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5 Ways Libra Season Can Make You Better Than Ever

5 Ways Libra Season Can Make You Better Than Ever


On September 22, 2017

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5 Ways Libra Season Can Make You Better Than Ever

The cold snap in the air. The leaves on the ground. The shorter days and longer nights. As the summer turns to fall—even if you’re still wearing tank tops and shorts where you live—the universe asks you to begin to shift and change as well. Libra season, from September 23 to October 22, is a time when balance reigns supreme. While Virgo season last month was all about organization, Libra season is about implementation—it’s time to anchor those goals and make them a reality. And while Libra season urges you to hit the ground running, it can also be a time of wistful nostalgia, when you may question the road not taken, or wish that you had done something different. Those uncomfortable feelings aren’t exactly fun, but they’re essential. The more you find comfort in discomfort and accept the missteps, mistakes, and sideways steps you’ve taken, the more you’re able to move on.

Libra, exemplified by the scales, is also all about balance—including the balance you have with your partner, if you’re in a relationship. Now is a great time to focus on your relationships, if you’ve found yourself pulled in other directions these past few months. It’s also a great time to ask yourself, if you’re single: Who do I want in my life? Think about who will complement your personality and lifestyle; this month is a great time to invite that person into your life.

5 things to do this Libra season for a happier life:

1. Clean out your closet.
Single and seeking a relationship? Consider clearing part of your closet so it could accomodate another person’s belongings, or clearing out half a drawer. By symbolically opening up your physical space, you’re also clearing the emotional space you need to invite someone else into your life.

2. Draw a graph.
Make a pie chart of all the ways you spend your day, including work, rest, going to the gym, socializing, and spending time with family. Now, take three markers and color in the different pieces of the graph: Red is unpleasant, blue is neutral, and green is pleasant/enjoyable. Are parts of each section divided into a bit of both? (For example, is work 75 percent pleasant but 25 percent unpleasant, especially when deadlines roll around? Then, subdivide the section into that breakdown and color 75 percent green and 25 percent red.) Blue may be the everyday tasks that are part of life, but neither a source of extreme stress or pleasure, like sleeping or commuting. Then, take a look at your chart. If there’s too much red, it’s a sign your schedule is out of wack, and it’s time to consider ways to recalibrate for a more blue and green (blue is one of Libra’s power colors!) chart.

3. Observe nature.
If you can, find a running stream, brook, or river, and either walk along it or sit and meditate. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to appreciate the flowing water, but taking time during Libra season to acknowledge this flow can help you move forward and naturally find balance. Remember: A river always knows where to go. How can you be more like the river? It’s a question worth asking yourself—and reminding yourself via a mantra (Be like the river) or a reminder on a Post-it on your fridge, computer, mirror, or other spot where you’ll see it. 

4. Fall in love with art.
Part of Libra season is celebrating beauty in all forms. One way to do this: Immerse yourself in art. Read a book cover to cover. Wander through a museum or public art exhibit. Even just Google a painting great, like Kahlo, Picasso, Monet, Banksy, or whoever strikes your fancy; see what their work is, read criticism, and just enjoy the images. Memorize a poem. Try drawing—even (especially!)—if you think you’re a “terrible” artist. Focusing on art can help you get back in touch with yourself after your get-it-done, check-it-off, finish-it-up day-to-day.

5. Play! 
Into the leaves! With your kids! With your nieces or nephews! With your partner! Or: Pull up a video game, play tag, sign up for a fun run, host a tie-dye party, and show off the results. Libra season encourages you to have fun. Yes, life may be serious, and you may be going through big things right now, but learning to lighten up and laugh every day can help you get through the long, cool, dark days to come.

Enjoy this special season. No matter what sign you are, revel in exploring the parts of your personality that are 100 percent Libra. You may be surprised at just how much Libra balance your discover within yourself.

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