now you can revel in your favourite person’s company. You’ve earned it, baby.

You are so not taking any bullshit anymore. Trust your intuition—the situation is as you think it is—and act decisiviely. You don’t need to tolerate anything less than the best, so draw some boundaries, dry your eyes, and take cool, calm, considered action.

This is the end of a cycle. You might be feeling some loss or angst, and you might feel like you’ve hit the bottom of your emotional depths. The best thing about that is there’s nowhere to go but up. First things first: Forgive yourself for the part you played.

Sagittarius: ACE OF PENTACLES 
Lucky you! This is the card of delicious physical bounty: orgasms, great food, and simply enjoying being in your own skin. Spend time exploring a lover—or yourself!—and you’ll head into fall with a whole new perspective.

Capricorn: THE MOON
You might be missing a key piece of information, either because it has been deliberately omitted by another party, or because you’ve made the choice to ignore your intuition. Look at your grudges and resentments: Where could you clean up your energetic side of the street?

One of the great challenges of being human is acknowledging that we have the power to change any situation simply by changing our attitude. So: Let your crush (or your beloved) be who they are. And work on disciplining your mind, because it is the only thing getting in the way of your joy.

There is some lovely masculine water sign energy headed your way! (This isn’t necessarily a dude, but it is someone with strong masculine vibes.) They are quite smitten with you. And rightfully so! This card also implores you to prioritize your feelings over logic, but then, you’re good at that!

I’d love to hear how accurate your card is! Email me at [email protected], and let me know!

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